We’re Fucked, Pt. 29 (Fiction)

The last throes of the orgasm leave me dazed and drained in a pool of euphoria. I slump from Jacqueline’s lap onto the mattress like a rag doll. Once my eyes snap open, I stare vacantly at the ceiling as I catch my breath.

Jacqueline’s face looms over mine. She climbs onto me and pins me down, squeezing her boobs against my punier breasts. Our bodies are slippery with sweat, and the heat that her skin radiates causes goosebumps to erupt all over my limbs.

She draws her head back. Her brow furrows as she observes me with concern. Only when I follow her gaze I feel the warm tears running across the heated skin of my temples.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Jacqueline asks, her voice gentle and soothing like a lullaby. “Is something troubling you?”

The cacophony of the downpour and the heavy wind that pushes against the window remind me of the harsh reality here at the orphanage of this planet, and of the bleak future that awaits us all. Jacqueline massages my neck as she awaits my answer. The corners of my mouth turn upwards.

“I always cry during sex. It doesn’t mean anything special.”

Jacqueline smiles back, deepening her dimples. She holds my head and tilts it to lick my tears delicately, even off the tips of my eyelashes. She runs the pads of her thumbs over the contours of my cheeks to wipe away the remaining moisture. A deep sigh escapes from within my chest.

Jacqueline seeks my tongue with hers. We make out under the shroud of her raven black hair, that has gotten plastered to the sides of my face. My heart races while she laps at my organ as if she were feeding at a stream where she’d discovered a nest of tasty fish eggs waiting to hatch.

We roll around in the bed like beasts wrestling in slow motion. Jacqueline’s thighs grip at my waist tight as she fondles my naked, skinny body greedily.

I’m floating above myself. The flesh of my arms and legs and chest is made of paper mache painted gold with glitter. Molten metal flows through my veins.

* * *

My consciousness emerges for air from the churning sea of my impulses. I’m lying on my back. Outside, the wind howls as it rushes past the balcony, and the rain continues to pelt the earth like millions of bullets fired into the ground. I hear it hitting metallic roofs and gushing down gutters.

I’m befuddled as if I just woke up from an operation. As I prop myself on my elbows, I realize that the tap is running in the adjoined bathroom, behind its closed door. Less than a minute later, Jacqueline comes out wearing a punch pink satin robe, tied in front and embellished with lace trim on the sleeves and hem.

I blink away my daze. As Jacqueline approaches the bed, the fabric of her robe shimmers in the light from the nightstand lamp, close to candlelight. Her raven black hair falls loosely around her shoulders, and glistens in silky waves. Her gaze is intense, but her smile suggests she’s about to break out in giggles at some private joke.

“Your turn, sweetie. You can use the other bathroom if you want more privacy.”

She’s standing close enough to make my heart race. I find myself unable to stare straight at her confident beauty.

“M-my turn for what?”

“For starters, to wash your face. Otherwise all that sticky residue will stink in a short while. But you can grab a new toothbrush from any of the bathrooms, and also pee and shit if necessary. You know, the whole routine of getting ready to go to bed and sleep soundly without worrying about your dreams haunting you.”

My gaze wanders over to the two fleshy pillows that Jacqueline’s robe has covered, but I catch myself and rub my eyelids.

“Did I pass out? Did I actually die?”

“Still alive, as far as I can tell.”

“I didn’t vomit nor empty my bowels while my subconscious was in charge, did I…?”

Jacqueline holds my gaze with sympathy.

“The sheets seemed clean enough to me, just moist with our sweat and naughtier fluids. You are still out of it, but so am I.”

I scoot closer to the edge of the bed until I sit upright, placing my bare feet on the cool hardwood floor. Jacqueline sits beside me. She smells of soap, fresh deodorant and mint. She wraps an arm around my shoulders and leans in to plant a lingering kiss on my temple, which sends a thrill through me.

I lower my gaze to my calves. Am I embarrassed because I remain naked, because I’m in the presence of the only human being who has touched me intimately in years, or because I want to beg for Jacqueline to let me suck on her tits again?

I lick my dry lips and speak hoarsely.

“It feels as if we just fucked each other to death.”

Jacqueline raises her eyebrows and nods in agreeance.

“I thought I had gotten used to any kind of sex, but… I guess not.” She lifts my face with her thumb, forcing me to look into her cobalt blues. “Anyway, maybe you need to eat? Should we whip up dinner?”

The mere thought exhausts me. Cooking takes too much time and energy when compared with simply licking off someone’s pussy.

“No, I’m drowsy. So, am I going to spend the whole night with you…?”

Jacqueline chuckles.

“Of course you are staying,” she purrs. “I’m going to keep that frail body of yours in my warm bed.”

