Roleplaying through “Re:Zero” with the GPT-3 story generator (Part 5)

The narrative got past that whole deal at the royal palace, and now I move on to roleplaying the events in the fifth volume of Re:Zero. This turned out much better than I would have ever expected, I think. GPT-3 had a couple of big contributions that completely changed those scenes for the better, and the dialogue between the characters felt very interesting and in character. I’m way too obsessed with this AI at the moment.

After the original narrative leaves the bustle of the capital to the side, we first meet the people in Crusch Karsten’s camp, and then we dive into the horrible mess with the Witch’s Cult. Right now I have no idea how GPT-3 is going to help handling that, given that this version of the protagonist hasn’t died once. He has no clue that he possesses a superpower; he’s entirely useless.

GPT-3 is a cutting-edge language processing algorithm used in the premium version of the online site AI Dungeon.

After Puck left you behind, your mind went all fuzzy and you might have passed out a couple of times. When you come back to your senses, the capital is dark except for the isles of light that the magical streetlights illuminate. Your swollen eye hurts, your arms hurt when you swing them slightly to walk, you feel that your right knee is about to pop out, and some of your teeth are missing. Humans and demi-humans of the night pass you by, and only a few give you a passing glance. What the hell are you going to do? As some form of grief bubbles in you, you tell to yourself that this is fine. You’ve gone back to being alone, as you were before you came into this world. Being alone is your destiny. You certified that when your classmates stopped hanging out with you in middle school, and later when in high school people were avoiding you as if you were diseased. Do you truly deserve to be spat out by any world you happen to end up in?
As you rest against a wall to prevent yourself from keeling over, you realize that the hazy image you see is the front of the mansion where you woke up after you got beaten to a pulp by that dickhead knight. Did Roswaal rent this mansion?
You blink to focus on the approaching figure. It’s a woman with her green hair collected in a ponytail. She wears a stiff blouse and some slacks. You now see her clear enough to face her concerned, although sober, face. This is that Crusch chick that you saw during the royal summons.
“Hey. You’re the girl that owns this mansion, right?”
“Yes. And you are the one that was lying as if in a coma in that room.” She says with a friendly voice. You reply by groaning as you hold onto your face.
Crusch frowns with worry as she crouches down to ask,
“What’s wrong?”
You open your eyes and say,
“My face hurts like hell.”
“I’m surprised that you can even walk, or speak for that matter. Why did you leave the mansion?”
“Why does it fucking rain in this shitty world?”
“Yeah, it’s raining right now.”
It is raining. Heavy too. And you didn’t even notice. You just thought the sky was clouding over. The sound must’ve drowned out by your groans.
“I hate the rain.” You whine, to which you receive a chuckle from Crusch.
“You are a strange person, Natsuki Subaru”, Crusch says with a kind tone. “Come inside and rest. I’ll bring Ferris over so she can help you.”
“But my face hurts like shit.”
“Your wound is not going to heal just by staying in the rain, now come on. Up you get.”
You groan as you try to push yourself up. But with no luck, Crusch helps you up by gripping under your armpit. As soon as you feel that, you realize she’s strong as hell.
She has the tight, lean muscles of a soldier, maybe from swinging her sword over and over. You realize that you want to trust her goodwill implicitly.
So you follow her to the mansion. When you enter, you see a large fancy room which is decorated lavishly with many different flowers in beautiful vases. The room smells very fragrant and you take a deep breath through your nostrils. You admire the craftsmanship of the sculptures and paintings that cover the walls. You never knew that you were a fan of art, but then again, you can appreciate it regardless of its quality.
She guides you into the bedroom where you had woken up after that shitty knight Lucius knocked you out. Next to the bed there’s a half-cat, half-human person with flax colored fur, who looks at you with a playful expression. She’s wearing a blue dress and and black tights that seem too revealing for this situation.
“Where did you run off to?”, the half-cat person says.
“I was helping this poor boy from getting killed by the rain”, says Crusch.
You cough.
“I think your cat girl was speaking to me, Crusch”.
“You know what would help him even more?”, says Crusch. “If you take off his clothes and get him into bed. Lend me a hand, Ferris.”
“Please, don’t take off my underwear. I couldn’t deal with that”, you whine.
“I won’t”, says Ferris.
When you finally lie on the bed as naked as these two females would want to see you, Ferris leans over and carefully hangs from her palm a magical light over your body that seems to have healing properties. You feel a pleasurable warmth coming from it. After a while, Crusch, who had been standing nearby with her arms crossed, makes a wet sound by separating her lips.
“I can’t understand where you come from, Natsuki Subaru, nor why you did what you did at the royal summons.”
“I’m just a lowly human from another dimension. Not worth you pondering about my actions”, you say.
“… Don’t give up. We need people like you, even if they’re foolish and don’t seem to understand their place.”
“Um… thanks I think.”
Ferris seems done with her treatment for the day. Crusch calls Ferris over and they speak right outside of the room, but you can’t hear anything. As you try to focus on feeling better, your eyes burn, and tears grow in their corners. You blink until they seem to have gone away. Images of Roswaal’s people are flooding your mind. Emilia, Ram, Rem. Sweet Rem; you wish you could see her again, feel her strong arms giving you a big hug, and even her Oni fangs burying themselves into your neck for a bit of sucking. But you feel as if you’ll never see them again.
You clear your throat and call out to Crusch.
“Hey, duchess. How come I’m resting from my wounds in your mansion?”
As Crusch approaches your bed, a thought pops up in your head.
“Wait a second, it was Emilia’s idea, right? She asked you, made a deal with you for your healer to cure my wounds? I knew she cared deep down.”
“… I picked your unconscious self of my own volition”, Crusch answers.
Your heart sinks.
“After Julius beat you up, he was given a leave without pay for an entire week. You truly pushed his buttons; he should have known better than to beat like that a guy like you, who is completely unable to defend himself.”
“It’s fine. I didn’t suffer that much.”
Crusch raises her eyebrows at your response, but she continues.
“Still, I’m not so heartless as to abandon to die a person who stood for himself and for the girl he loves, in front of the council of elders no less.”
Crusch pauses once again, and sits on the edge of the bed. You can’t face that earnest gaze, and you avert your eyes.
“You are a cool chick, Crusch. I guess I know now why you are the favorite for the royal throne.” You pause, and clear your throat. “Um… Thanks for looking after me.”
With this, you feel a lot better.
“Don’t mention it”, Crusch says.
Your mouth curls into a smile.
Crusch stands up, and makes her way to the door. Just as she’s about to open it, she turns around.
“Do you want to go back home?”
You consider it for a second. Do you want to go back home? Well, when she puts it like that… You realize that you aren’t thinking of your parents’ house back on Earth, but of Roswaal’s mansion. You wish you hadn’t spoken up, you wish you had stayed away from the royal palace. You want to wander through Roswaal’s mansion again.
“Then you have your work cut out for you, don’t you? Become a man that deserves respect. Enjoy a good night’s sleep, Natsuki Subaru.”
With that, she leaves, and the door shuts.
As you roll over in bed while containing a grimace of pain, you think to yourself that this Crusch person is like so fucking great.

