Roleplaying through “Re:Zero” with the GPT-3 story generator (Part 4)

This is the second part of the recent session with GPT-3 to roleplay the segment of Re:Zero that deals with Emilia being summoned as a royal candidate, only for the protagonist to fuck most of it up. I wanted the protagonist to go particularly wild, as this meeting is one of the most boring parts of the original series as far as I’m concerned.

GPT-3 is a cutting-edge language processing algorithm used in the premium version of the online site AI Dungeon.

Upon entering the palace, you see many things around you. Under the very high ceiling of the vast throne room there’s a large multitude gathered. Several lines of people stand some distance away from the seats of the council; you recognize them immediately due to how they are positioned, and their old, decrepit, but generally distinguished look. The royal throne is empty. To the side of the throne room there’s a formation of white-robed swordsmen, who look proud and disciplined. They might be knights. You follow Aldebaran towards the people who await for the royal summons to start.
As Aldebaran approaches an empty space in the multitude, you see that he’s beelining towards a luxuriously clothed orange-haired woman whose almost supernatural beauty strikes you until you realize that you have met her before back in an alleyway. It’s the cuntish woman who had beaten up those nasty thugs without any effort.
“Silent, isn’t it?”, she asks you. Indeed, people are not as loud as you would expect them to be. There are a few children running around, but compared to a school classroom they are like statues. You look above and see that there are guards on the upper floors ready to fire their bows should the need arise.
“Yeah, they’ll start calling us in soon”, adds Aldebaran.
“I’m sorry, lady, but I never got your name back at that alleyway”, you say.
“That’s alright, I suppose.”, the woman says. “I am Priscilla Barielle. The Priscilla Barielle, as you might imagine. I’d like to say I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, but that’s not something I have been able to say honestly for a long while.”
“I guess you don’t care about my name then, lady Priscilla. So you are a royal candidate, huh?”
“Indeed, I am.”
“You gave quite the beating to those thugs back at the alleyway. Do you have some martial arts training or something like that?”
“Hah, something like that. The truth is that nobody could defeat me, in a physical bout or otherwise. It’s just a fact of this world.”
The conversation halts when a guard comes down and calls for Priscilla. Priscilla and Aldebaran follow the guard up to the line of people standing in front of the council of elders.
“These are the royal candidates.”, the guard says. “This is…”
“I’m sorry, but could you announce us in order of when you called us?”, interrupts Priscilla.
“Uh… okay. This is lady Emilia, supported by lord Roswaal Mathers. Emilia is known as the Witch of Frost.”
You had been too anxious in the presence of Priscilla, like a mouse near a cat, to realize that Emilia had stepped forward from the crowd. You remember Emilia’s face when you asked her whether you could come with her, and how she had made you promise that you wouldn’t follow her to the royal summons. You suddenly feel very, very stupid.
The guard also introduces a woman with green hair who wears a military outfit and whose name seems to be Crusch Karsten. Afterwards he introduces a smaller woman who wears white furs and who has an easygoing look to her, and her name is Anastasia Hoshin.
“And lastly, this is lady Priscilla Barielle, supported by Sir Aldebaran. Her lineage dates back to the days of the Arter Kingdom, and she wished to introduce herself as the one who will save us from evil.”
You watch as Priscilla smiles and waves at the crowd.
When your gaze moves back to Emilia you realize that she’s staring at you with a shocked expression on her face despite her presence in front of the council. Next to Emilia, Roswaal holds your gaze with a fixed smile, his expression harder to read under all that clown makeup.
The leading elder orders silence in the room. With a decrepit voice, the old man addresses the royal candidates and asks them to salute the vacant throne.
Under the high vaulted ceiling, covered with a large amount of paintings and frescoes, and the extravagant chandelier that lights up the room, Emilia recovers from her shock, turns to the vacant throne and curtsies, followed by Priscilla and Anastasia. Only Crusch remains standing in silence.
