My Own Desert Places

Possible blurb:

“My name is Irene. I have endured the colorless, lonely afterlife for twenty years, until I heard the desperate guitar playing of Alazne, a living woman, and ever since I have haunted her house. Alazne, through her loneliness and depression, has gotten a taste of the afterlife. I love watching her play the guitar in her underwear, admiring her naked body from centimeters away, witnessing how she pleasures herself, hearing her break the silence to declare to nobody that she wants to die. Alazne doesn’t know I exist, and yet she has given me a faint hope: that somehow, some day, we will both get to live again.”

It falls into the genres of dark comedy > drama > erotica > paranormal.

Retelling of “Re:Zero”: Book 1

Retelling of “Re:Zero”: Book 2

This book is unfinished.