When you wake up the next morning, you stagger over to the balcony and look to the mansion’s yard. A bunch of people are loading and unloading carriages. They seem to be in a hurry. You watch as a few soldiers march over to one of the carriages and speak with the driver. You can’t hear what they’re saying, but you imagine that they’re asking where he’s going in such a hurry.
After you take a shower, you dress up with the clothes that Crusch’s people left you, and you descend to the first floor. You see Crusch meeting with someone, and you are stunned to see that the girl that Crusch is talking with is none other than Rem. When she sees you, she gives you a look between pity and sympathy.
You can hardly look her in the eyes.
“Why are you here, Rem? Haven’t the others gone back to Roswaal’s mansion?”
“I was sent here, on an urgent matter of secrecy. I can’t say more than that, even to you.”
“Got it. Well, I’ll leave you too it. Best of luck with your task.”
You promptly turn away and head to the dining area where you enjoy a late breakfast. As you were finishing, though, Rem comes over and sits next to you. She seems to struggle with something to say, but eventually speaks.
“Subaru… I won’t be allowed to stay in the capital for much longer, but Crusch intends to host me until then. I wanted to be with you. I can’t believe Emilia forbid you from returning to the mansion.”
“I’m sure Emilia had her reasons”, you say sheepishly.
“Even so… You had become a part of us. I’ve already had to see Frederica leave, and now that I got to care for you…”
Tears start falling down her cheeks, onto the table. You quickly wipe away her tears with your index finger.
“It’s going to be alright, I promise. We’ll find a way. Maybe we’ll see each other soon.”
Rem nods at your words, as she sniffles and wipes her nose with a sleeve.
“You are so sweet, Rem. If I ate you up I’d give me instant diabetes. And I say that in the nicest way possible.”
“I don’t know what that means, but I’ll have to leave Crusch’s place for some of the stuff I’m supposed to do in the capital. Are you sure you’ll be alright?”
“Yeah, yeah. I’ll be fine.”
Rem smiles, stands up and leaves. You finish off your breakfast. Afterwards you wander through the vast yard, avoiding the looks of the merchants and the mansion’s staff. As you are standing in the open, a man approaches you. You recognize him as Wilhelm, the old man who had visited Roswaal’s mansion to announce the royal summons. He wears a traditional blue royal guard uniform, with matching armor. He has short white hair and a moustache. He also carries a sword sheathed by his side.
“You’re the one who came with that pink-haired maid?”
“Yep, that’d be me.”
“Hmm… I’ve heard about you from Ram, and Emilia as well. I came here to speak with you.”
“Speak away, then. I’m all ears.”
“I live my life with a certain set of beliefs that not many men share, but after your display at the royal palace, I believe they might serve you well, Mr. Natsuki”, Wilhelm says solemnly.
You arch an eyebrow, as he sits down on one of the benches lining the walkway.
“So…what are these beliefs?”
Wilhelm’s gaze turns to the open sky…
“I believe that there are only two types of people in this world, winners and losers. If you’re not the winner, then you’re the loser. Dead or alive, a winner is a winner and a loser is a loser.”
Wilhelm turns to you.
“I also believe that winners are only winners because they’ve beaten all the losers. So in a way, winners owe their success to the losers. Don’t you agree?”
“…Not really, no.”
“Hm. However, I also believe that the victor and the victim are often one in the same. What they gain, someone else loses. As such, only fools seek to gain without consequence. Only idiots wish for more than they need. Is that not true?”
“I suppose it’s… a bit of a contradiction, sure.”
“Ah, but I believe these three conflicting ideas can be reconciled. And I think you just might have the answer, Mr. Natsuki.”
“Go on…”
Wilhelm stares at you straight, and you can barely hold his hard gaze.
“I believe you need some swordmanship lessons. You need to become stronger. You need to learn your limits, and when you would be wise not to push them.”
This is a surprise to you. It’s been a long time since somebody wanted to teach you something. Most of the time they just want to borrow some money, or ask you for help with a chore. You’re not quite sure about this, but…
“Alright then, I’ll try to learn what I can.”
He nods.
“Come closer, and I shall give you the first lesson.”
You step forward, interested in what he has to say. He waits until you’re right in front of him before he speaks again.
“Never lower your guard.”
He makes a powerful swing, and he hits your shoulder with a wooden sword that you could have sworn he wasn’t holding before. You fall to the ground in pain.
“Hey! Don’t add to my numerous injuries!”
He continues to whack you with the sword, saying that each hit is adding to your lesson.
“Don’t get into a fight you can’t win. If it’s unwinnable, run. Running is always an option.”
Your right arm turns purple, then black. You try to get up, but when you put weight on it, it collapses beneath you and you try not to scream as every one of your muscles is in pain.
He swings again, and hits right into your thighs. You hear a sound, not dissimilar to a watermelon being smashed open with a sledgehammer. You look down, trying to keep steady as tears well up in your eyes. Your legs, previously covered by trousers, are now red and cut up. Blood trickles down your leg, adding to the puddle of blood which is coming from other wounds on your body.
You close your eyes tight, waiting for Wilhelm to hit you again, but he doesn’t. When you open your eyes again, he’s staring at you from above, but his expression is calm.
“You’ve learned what you need to learn. Stand up… no, just roll over. I won’t assist you.”
You try to roll over, but your body is weak and in shock from the beating he has given you. You don’t quite make it, and you just collapse back into the pool of blood you’ve created. He sighs, grabbing your hand to drag you over on your back.
“… That wasn’t a question.”
You look at him, before looking at your crushed legs. He raises an eyebrow, before looking at it himself.
“No, no, no. Don’t you dare close your eyes! Look at what you did! Hate yourself for being so weak! If you want to be a warrior, you can’t be so weak willed that something like this breaks you!”
He grabs your broken arm, almost making you scream.
“I’m going to set this. Try to scream.”
He pulls your arm back into place, setting it. It felt like your arm was being torn off. You let out a pained scream, before crying again.
“… I guess you won’t be able to have children. Well, I’ll make you stronger. So strong that no man will be able to break you again.”
You manage to form words.
“Will you please call your healer Ferris over?”
Wilhelm looks at you, before shrugging.
“Sure. Ferris! Come here!”
“I’m busy!”, the half-cat girl yells from somewhere in the yard.
“I need you to look at this girl’s legs.”
“I’m quite sure I still have a penis”, you groan.

