My Own Desert Places

Cover of My Own Desert Places

I have endured the faded, lonely afterlife for about twenty years. Recently I heard Alazne, a breathing woman, play her guitar desperately, and I have haunted her house ever since. My Alazne has gotten a taste of the afterlife through her loneliness and depression. Now that we share a cramped apartment, I love to watch her playing the guitar in her underwear, I love to admire her naked body from centimeters away, I love to witness how she pleasures herself, I love when she breaks the silence to declare to nobody that she wants to die. Although my beloved ignores that I exist, she has given me a faint hope. I retain the ghostly ability to possess people, and I want to find some way for both of us to live again.

An irreverent mix of dark comedy, drama, erotica and supernatural, set in the north of Spain.

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