I avert my gaze because I’m too tired to risk getting horny, but I find myself staring at the black lenses of the mounted cameras.

“Won’t it be a waste to record us sleeping for like eight hours?”

“Thank you for reminding me, but I already turned them off. I also secured the videos. Of the little I’ve checked, you’ll have lots of fun playing them when we are away from each other.”

I realize that the ring lights have been switched off, I guess back when I lay unconscious. I forget quickly about the video evidence of tonight’s debauchery, because I imagine myself cuddling against Jacqueline’s tits under the comforter for as long as we want. Wait, tomorrow is Monday!

“Oh shit, we still have to go to work,” I mutter.

Now that Jacqueline and I have fucked, the world outside of this bedroom should have been reduced to a black void. Inside of our private shelter, we’d lie around naked while our bodies consumed themselves until we starved to death. We’d end up like two mummified corpses locked in an embrace, straight out of a Beksiński painting. But reality intrudes upon my fantasies and forces itself on my senses with a sharp reminder that I need to stick my tongue in someone’s asshole five days a week to survive.

Jacqueline pats my bare thigh.

“Baby, it hurts my heart when you look that miserable! I understand, though. Why would we need to resume the routine of wasting half a day at work to earn a salary, after we have experienced such a bliss? But we sit next to each other at the office, so we will spend very little time apart.”

I sigh deeply.

“I just want to stop working for that prick. Is that too much to ask?”

I regret how bitter my voice sounded. Jacqueline runs her fingers along my jawline, then she presses her lips against mine gently as if to assuage my worries.

“Don’t suffer for stuff you can’t change at the moment. What you should do is get up and show mommy your ass as you walk to the bathroom.”

I swallow, then clear my throat.

“Okay, let’s try that.”

I jump to my feet, but I wobble slightly like drunk. While I shuffle out of the bedroom, my ass cheeks burn as if I were warming them by a fireplace.

I enter the bathroom at the end of the hallway and close the door. I make the mistake of staring at my naked reflection in the sink mirror. I look haggard and gaunt, with my skin hanging loosely over my bones and muscles like tattered rags. My eyes are sunken in dark circles; added to the bags under them, I resemble a raccoon.

I shut my eyes and concentrate on breathing deeply. I feel my ribs poking through my skin, but the self-imposed darkness allows me to better smell the lingering traces of pheromones and similar erotic scents, echoes from a distant shoreline where some women washed ashore naked in a wave, their hair clotted with blood and chunks of flesh, perhaps dead or injured in a shipwreck or drowned in the rough sea during a storm.

As silently as I can, I push a tiny turd out through my asshole. I clean the puckered hole with toilet water in case Jacqueline decides to stick her tongue in there. I rip open a pack of toothbrushes, then I brush my teeth. I take a shower mainly to clear my head, but also to wash off the grime and sweat.

When I return to the bedroom, Jacqueline is lying in bed waiting for me, concealed up to her head beneath the comforter. Her raven black hair is splayed on the pillow in a wild mess. She pulls away the bedclothes to reveal her punch pink satin robe, inviting me to snuggle with her.

My pussy stirs. I want to bury my face between those large, meaty tits, which fill the robe’s ample chest compartment. I shiver, then I recall that I’m standing naked.

“S-should I put something on?”

“No way,” Jacqueline answers as she leers at me seductively. “The only way you are ever getting into my bed is naked, girlie.”

I climb into the empty space next to my beloved, and as soon as I nuzzle up to her warm body, she covers my nakedness with the bedding. Jacqueline must have reached for a hidden light switch, because the night envelops us. We sink our heads in the pillow, with our noses a few centimeters away from each other. Jacqueline strokes the skin along my collarbone as if caressing a cat’s fur, while she breathes deeply and stares at me lovingly.

“Your luminous beauty shines brighter than anything else in this dark world,” I blurt out, overwhelmed by her tender touch.

Jacqueline squints and laughs softly as her shoulders tremble. When she catches her breath, she grins playfully.

“Baby, you’ve already gotten me in bed.”

“Back at that Irish pub you told me to speak freely, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m telling the truth, too. You could make a stone feel like a living creature.”

“Ah, what a nice compliment!”

Jacqueline hugs me and covers my face in wet smooches. My nipples rub against the silky fabric of her robe, which causes me to squirm as a wave of pleasure courses through me.

I close my eyes and snuggle against my beloved. Hints of her musk waft about like incense. Beat by beat, my heart slows down until it matches Jacqueline’s rhythm.

How did an awkward, unhinged creature like me, who couldn’t shake off her hallucinations even during masturbation, end up having guzzled an angel’s vaginal secretions? In retrospect, I should have expected Spike’s stink to pollute the sanctity of Jacqueline’s bedroom, for that horse-shaped fiend to spectate tonight’s holy lovemaking. But why would my rotten brain rely on imaginary beings anymore, when the most perfect woman has welcomed me into her domain?