For the next few days, Wilhelm called you over to train you in the arts of swordfighting, which at times involved you limping around before Wilhelm could hit you again. You never landed a hit on him with your wooden sword. You got better at evading his attacks, though. At some point, the constant pain didn’t bother you that much, and you got friendlier with the cute half-cat Ferris from having to require her services so often.
By the end of the week, you could at least limp-run away from his attacks.
“What’s this?! My training isn’t working? I must have overestimated you!”
You didn’t respond to him, instead panting from exhaustion. Wilhelm sighs, shaking his head.
“You’re hopeless.”
He grabs your hand, twisting your wrist. You let out a yell, collapsing to your knees as he twisted it further.
You must have passed out for a bit, because you wake up in the bed that Crusch assigned you. Ferris is curing your wounds as if she were brushing her teeth. You look at her gratefully, and she narrows her cat eyes as a sympathetic gesture.
“It’ll take a few days for you to heal up.”
You nod, before sitting up.
“By the way, Ferris, there’s something I’ve been dying to know since I came to your lady Crusch’s mansion.”
“Are you actually… You know, do you have male parts down there? I want to know if I should add further shame to mountain of it I’ve accumulated.”
At this, Ferris gets offended, puffing her cheeks.
“I’ll have you know I am a proper lady! I’ve never been penetrated by anything, man or woman.”
You nod, sighing in relief.
“Thank the gods.”
Ferris raises a finger to her lips and seems to think about what she just said.
“Well, that was a bit of a lie.”
You panic and stand straight in the bed.
Ferris giggles. As she exits the room, she tilts her head and winks at you.
“Don’t worry, Subaru. Neither of us has a dick.”
The door closes, and you let out a sigh of relief. God, I want to a piece of that so bad, you think.
You get off the bed, and find a spare robe next to it. You put it on, and find out that it’s way too big for you. There’s a knock on the door and you open it. It’s a butler, who hands you a note and leaves. You read the note:
“Meet me in the courtyard.”
You see Rem in the courtyard a few seconds before you reach her. She looks panicked, and keeps wringing her hands. There’s a glint of fear in her eyes.
“Rem, calm down. It’ll be alright.”
“No! Wi… With all due respect, Natsuki Subaru, it won’t!”
You grab her shoulders and look deep into her eyes.
“Rem, has something happened? It’s unbecoming of a fierce demon such of yourself to show this fear”, you say with a sympathetic tone.
“I received a telepathic communication from my sister earlier. She’s in pain. She would never contact me this way unless something terrible is happening at the mansion!”
“What!? Is she alright?”
Rem shakes her head.
“No! She needs us to help her! We need to save her, now!”
“Emilia must be in danger as well.”
“We were talking about Ram, though.”
“I know, but now that you mention it… We need to save her too.”
Rem nods and walks quickly towards Crusch’s mansion, but you grab her by the arm to stop her. You lower your voice for some reason.
“Rem, I think you are expecting me to follow you, but… I can’t return to Roswaal’s mansion.”
“Because Emilia told you not to come back ever again?”, Rem said with disbelief.
“Because Emilia told me something about tearing my balls off if she ever saw me again.”
“I’m sure she didn’t mean it!”
“I’ve been emasculated enough recently.”
Rem frowns, which looks adorable on her cute face.
“Subaru, do you wan’t to save Emilia or not?”
“Of course I do! I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. But, let’s be honest here, even if I go with you I would just drag you down. What can I do against any threat, serve as a decoy?”
Rem puts her hands on my shoulders and she states earnestly that even if I’m not worth anything more than a decoy, I’m still valuable.
“Nah, I’d just hold you up. You’re stronger and much more skilled than me. I’m not that much of a fighter anyway.”
“It’s not about being a fighter! Its about doing the right thing!”
“Yeah, well it’s still not my specialty either.”
Rem frowns once again, but this time in frustration.
“Do you even have a dragon carriage that’ll drive you back to Roswaal’s mansion, Rem?”
“Yes, I do.”
You take a deep breath and change your weight from foot to foot. You feel like utter shit, but the thought of losing everyone at the mansion due to whatever threat they are facing still seems worse.
“Well, fuck it, I guess. Let’s go back to Roswaal’s mansion.”