The leading elder continues his speech, explaining how the throne of the Kingdom of Lugunica has been without an owner since the king died four years ago, and that the kingdom is in dire need of new leadership.
“And now it is time to proclaim the next ruler of this wonderful nation!”
The crowd bursts into another thunderous applause, the council applauds as well. Afterwards, the leading elder orders the royal candidates to present the medallions that certify them as such. One after another, Emilia, Crusch, Anastasia and Priscilla hold their glowing medallions. The leading elder seems pleased.
“We finally have a reasonable selection of candidates for this transition. Thank you to their backers for the work you did in finding them. Let’s begin then with your personal reasons for why each of you believes that you should be chosen to rule the Kingdom of Lugunica. First of all, lady Priscilla Barielle.”
Priscilla steps forward proudly and addresses the council.
“Greetings, esteemed members of the council, I am Priscilla Barielle, number one candidate to rule this glorious kingdom. I was born to lead this nation to its glory once again, and you should trust that this world will bless me with success after success. Present your allegiance to me, and I shall treat you fairly.”
The council applauds lightly. Priscilla winks at the leading elder, and steps back into line.
“Lady Anastasia Hoshin.”
Anastasia moves forward with a regal air, and speaks with a clear voice that carries itself throughout the assembly hall.
“I humbly request your support to become your next ruler. I promise to lead the Kingdom of Lugunica into a prosperous future, and make every effort to ensure that your voices are heard at all times, and that your needs are met.”
The council applauds again, clearly impressed with her speech. The leading elder motions for her to step back into line.
“Lady Crusch Karsten.”
Crusch steps forward, moving slowly and heavily.
“Greetings. I am sure you are all aware that the House of Karsten has ruled in this kingdom for centuries, and that I have been governing my duchy since I was a young girl. I would be honoured to fill the shoes of our beloved late king, and continue the legacy of the Royal House of Lugunica. I offer certainty, order and the rule of law.”
The council applauds her, clearly moved by her speech. They seem to have already made up their minds. The leading elder motions for her to step back into line.
Then the leading elder, as if dreading it, sighs and turns to Roswaal, without ever glancing at Emilia.
“Lord Roswaal, you are well known as an eccentric, and we value you highly as the most competent magic user in this kingdom, but yet I can hardly understand what you are playing at by presenting before the council a silver-haired half-elf as the candidate for the throne.”
“My apologies. It is but a jape!”
The leading elder looks slightly relieved, as the rest of the council seems to calm down.
“Of course, of course. But may I ask why you did this?”
“Oh, it is simple. By putting a candidate that has no chance of winning, it will highlight how much better my other candidate is in comparison!”
The leading elder seems unhappy with this answer, and the rest of the council is hardly pleased either.
“My apologies. I was trying to play a joke on you all. Please forget I said anything”, Roswaal says with an unwavering smile.
Next to Roswaal, Emilia is staring at the lord, pale and flabbergasted.
As the leading elder, slightly shaking his head, was preparing to speak again, Roswaal steps forward and interrupts the elder.
“But let me be serious for a moment regarding my dear Emilia’s candidacy. The truth is that amongst these candidates, there’s nobody better suited for the throne than her.”
Everyone turns towards Emilia, who flinches and looks down.
“The magical enchantment in the medallions certifies Emilia as a candidate”, continues Roswaal. “She’s a extremely powerful magic user who has access to the spirit realm, and even the ability to establish contracts with them.”
The elder looks at Roswaal gravely.
“Spirit users aren’t that rare. Our very own Julius, esteemed captain of the Knights of Lugunica, is suited for that role. But besides her abilities, the question you should answer is why should a silver-haired half-demon like her be allowed to rule our people?”.
“Half-elf”, Emilia corrects him in a low voice.
“My apologies, half-elf”, the elder says, and he straightens his back. “But the question remains. Roswaal, for the royal line’s sake, there’s nobody who looks at your candidate and doesn’t see the Witch of Envy.”