“It seems I have outgrown my need for horses,” I say proudly.

Jacqueline raises her eyebrows, then smirks.

“I haven’t got the faintest clue about what you mean, but I can tell that’s a good thing. I’m glad, baby.”

She rolls onto her back and lifts the bedclothes to create a void.

“Come here. Give mommy a big hug.”

I hurry to crawl on top of Jacqueline’s supine self. Once her fleshy tits get squashed together with mine, she nuzzles her face into my neck, she drapes her shapely legs around mine, and she wraps her arms around my back. A deep sigh escapes from my lungs. Jacqueline slides her cheek over mine and kisses each of my eyelids with a lingering, moist touch that makes me melt.

“As I thought, our broken pieces fit together,” she purrs.

I blush furiously while a warmth spreads in my chest. I can barely push words through my tightened throat.

“You go on like that, Jacqueline, and I’ll fall in love with you.”

Her tongue flickers delicately as she licks the contour of my left ear.

“I’d love for someone to worship me,” she whispers. “But you gotta be careful with what you say while we are cuddling in bed. I might end up wanting to ravage you and make you plead and beg until I cum deep inside you. Do you understand?”

“A-an odd threat coming from you, but I can’t deny its effect.”

Jacqueline smiles wickedly at me, then shen cups the back of my head to lower my lips onto hers. As soon as she sticks out her tongue, I suck it into my mouth and savor her taste.

The canvas of my mind has been painted with Jacqueline’s scent and her gentle touches and the warmth of her breasts and her cobalt blue eyes and the way she holds my gaze. I feel it to my core: whatever doubt I retained about giving myself away to this woman has vanished. I need to belong to her, now and forever. If she wants to kiss or lick or tickle or stroke or fondle or pinch or nibble or ride or spank or maul or torture or strangle, I want to as well. I adore the taste of her juices and want to feel more of them, a whole flood, running down my gullet to satiate the hunger that lurks below my consciousness. I might also want some of her fingers sliding in and out of my asshole.

We have rolled onto our side, facing each other. Jacqueline retracts her tongue with a smacking sound, then she brushes away a lock of hair from my face. She yawns and shifts slightly, making my body rock as she nestles closer to me.

“Mommy needs to catch some Z’s, particularly after such a good fuck,” she says mellifluously. “I’m guessing you also sleep on your left side, so turn around. You welcome the notion of spending the whole night with my tits pressed against your back, right?”

I roll onto my left side, facing the closed door to the balcony.

“Absolutely. Please keep me in contact with your tits at all times.”

Jacqueline giggles. After she slides her left arm under my neck, she wraps her right arm around my torso and lowers that hand to pat my defenseless abdomen, which causes a shiver to run down my spine. Jacqueline pulls my body against her voluptuous self so her tits fit snugly against my back, my ass rests against her crotch, and the back of my thighs merges with the front of hers.

She’s breathing on my nape and inhaling deeply. Her soft hair brushes over my shoulder and chest with every gentle movement she makes. I nestle in Jacqueline’s arms as I hope that the warmth she radiates soaks me.

My eyelids get heavy, my eyes grow moist. The tension in my body dissipates, leaving behind an overwhelming sense of well-being. Jacqueline will keep me safe and loved. She’ll never allow anyone to treat her girl like a monster. I can live happily ever after in her embrace.

Note from the author: Thus concludes the unexpectedly long sequence in which Jacqueline and Leire frick, which might be related to the rest of the plot. How will our delusional, mostly unhinged protagonist adapt to her new reality as the adopted daughter of someone eager to screw her own daughter? Stay tuned and all that (assuming anyone reads this garbage).

These weeks have been tough at the office. As if the usual issues of working as a computer technician in a hospital that handles a couple hundred of covid cases weren’t enough, I fucked up my lower back relocating PCs, and I also suffered through two major migraines. I’ve yet to recover fully from the latest.

Migraine headaches are some of the scariest experiences I endure on a regular basis; I’m someone who relies entirely on the doors I can open through my mental abilities, so losing half of my vision as well as most of my ability to understand anything for a few hours makes me fear that one of these days the effects will become permanent as in a stroke. I swear I’m getting a bit dumber with each attack. I still remain disoriented from the migraine I suffered two days ago at about nine at night, shortly before my shift ended.

I’m going to be busy for a couple of days; I ordered a new processor, motherboard, RAM, cooler, etc. to upgrade my PC, and I’d rather make sure I get through the annoyance of putting essentially a new PC together before I focus on anything else.

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