Before you know it, you have left the capital behind as Rem drives her dragon carriage through the countryside. It’ll soon get dark, and you’d rather not face the night outside of a village or a city. Suddenly you realize that you never said goodbye to Crusch’s people, but when you think about what Wilhelm’s reaction might have been, you are relieved.
Your dragon carriage reaches a village in which there is a booming market for inns that tend to merchants. There’s a bustle of merchants either peddling their wares or getting drunk. Rem gets you both a room for the night. It’s pretty run down, but Rem is so tired that she immediately lays down on the bed without even taking her shoes off. She’s out cold in an instant.
As you brush your teeth, you look at Rem’s gentle, sleeping shape as she inhales and exhales. You want to caress her pretty blue hair, but you figure that making unasked advances on a demon isn’t a good way to keep your parts attached.
When you’re done with your hygiene, you try to sleep. You feel the hardness of the bed underneath you. You just can’t get comfortable. You miss the feather bed that you took for granted at the mansion. Hell, you’d even settle for a mattress made of air at this point. You must have wasted around two hours rolling around in bed without falling asleep.
“Rem, are you awake by any chance?”
“Yes, I can’t get to sleep.”
You turn to see that Rem is awake too. You sit on the edge of the bed and talk to her.
“What are we doing in this life, Rem. I mean, really”, you say in a sour voice.
“What a silly question, we’re saving the world of course.”
“Our world at least, yeah. Shit, I don’t know. My body hurts all over, my pride is like a torn apart banner flapping in the wind…”
“Your pride is hurt?”
“Yeah, I mean, look at us. We’ve become like prostitutes. I’m not even allowed to make sex jokes anymore.”
“You make any more of those jokes, old man, and I’ll carve my name into that wooden stick you call a dick.”
You pretend to look hurt.
“Oh no, not my dick!”
Rem smirks as she turns away from you to go to sleep.
You sigh and get back in your bed, although you wish you would have slipped into Rem’s bed to cuddle with her cute demon self. You curl up into a ball and as your final thought you remind yourself that at least you still have your dick.

