My Own Desert Places

Cover of My Own Desert Places

I have endured the faded, lonely afterlife for about twenty years. Recently I heard Alazne, a breathing woman, play her guitar desperately, and I have haunted her house ever since. My Alazne has gotten a taste of the afterlife through her loneliness and depression. Now that we share a cramped apartment, I love to watch her playing the guitar in her underwear, I love to admire her naked body from centimeters away, I love to witness how she pleasures herself, I love when she breaks the silence to declare to nobody that she wants to die. Although my beloved ignores that I exist, she has given me a faint hope. I retain the ghostly ability to possess people, and I want to find some way for both of us to live again.

An irreverent mix of dark comedy, drama, erotica and supernatural, set in the north of Spain.

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We’re Fucked

The story follows a thirty-year-old, burned-out programmer who struggles with her addiction to masturbation, and who is obsessed with a female coworker who treated her kindly. Our protagonist is also being stalked by a deformed, sentient horse.

This novel is ongoing, and it’s currently about 231 thousand words long (2.88 times the length of an average novel).

Here’s a link to a playlist that contains all the songs mentioned in the Author’s Note section of some chapters.

A Supernatural Car and a Talking Horse (19,489 words)

I’m Killing a Rotten Bitch (16,085 words)

Through Another Fucking Turn (12,959 words)

As if I Deserved to Be Loved (14,145 words)

In the Court of the French Queen (11,055 words)

Casually Stepping Over Monsters (8,607 words)

The Herald of Rust (12,576 words)

My Ravenous Baby (15,174 words)

A Gateway to the Universe (12,189 words)

Horses Go to Heaven (8,770 words)

Leire’s Got a Gun (11,855 words)

That Bunnyman Bastard (14,043 words)

A Gift From the Ice Age (11,255 words)

A Hail of Meteorites Upon Our Heads (17,232 words)

Who Stole the Stars? (12,988 words)

Cumlord of the Abyss (11,598 words)

A Monstrous Ignoramus (21,616 words – ongoing)

Miraculous Milk


Emissary of the Gods


To End Everything


Retelling of “Re:Zero”: Book 1

Some wild fanfiction that I partook in back in 2020.

Retelling of “Re:Zero”: Book 2

This book is unfinished.

Unfortunately, I abandoned this fanfiction. I had a tremendous amount of fun with it, but I chose to part ways for the following reasons: I wrote fanfiction in English instead of my own stuff because I didn’t think I could become proficient enough in English (I’m a native Spanish speaker) to write an original story at a professional level. Writing this fanfiction changed my opinion of that. In addition, the end of this latest arc that I was covering disappointed me in the original light novel series, and my fanfiction had deviated enough from the original material that I would have to create original material. To do something like that, I’d rather write my own stories.

I wish, however, that I had come up with Subaru’s story on my own. A wild protagonist who dies in horrible ways to solve problems is right up my alley.