Roleplaying through “Re:Zero” with the GPT-3 story generator (Part 1)

I’m testing the limits of the cutting-edge AI algorithm GPT-3 for language processing, which is used in the website AI Dungeon in its premium subscription model. This time I created a scenario which simulates the beginning of one of my favorite manga/anime series, “Re:Zero”. I am attempting to roleplay through most of the big events that happen in that series, starting with the theft of Emilia’s medallion at the capital.

The website, and maybe the GPT-3 model as well, has a sort of “quest” or “mission” system in which you can declare what you intend to achieve, such as “Meet with Emilia”, or “Meet with Felt”, or “Retrieve the stolen medallion”. Curiously, although the mission to meet Emilia got successfully cleared when I met her during the story, the other two didn’t clear even though Felt was hanging around by that point. I suspect that it has to do with that part where an old man comes near the loot house in the slums and tells a story about Felt having gone somewhere. I suppose that got registered in the neural network as factual somehow, and the story then believed that the Felt I dealt with must be someone else with the same name. Whatever, regarding the impact on the story, but clearly you need to have in mind that unless you alter some response that the GPT-3 algorithm produces, it’s considered canon, and further responses are going to consider the stuff that has happened so far.

I created backstory entries (which are hidden from the “player”, and that serve for the AI to create plot events, dialogues, etc.) for Emilia, her contracted spirit Puck, the relationship with each other, and then others for Felt, her adoptive father figure Old Man Rom, and maybe a couple of other things. Everything flows almost perfectly, and this session ended up becoming a quite sober piece of fanfiction. Obviously, though, the GPT-3 is an algorithm that creates material, and I wanted the material to follow a certain route that more or less fits the original series, so there was more altering here than in previous examples.

EDIT: I’ve been cleaning the layout of these past parts, now that I’ve posted the ninth part, and damn, this first one reads so generic. I didn’t have a handle in exactly how I was going to play the protagonist, but most importantly, I was using GPT-3 to guide the story and not editing most of what it outputted; everything is readable, but GPT-3 didn’t have much of a clue at that point (meaning connections in its neural network mind) regarding the kind of story it was. It heard fantasy and ran with it. Oh well, I’m not presenting this to any awards. Still, reading the first and second part is a shock after you are deep into the utter lunacy that later parts become.

The entire text of this first chapter is below.

You are Subaru Natsuki, a sixteen year old who for a few months has stopped going to high school, and you also don’t work. You spend your days at your parent’s home, reading manga. If you get out it’s to buy manga related stuff or food. You do nothing. You’ve never done a single thing. You have all that time, all that freedom… You could have done anything, but you never do a thing. And this is the result. What you are now is the result.
One day you get out of a convenience store and you suddenly find yourself transported to the capital of the Kingdom of Lugunica, in a fantasy world. You are in a bustling metropolis full of not only humans, but also intelligent half-beasts, and some other beings that look more beast than human but that are intelligent. There are half-dogs, half-cats, half-lizards, and such. Most of the transportation is done through ground dragons, which are almost intelligent dragons that can’t fly.
You are overjoyed by having been given this opportunity to leave behind your utterly miserable life back on Earth. You believe that you are going to be granted protagonist status as per the role of these kinds of stories, but as you fail to save a girl from being run over, although she was saved by someone else, you begin to suspect that things in this fantasy world aren’t going to be that easy. You wander around looking for shops where you can buy food, but you can’t read any of the written scripts. You can, however, understand the spoken language for some reason.
You mistakenly enter a female bathroom, and you are pushed out of it violently to the extent that you fall to the river. Soaked, you climb to land and sit under a bridge to gather your thoughts. You came to this fantasy world with only your tracksuit, which you are wearing, your flip phone, and the groceries you bought at the convenience store. Suddenly you hear footsteps approaching. Three thugs approach you and glare at you with menacing eyes. They start beating you up and take away your wallet and phone. They leave you in such a state that it would have been better had they killed you.
But they didn’t. You manage to somehow crawl out of there, and crawl away somewhere safer. There, you pass out from the pain you’re in.

Hours later, you wake up in a bed in a small house. You look around, and find yourself staring at the face of an old woman. The woman asks you who you are and how you ended up at her house if you don’t know her. You can feel this is a life-threatening situation, and your only option is to make something up.
You think of some lies, but they’re not very good.
“I am sorry, lady. I got beaten up really bad by a bunch of thugs, like thousands of them, and I ended up crawling out of there. I suppose that somehow I managed to get into your house to rest from my injuries, and then I must have passed out. I didn’t want to cause you any trouble.”
The old woman is surprisingly kind to you, saying that your wounds need to be taken care of. She takes you to see her sister who is a healer. The healer then applies something very hot on your wounds, which makes you yelp in pain, but then the pain begins to subside as the wounds heal themselves up. The old woman gives you some of her son’s old clothes for you to wear.
The two sisters give you food and a place to sleep for the night. They tell you that the one who let you in is called Astrid, and her sister with the healing powers is named Hiccup. They are both Nord women.
One night, you are sitting down to dinner with the two sisters, when you decide that you can’t abuse their hospitality anymore.
“I suppose that some of my manners must have seemed strange to you. I apologize if that’s the case, but I’m quite new to this world, literally. I better explore for a bit to figure out how I’m going to live from now on. Again, I thank you for all your help.”
“You’re leaving?” Hiccup asks.
“Yes. I have to figure out how I’m going to survive in this world.”
“You’re welcome to stay here for as long as you need to,” Astrid says.
“No, it’s OK. I need to do this myself. But thank you both for your kindness.”
The next day, Astrid takes you to a high vantage point from where you can see capital of the kingdom, called Lugunica, in the distance. It has enormous walls, and a succession of dragon carriages leave and enter the city.
“This is it, Astrid. I hope we’ll get to see each other some time in the future.”
Astrid smiles, and hugs you goodbye.
“I hope so too,” she says.
You wave to her as you leave, and begin the task of walking all the way to the city. You walk for miles on end through fields and plains. Eventually, you find yourself at the edge of a forest, with the enormous walls of the city just in front of you. It’s night time, so you decide to camp out and wait until morning to enter the city.
Through the night, some other travelling merchants camp out near you, hoping to find security in numbers against any possible monster that could want to assault them. You otherwise spend the night without incidents.

