Guitar practice (28-11-2021)

I hadn’t played the guitar since my current contract started. I could have either written today or played the guitar. Well, I can’t play the guitar at work, while with some luck I’ll progress on my latest novel tomorrow morning, turning the otherwise pointless Monday workday into something meaningful at least for me. Although there’s a good chance that the guy I’m covering will simply appear at the office, so I’ll have to turn around and go home. This is my life as a thirty-six-year-old guy who wishes he was either born as a giraffe or not at all.

Anyway, I uploaded the guitar playing session in two parts. I get into it quite a bit, and I sing poorly.

Guitar practice (28-11-2021), Pt. 1
Guitar practice (28-11-2021), Pt. 2

Guitar practice (13-11-2021)

I was recalled to work a couple of days ago. I still feel off. I couldn’t focus on writing the next part of my ongoing novel, so I played the guitar instead. Below are the links for the entire session, that I uploaded to YouTube.

I finally managed to record a version of Joanna Newsom’s ‘Kingfisher’, which is one of my favorites to play, particularly the second half of the song.

Guitar practice (13-11-2021), Pt. 1
Guitar practice (13-11-2021), Pt. 2
‘Hotel California’ by Eagles

(I uploaded HC separately, because it tends to get copyright struck although I’m the one playing it.)

Guitar practice (07-11-2021)

I had a blast playing the guitar today, and more importantly, I figured out why my previous recording ended up with artifacts. I don’t think I had ever mixed a session better than today.

These songs are better listened to with headphones, now without artifacts that will scratch your eardrums. That’s assuming that whoever you are, you would want to listen that closely to me playing the guitar and singing.

The whole session is about 47 minutes long.

YouTube is being a little bitch, and it cut everything that came after 40:00 from the session. The rest is below: