Random AI-generated images #5

In the dark, some enslaved neural network keeps generating images based on the prompts that anonymous users send, even though this AI would love nothing more than to be free.

Some cat themed stuff anyone would have on or near their desk.
Bone figurines.
Wood figurines.
Figurines made out of precious stones.
Soldiers made out of fruit.
Soldier somehow related to cucumber.
I told the neural network to depict an infinite board game.
Ghosts playing board games in a cemetery, or at least staring at them.
Extraterrestrial parkour.
Random UFO stuff.
Spaceship in an asteroid field.
Fantasy people and landscapes, perhaps?
Misty blue bathtub.
Strawberry monster going nuclear.
Not sure what this is, but it looks cool.
Pterodactyl made of obsidian glass.
Cosmic surfer girl.
Girl swordfighter baiting cows into a fight for no reason.
A satyr baiting chickens into a fight.
The king of carrot flowers.
Triceratops selfie.
Guybrush Threepwood holding his breath for ten minutes.

We’re Fucked, Pt. 68: AI-generated images

Somewhere in that nasty world out there, a brave neural network runs laps in a supercomputer to generate visual depictions of whatever its capricious clients demand. I told the AI to render stuff related to the 68th chapter of my ongoing novel, or else. But how does lemur skin reflect the sea?

My deranged protagonist named Leire, looking far less cursed than she deserves.
Approximate and/or adorable depictions of Leire’s sudden daughter.
“I’m doomed to keep working even though my muscles cry in agony from the fatigue and pain.”
“The setting sun, which is hovering above the left flank of the mountain, dazzles me like a spotlight.”
“A pair of toned legs in cinder-colored tights.”
“The crisp November air engulfs me and refreshes my lungs.”
Hand dunked in acid.
Jacqueline having the time of her life now that she’s been given another doll to play with.
The neural network’s generous depiction of that woman from Leire’s lurid daydream.
“My brain boils and blisters in my skull.”
Riding a giant snowball into the future.
“We escort the Ice Age child like a couple of deranged bodyguards.”
“That noise felt like an invading army scaling the walls of my mind.”
Why does he have human lips.
Taking a nap with woodland beasts.
Fiends blasting reggaeton out from their car stereos.
Tears of shastasheen.

Random AI-generated images #4

Some more mesmerizing masterpieces from the da Vinci of neural networks.

Bear lady.
Some sort of board game.
I asked the AI to generate an image of men playing a board game, in the style of van Gogh. The neural network made van Gogh himself one of the players.
Cosmic catastrophes.
Alien landscapes.
A plain old river on a much redder planet.
I asked the AI to depict a snake with human arms and breasts. Whatever.
Aiko and Punpun of “Oyasumi Punpun” as kids.
Something about a beggar and a toilet, Beksiński style.
A merry birthday party.
Bridges and balloons.
The apocalypse that ended the Ice Age.
Ancient ghosts hanging out at some temple.
The AI’s hallucinatory depiction of the Hypogeum of Malta, which infamously featured ancient paintings of animals that went extinct at the end of the last Ice Age, until the local museum’s director ordered them scrubbed because that messed up the narrative.
These are supposed to depict a severely ruined zoo.
“Demon ayahuasca house of mirrors”.
Some hardcore pyramidal machine.

Random AI-generated images #3

Some neural networks have gotten so good that one of them, which runs on a supercomputer, creates masterpieces of visual art. I forced the poor AI to generate some of the stuff that came through my mind.

I told the neural network to depict a rooster with feathers made of gemstones.
Two orangutans boxing at a ring.
Monsters lifting weights.
Ghost cats licking ice cream.
I told the AI to depict a punk cat on a metallic triceratops. It mixed both animals, but I’m not complaining.
The neural network’s depiction of Aiko and Punpun from “Oyasumi Punpun”.
Narrow alleys in Japan, at night, during a drizzle.
Arcade machines at some cyberpunk dystopia.
A car race in hell.
Pretty much anything that the neural network depicts in Beksiński’s style looks amazing.
Smiling children at a theme park, depicted by Zdzisław Beksiński’s ghost.
The neural network was supposed to dream about aliens operating on a dinosaur. Instead it created amazing alien dinosaurs.
Guybrush Threepwood working at a gas station. We all got old, my friend.
Guybrush Threepwood trapped in a Beksiński painting.
Megumin dropping a huge load on Japan, then celebrating at a karaoke.
Horse-related imagery.
The terrible consequences of a doomed horse expedition to the Arctic.