When you awake the next morning, you find that the merchants have all been brutally killed. You don’t see any marks of violence on their bodies, but they all died in the night for sure. You shudder at the sight of it.
The question is now whether or not you do still want to enter the city.
You attempt to enter the city as soon as possible, figuring out that there must be horrible monsters and probably criminal groups operating in the outskirts. After arriving to the capital’s entrance, you find a line of people waiting to get in. You see guards patrolling the gate and walls, which have watchtowers holding more guards. You approach the gate and state your business to a guard. The guard seems content that you are looking for your fortune, and lets you pass.
You enter the city, taking in everything around you. You’ve never been to a city this impressive before, and it overwhelms you. You walk along, imitating the other citizens. They look like they know where they’re going, so you’ll copy them. You see a large building with a sign declaring it to be an inn. Not only you are new in this capital, but also in this entire world, as you came from Earth. You find yourself inside the inn, surrounded not only by humans but also by half-beasts who are intelligent, probably called demi-humans. You get seated on an empty table, but then you realize that you have no money. You look at the price list and gasp. It would take months of work for you to be able to pay for dinner here!
While you’re worrying about how you’ll survive in this new world, a small ball rolls near your feet. You look at it and see a small cat. The small cat looks at you and meows, before curling near your feet. You realize that this must be the cat belonging to the old lady who ran the inn.
You reach down and begin to pet the cat, who begins to purr as you do so. His fur is smooth and slick, and he feels like velvet. You smile at the calming sensation of petting this creature, and the worries that filled your mind begin to disappear as you do so.
You are soothed by the small cat, but soon feel yourself beginning to drift off. You don’t want to fall asleep, but you find yourself unable to stop your eyes from closing. You awake to find that you are no longer in the inn, but instead in a large bedroom. You blink and look around, trying to get your bearings.
“You’re awake,” a voice says.
You turn around and find a girl with long, silver hair, and pale skin. She smiles at you, although her eyes remain cold and menacing.
“My contacts informed me that you aren’t a regular at this inn, and you really look as suspicious and strange as they told me. Such weird clothes you wear. Do you recognize me?”
“N-no, I can’t say that I do.” You’re unsure of whether or not you should tell the truth here.
“Good. Then you won’t mind me taking your seat. Now that I’ve had a chance to see you, do you have any questions?”
“Why am I here? How did I get here? What do you want with me?”
“So many questions!” She smiles. “You’re here because I suspect that you are related to the people who have stolen something very precious to me.”
“What if I don’t know anything?” You ask.
“Then I will have wasted my time and be extremely disappointed.”
“What makes you think I have anything to do with any theft? Just because I look suspicious?”
“Because I’ve had my sights on a certain group of people for quite some time now. There is an entire cult out there devoted to me which has caused mayhem for a long time. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. Their members are always strange, and wear uncommon clothes. Most people describe them as odd, which along with you being a new face in this parts suggested that you were a clue to solve the theft of my medallion.”
“What is the name of that cult?”
She gives a smirk.
“The Witch’s Cult. An organization that worships Satella, and plots to revive her power for unknown reasons.”
“I’ve never heard of them.”
“They hide in secret, distribute faith, steal magical items and kill people who oppose them. They’re quite the menace. You truly have never heard of them?”
“I’m sorry. I’m truly new to these parts. And I mean so new that this is the first time I’ve seen this capital, or any part of this world for that matter”, you say.
She’s silent for a moment as she stares at you. It’s somewhat unnerving.
“You do not remember anything, do you?”
“It’s not a matter of remembering. I don’t know anything about any theft. You could consider me very sheltered. Excuse me, by the way, did you ever tell me your name? What is your name?”, you ask.
“Sheltered is an understatement. Alright, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. I’ll explain some things. Will that help?”
“(Sigh) Yeah, I guess so”, you say.
She tells you there is a magical medallion which was recently stolen, which was extremely important to her for reasons she doesn’t want to get into. She has gathered that a person called Felt is behind the theft, but beyond that, she has no clue of Felt’s whereabouts. Emilia needs to find that medallion as if her life depended on it.
“Listen, I don’t know anything about pretty much anything going on in this world, but I’ll be happy to help you look for your medallion.”
“You’re hired.”
“We have a hotel room reserved, we’ll stay there for the night. In the meantime, you can ask the staff if they’ve seen this girl. I’ll remain in the lounge and sip wine. After one glass, don’t try to give me any more, alright?”
You nod.
“Excuse me, but what is your name?”
“What is it to you?”
“I’d just like to know the name of the person I’m going to help.”
She looks away from you as she considers her answer.
“Emilia”, she finally says.
“Alright, Emilia. I’ll search for this Felt girl”, you say.
Emilia does not look at you as you walk away. You take one last glance at her before turning a corner.
You approach the staff and try to persuade them into revealing whether they know of any girl called Felt. The hotel clerk is a middle-aged man with black hair and brown eyes. He wears a black suit and spectacles. He looks up from his newspaper as you stand in front of his desk.
“Ah, yes. How may I help you?” he asks, clearly unimpressed by your disheveled appearance.
“Are you Felt?” you ask him directly.
“I’m afraid not”
Thinking for a second, you realize that the middle-aged man doesn’t fit the description of this Felt girl, given that Felt is a female.
“Are you sure you don’t have a girl staying here by herself, like not an adult?”
“We are a respectable inn for professional humans and demi-humans. We do not have teenagers running around.”
You back away from the desk, as he says:
“Now then, may I ask what it is that you need?”
“No, you may not”, you reply and walk away.
You leave the staff area as the clerk returns to his newspaper. As you approach a waitress, she walks past you to some stairs leading to the upper floor.
“Excuse me”, you say, chasing after her.
She turns around, but doesn’t stop walking.
“I’m sorry, we are all out of coffee”, she explains.
You notice that she has long, curly blond hair and kind eyes.
“Have you ever heard of a client called Felt? She’s supposed to be a woman. Is she one of the regulras?”
“Regulras?” she repeats, quizzically. “I don’t know what that is. That’s not a word I’ve ever heard before. Are you alright?”
“I’m fine. Have you heard of someone called Felt? She’s supposed to be a woman.”
“Yes, she came in here earlier. She’s a blond, tiny girl, maybe fourteen years of age, and considered to be quite troublesome”, the waitress says.
“Good, you know Felt. Do you know where Felt hangs out? We need to find her, desperately.”
“You’re very strange. You don’t want to find her. She’s a very dangerous person, you know”, she says.
“Well tell me where she is, then!” you say quite loudly, losing your patience as the waitress backs away from you in fear.
“I don’t know where she hangs out. Nobody knows where she lives. Just leave me alone, or I’ll call the guards!” she shouts as she turns and runs up the stairs.