When you wake up the next morning, Rem is gone, and so is her stuff. You panic, not contemplating the possibility that she had abandoned you, until you find her goodbye note. The note says that she had to face the fact that you would just drag her down in a fight, because you are useless. She wishes you will forgive her.
She’s right, you think. You were useless in a fight. You wonder if you should follow her and help her anyway. You sit on the bed and you feel your chest tightening.
“Fuck it, she can go die.”
As soon as you have uttered those words, you feel your back tremble, and you bury your face on your palms.
“You have got to be kidding me, why the hell would you think that?”
You frown and grab all of your shit, preparing to follow Rem anyway. As you run out of the inn while holding your luggage, you realize that you can’t get to Roswaal’s mansion. Rem has taken her dragon carriage, whether it was rented or whatever, and now you are stranded in this nowhere town with no means to leave it. Hell, you don’t even know where the hell this town is.
You put your luggage down and decide to just find a place to sit down and think for a bit. After walking around for a bit, you find an empty alleyway to hide away in. You lean your back against the brick wall of the alley and sigh heavily.
“What the hell am I supposed to do now?”
You search for an answer in your mind, but you come up with nothing. All you can think about is your failed relationship with Rem. It was all good just a few hours ago, and now that she has abandoned you, you really don’t have anything left. You’re broke, you’re homeless, you don’t have a job or even any skills, and the only thing you do have are shameful memories and regrets.
“Do I even have a reason to live?”
On one hand, life is filled with suffering. It’s full of hardship and it’s basically just a never-ending stream of pain. On the other hand, death is eternal sleep. Peace at last. You wonder if you were to die right now, would your spirit be cursed to wander this world forever? Would you be doomed to a fate worse than death?
Maybe you should think about this some other time. Maybe you should try to survive in this world.
Yeah, right. Like your life was ever worth a damn…
You close your eyes and take a deep breath. In this introspective moment, you realize that you have absolutely nothing left to live for. You feel as if the ground wouldn’t keep you in place if you were to stand up.
You stand up and walk out of the alleyway. You walk towards a nearby river. The setting sun’s rays hit your body as you step into the water. As your head hits the water, you think one last random thought, which is about your parents and how disappointed they are about to be with your life.
You close your eyes as the water fills your lungs and all goes black…
“Are you quite finished?”
You open your eyes and see a white, cat-like creature with a blue bow on its head.
“Imagine my surprise when I sense not one, but two souls depart from this world in the same location I’m currently inhabiting.”
“I’m dead?”
“Quite the contrary, kid. You are very much alive. If you were dead, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”
“What happened? Is this some sort of dream?”
“It isn’t a dream, but rather a pseudo-existence. You’re hovering right on the brink of life and death.”
“What do you mean?”
“You see, kid, when you jumped into that river, your brain was deprived of oxygen for quite some time. That’s why you’re not breathing nor have a heartbeat. However, you’re also not dead yet. Your body is providing just enough oxygen for your brain to function. That’s why you’re having a conversation with me right now.”
“I see… So, am I dead?”
“Well, according to most people, if you’re having a conversation with the personification of Death, then yes, you’re dead. However, since you’re having this conversation with me, that implies that there’s some sort of reason for me to save your life.”
You take your time to think about it.
“What’s your name then?”
“My name is Puck.”
You let out a groan of despair.
“Oh, fuck off, you humongous thundercunt!”
The blurry image of the magical cat you despise glares at you.
“Ram has been killed fighting to protect the mansion from an assault. Rem is giving her all. We are trying to survive over here, and yet you choose to go out like a pussy.”
“Fuck you, Puck! What do you mean that Ram has been killed? Killed as in she is dead?”
“Yeah. The gloomy bitch got beheaded by a witch cultist.”
“Indeed. However, there is still a chance of winning. With the princess under our command, we can turn the tide until Roswaal gets here.”
You take a while to process that information, and try to blink the tears out of your eyes so you can see Puck clearly.
Puck looks at you with disdain.
“Well? What are you waiting for?”
You take a deep breath and nod.
“Sorry, Puck.”
“I’m not your fucking dad, I don’t care that you’re sorry. Your duty is to the Princess. Perhaps you should start following orders more closely if you don’t want to end up like our senior servant.”
You feel a twinge of guilt, but you push it away as you stand up.
“I’m ready to serve.”

A few observations regarding GPT-3’s behavior.

-That whole thing with the protagonist getting sidetracked from entering the mansion because it’s raining was produced by GPT-3 almost in its entirety. And what a great character moment it was.
-I added some necessary hidden backstory for GPT-3 to understand who Crusch Karsten is, but I’m mesmerized by how well it works. Her firm kindness, her honor, and even little details like the protagonist noticing how tough she is from the contact with her body as she’s holding him. I didn’t have to steer her behavior that much.
-Crusch’s line ‘… Don’t give up. We need people like you, even if they’re foolish and don’t seem to understand their place’ was verbatim from GPT-3. How can a neural network summarize so well the details of an event that the characters involved aren’t even willing to explicitly address? It’s like black magic.
-Plenty of Rem’s sweet concern when she shows up at Crusch’s is also GPT-3.
-I was mesmerized by GPT-3’s version of the protagonist’s first major introduction to Wilhelm, the Sword Devil. I just prompted the protagonist to wander through the yard, for Wilhelm to approach him, and that he had a certain sets of beliefs. GPT-3 went on with everything else almost verbatim, except from a few comments from the protagonist. When I prompted that the solution was teaching him swordfighting, GPT-3 made the protagonist approach Wilhelm, only for Wilhelm to cut his throat open with his actual sword! I had to alter that to him using a training sword, but except for two of the protagonist’s lines (him complaining about his injuries and then wanting for Ferris to be called over), everything else in that moment is straight up GPT-3. Everything Wilhelm said fits perfectly to what the protagonist went through at the royal summons, and his current lack of pride! I have no clue whatsoever how this is possible.
-Later on, Wilhelm being overly cruel with the rest of the protagonist’s training is also GPT-3’s stance. I kind of prefer this version of Wilhelm to the light novel/anime series, to be honest.
-Rem going to bed immediately after they rent a room at the inn is GPT-3. I prompted for the protagonist to have a little chat in the middle of the night, but the part about the sexual jokes was 100% GPT-3.
-Subaru’s outburst of, ‘fuck it, she can go die’ was GPT-3.
-As Subaru wandered out of the inn, I didn’t have much of an idea of how the rest of this was going to play out. Is he really going to reach the mansion like in the original? So I had GPT-3 outputting stuff for a while. I saw that it was going towards the protagonist becoming entirely hopeless, so I prompted a bit more of that. Then GPT-3 produced the glorious scene with the talking cat in the hallucination. Everything until Puck reveals it’s name (including that) is 100% GPT-3. One of my favorite things it has made in this Re:Zero thing I’m doing. I was overjoyed that I could have some more of that Subaru and Puck banter. There was a bit of editing after that, but not much.

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