You go back to tell Emilia.
“Great, this is good”, she says. “Now all we have to do is find a place to hide until Felt turns up. So, where should we hide?”
“Wait a second, Felt might not come back to the inn for a long time, particularly after a major theft! Isn’t there a place in this capital in which thieves tend to operate, or live?”
“Well, of course there are a few places in which thieves tend to hang out and operate, but I wouldn’t know where Felt lives. Also, we might be better off searching for her downtown, as it’s possible that she’s already taken the medallion elsewhere.”
“I’ll scout the city for her,” you say “while you stay here.”
“No”, Emilia says. “I need to find that medallion, and I’m the one who allowed it to get stolen. I wasn’t careful enough. We are going together.”
You both leave the inn in order to search for Felt downtown.
“Is it always so damn cold here?” you ask as you start running.
“In cold season, yes”, Emilia replies.
“Anyway, Emilia, do you even know how this Felt person looks like? The waitress at the inn told me she was around fourteen years old, and very small”, you say.
Emilia suddenly stops.
“What? She’s fourteen?” Emilia says, revealing that she didn’t know how old Felt was. “How the hell did I not know that it was a child who stole my medallion?”
You sigh, and say “Well, you are not much older yourself.”
“I’m eighteen”, says Emilia.
“Yeah, but you are still a kid”, you say.
“What was that?” says Emilia angrily.
“Let’s calm down and focus on the matter at hand. Surely fourteen year old thieves like this Felt person must be under the care of someone, and likely she doesn’t have parents, regular parents at least, who discipline her. Maybe Felt is an orphan?”
Emilia says “I don’t care about her past life. I just want my medallion back, and I’m not leaving this city until I get it. Now let’s go.”
You follow Emilia as she starts running once again. She seems to be getting angrier by the minute, and the fact that she’s a little kid isn’t really calming you down.

You run through the slums of the city, heading towards the loot house. Along the way, you see multiple merchants getting robbed and businessmen getting pickpocketed. The guards are around, but either can’t be bothered to care or are in on it. You knock on the door of the loot house, and a big man with dark skin asks you with a low voice what the hell do you want.
“I’m Natsuki Subaru, and I’m broke beyond compare. What’s your name?”
“I’m Rom, the one they call the strongest man in this city that doesn’t work in a brothel.”, says Rom, opening the door. “Some call me Old Man Rom. And who is this young girl with you?”
“This is my companion, and she’s really concerned about her stuff. Hey, do you know a girl called Felt?”
Rom stiffens after hearing Felt’s name being mentioned.
“What do you want with Felt?”
“She stole something of mine”, says Emilia, barely disguising her anger. “Obviously I want to get it back.”
“Sorry, kids”, says an old man passing by. “Felt is no longer welcome here. I’ll tell you what happened to her though: she fell in love.”
“What are you talking about? She’s just a little girl who robs people for a living.”
“True. But the man she fell in love with is a proper gentleman. She left her old life and moved to the fairy village, a place where only spirits live. It’s a beautiful place, just up the river, you can’t miss it. Now I have to go, my friends are calling me. I’ll just leave by saying that love is a wonderful thing. Even if you don’t believe me, I don’t care.”
The old man leaves.
“What on Earth was that man going on about?”, you ask.
“We get those kinds of loonies all over the slums”, says Rom. “Don’t mind them. More importantly, Felt is very important to me. I won’t allow you to hurt her in any way.”
“What are you on about?”, asks Emilia.
“Felt is my adoptive daughter. Now that her mother’s dead, I’m all she’s got.”
“Listen, Rom, we don’t want to hurt Felt. We just need to retrieve that medallion. If we need to pay, we’ll pay.”
You hear someone approaching you from a nearby bridge. Emilia and you turn towards the noise. You see a young small teenager with blond hair and big eyes, who seems very athletic overall. She has a dagger hanging from her belt. The teenage girl approaches you carefully. The teenager seems afraid, but she also looks determined.
“Who are you? What do you want?”
“My name is Subaru. I’m looking for a girl called Felt. I want to help her.”
The girl takes a step back.
“Help her how?”
“I want to relieve her of the weight of a valuable item she’s stolen”, you say.
The girl seems to relax. She sits down on the floor, hugging her knees. She seems very tired all of a sudden.
“So you’re not here to kill her?”
“No, we just want to talk.”
The girl extends her hand.
“How much are you ready to pay for it?”, the girl says.
“So you are Felt?”, you ask.
“… How much are you looking for?”
“I’d like an even 1000 gold coins.”
You blink in surprise. For a poor orphan teenager, that’s an awful lot of money. You wonder if this girl is worth it.
“That sounds like a very large amount of money”, you say.
“It is, but I think you’ll find it worthwhile.”
Emilia speaks in anger.
“I have a different idea”, Emilia says. She raises her hands and a cold mist forms in front of them. The mist coalesces into sharp, fist-sized ice shards which point towards the teenage girl Felt. “Give me my medallion or else I’ll turn you into a statue of ice.”
Felt’s eyes widen in fright, but then she shows a smile.
“You’re that princess aren’t you?” Felt says. “I’ve heard about you. But wait a second, you have silver hair, and you look like an elf… Don’t tell me that you are…!”
Felt snaps her fingers and a fireball appears in her hand.
“I’ll give you one last chance. Give me the medallion or else…”
“I recognize you now! You’re that princess who is also an infamous wizard. I’ve heard about you!”
“Give me my medallion!”, Emilia says, raising her hands, which are now filled with shimmering, molten ice shards.
You step forward and raise your hands out to try to calm Emilia and Felt down.
“Please, you two! Nobody needs to die! Felt, please! Emilia is serious, and she must have backing beyond just her own ice-based powers. You could steal some other stuff! Just give Emilia her medallion!”
Felt seems confused by this.
“Why should I trust you? You’re obviously on her side.”
You think quickly.
“I’m not on anybody’s side in general. Or in everybody’s side, depending on how you look at it. I came to this world just a few days ago. I’m not from this world, I came from Earth, which is another planet, maybe in another dimension. What I meant to say is that there’s crazier shit out there that just returning a medallion you stole back to the person who you stole it from, and that person, Emilia, happens to be a powerful magician who can thrust ice shards into you!”
“He’s telling the truth. I’m not going to hurt you. Please, just return the medallion.”
“Fine!” Felt screams out, and angrily flings the medallion out of her pocket and onto the ground. Emilia picks it up, and Felt backs off.
“Here,” She hisses. “Take it. I don’t want anything to do with this nonsense.”
“Thank you. You’re lucky I’m a forgiving person.”
You look at the giant Rom, who stares at you both gravely.
“I think it’s about time we leave this place, Emilia”, you say to her.
“Yes, please! I don’t want to stay here anymore!” She yells.
“You’re free to go”, you tell Felt.
She backs away, and as you turn around to leave, she manages to blurt out:
“Assassins are coming for you. You’ll be killed tomorrow night.”
Emilia’s expression drops.
“What? What does she mean?” Emilia asks.
“Felt, please tell us what you know. How are you sure that assassins are coming for Emilia?”
“I dunno, I just saw a group of people going into a tavern and they were all dressed in black. One them had long, silver hair. They all seemed to be wearing very dark shades, even inside the tavern. I… Think they’re coming to kill you.”
Felt seems like she wants to say something else.
“What else do you know?”
“Nothing”, Felt replies.
“This must be an empty threat. Felt is a teenager, after all. Let’s leave the slums, Emilia. Consider this job done.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah. Let’s go get some ice cream.”
Emilia nods, and turns to leave. You turn around, and head in the direction of the exit. As you pass Felt, you say:
“Thanks for the help.”
“What are you talking about? I didn’t help you.”
“If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have known about the assassins. Goodbye, Felt.”
Emilia is careful to hide her medallion in her outfit so it doesn’t get stolen again any time soon.

You return to the inn in the downtown area of the capital, a much safer place than the slums. Both Emilia and you are very tired. You go to the dining area of the inn and sit down in front of a table.
“I’m really hungry”, you say. “I don’t remember the last time I ate.”
“Well, I got some money. I’ll go buy something.”
Emilia goes to the counter to order food, and you wait for her to come back. Food never tastes as good as it does in those moments when you’re starving. Once you’re done with your meal, you reach for your wallet, but you remember that it got stolen by those thugs who assaulted you, and even if you had the wallet with you, you wouldn’t be able to pay for the food with money from Earth.
Sheepishly, you inform Emilia that you have no money to pay for dinner. Emilia looks up at you, and says:
“I was just going to say that if we pool our money together, we’d have enough for a dinner.”
“What happens if I don’t have any money either?”
“Then I guess we’ll dine for free. I can always steal the food without getting caught, anyway.”
“Oh, please”, you ask Emilia. “We’ve already had enough trouble already. Please sit down, enjoy your dinner, and pay for both our dinners afterwards. I’m sure you have far more money than me.”
“I feel like this is a play”, you say. “I’ve fallen into some strange world and am trapped in a play.”
You sit down on a chair in the dining room with Emilia.
“So, this is what… What’s the word?” You ask.
“Real life?”, suggests Emilia.
“Yeah, that… It feels weird. I feel like I’m in a dream.”
“You are in a dream. You just have one with rules.”
You look in Emilia’s direction, blinking. Then you shake your head vigorously.
“Oh no! I’m getting a headache!”, you exclaim, pressing your hands against your temples.
“Tell me about it”, she says. “I’ve been getting headaches for as long as I can remember.”
“Let’s stop talking in favor of the delicious dinner.”, you say.
You dig into your food, devouring it mindlessly, as does Emilia. It’s wonderful.
You eat happily for a few minutes, until you remember that you’re a gentleman. Pulling up the sleeve of your jacket, you see an analog watch embedded into your wrist.
“Have you ever seen something like this watch I have on my wrist? It’s a technological device from back on Earth. I doubt you have them on this fantasy world of yours.”
“I’ve actually never seen such a thing”, Emilia says.
Emilia turns to her food, and keeps eating, with Puck, her cat spirit, being happy about getting more food. You eat a few more bites, then put your silverware down on your plate.
“So, you’re a spirit, right?” You say.
“Yep. What gave it away?”, says Puck.
“Well, you are a talking cat who hangs out with Emilia, who is a mage, and you are also mostly transparent at times. I didn’t meet many talking cats back when I lived on Earth.”, you say.
“Yes, yes. I know all about my circumstances. Stop wasting time and ask me the real questions you want to ask.”
“Okay then, did you help Emilia get her magic?”
“Well… Sort of.”
“What does ‘sort of’ mean?”
“It means that while I wasn’t directly helping her, my actions helped lead to her getting her powers. So in a way, yes, I helped. Are you going to eat that?”
You look down at your plate, where some sort of roasted chicken sits. You’re no longer hungry. You push the plate towards Emilia, who takes a piece of chicken and eats it.
“What are you going to do now that you have your medallion, Emilia? Do you live in this city, if you don’t mind me asking?”, you ask.
“I’m actually going to go back to the mansion where I live. It’s a day and a half away in a dragon carriage”, Emilia says.
“Oh, you live in a mansion! Does the mansion belong to you?”, you ask.
“No, it belongs to another wealthy lord. He lets some people live in the mansion as part of a deal.”
“What’s the lord’s name?”
You feel a sudden chill go through you.
“Something wrong?”, Emilia asks.
“No… Nothing…”, you say.
In truth, something is wrong. You feel anxious.
“Listen, Emilia”, you say. “I don’t know if I look the part, but I’m broke, as in I have no money, and no place to live. Is the any chance that you can help me?”
“Oh geez. I’m not sure, but let me think… You could come with me to the mansion and talk to the master of the house, Lord Roswaal. He’s a bit eccentric and has some weird obsessions, but he’s nice overall. If you can convince him that you’re trustworthy, then maybe he’ll let you stay.”
“Perfect. Let’s go right now. I don’t want to waste any time.”
You walk towards the door with Emilia. You can feel Puck zipping around you in excitement.
“Are you sure? Wouldn’t you rather wait until tomorrow? It’s getting late. Leaving on a dragon carriage would be safer in the morning.”
“You know better than me. Let’s wait for the morning then.”
Emilia pays for separate rooms at the inn. At the next morning you both take a shower, and when you feel ready Emilia guides you to a store where she rents a dragon carriage. Before you know it you are sitting next to Emilia as she guides the reins of the carriage out of Lugunica, the capital of the Kingdom of Lugunica, towards the mansion of lord Roswaal, which is still a day and a half away.

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