Everyone’s eyes are on Emilia. She looks down again, and Puck rubs himself against her to comfort her.
“My apologies on behalf of our dear guest. It’s just that ever since the catastrophe four hundred years ago, the elves have been an eyesore to us humans. We all, who live outside the forest, know her as the harbinger of death and destruction. You know you are hated, lady Emilia, and you will forever be. How do you expect to rule over citizens who despise you? Why would you do so?”
You watch as the girl opens her mouth to answer…
“Because I have no choice.”
The whole room falls silent in response to her answer.
She clenches her fists, and takes a deep breath.
“I’m not an idiot. I know I’ll never be accepted by humans. But not all of you are human. There are dwarf miners in the Karsten Confederacy, there are elves in the forests. There are other races out there. If I’m going to be hated by some idiotic mistake of birth, then I might as well rule them.”
The elder frowns at her answer, and turns to face his peer for a second opinion. The peer, a balding and wrinkled old man with a thick but well-kept beard, shrugs.
Emilia sttuters for a second, but then she clears her voice to speak again.
“I am the Witch of Frost who hails from the Frozen Forest. I am a silver-haired half-elf from birth, and yet I have nothing to do with the monstrous Witch of Envy who destroyed half of the world. If the citizens don’t understand that we are not the same person, then I’ll make them understand through my fair rule.”
The leading elder frowns.
“Lady Emilia, you might be confused about this royal summons. You are a certified candidate as per the enchanted medallion, and yet you will only be amongst the final candidates if we allow you to be. A silver-haired half-elf won’t ever rule anywhere in the world. Why risk someone related to the Witch of Envy achieving power again?”
“The fates have already decided my future. But I can still decide what the future will be. Whether it’s a future of despair or hope, that’s up to me and me alone.”
The leading elder strokes his beard, and thinks carefully about Emilia’s response. Finally, he lets out a dry cough, and speaks up in a gravely voice.
“The way you speak is interesting to us. You claim that your actions can change the future. Is that so?”
“That’s right.”
“We are all products of our pasts. We can’t deny nature, for that’s what it is. Nature is something that we have no control over, not even the Gods do when they created us.”
“I don’t believe that’s true.”
The leading elder was pondering her answer when she tilts her head to speak to the semi transparent figure perched on her shoulder.
“Puck, please present yourself properly to the esteemed council of elders.”
The figure pokes his head out from behind her shoulder, and for the first time, the council of elders can see him clearly. They all gasp in shock as they see that Emilia is not only conversing with a fairy, but one with a rather hostile demeanour.
Puck looks at each of the council members with contempt before speaking up.
“Allow me then to introduce myself. I am the great spirit Puck, one of the spirits of the Apocalypse. I have formed a lifelong contract with lady Emilia to grant her my power as well as my support in every endeavour, and I’ll readily serve the kingdom if it were under lady Emilia’s command.”
One of the council members, a particularly fat one, looks at Emilia and Puck in disgust.
“Disgusting. Not only are you mixed blooded, but you have a demon as your familiar.”
You have been hearing a droning sound in your ears for a while now, and you can barely breathe. You are tightening your fists as if to tear into your palms with your nails.
“You decrepit old turds!”, you explode from the crowd.
The rest of the council looks at you with confusion.
You were about to regret your outburst and excuse yourself, but you decide to step forward close to the line of candidates, and you turn back and face the stunned crowd.
“What in the royal fuck is your problem, you fucking idiots? Can you not understand that Emilia here has nothing to do with a witch who died four hundred years ago? Are the people in this kingdom truly that retarded?”
Your outburst shocks everyone into silence. No one had ever spoken out against the council. Not even the late king had dared to defy them.
“In fact, I doubt if these people have ever dared to disagree with the bullshit you spew! You’re all a bunch of fucking cowards! If you were real men, you’d be out there protecting this land and not sitting on your ass all day judging people based on bullshit superstitions!”
You turn your attention back to Emilia.
“And you, stand straighter. The only reason why they’re attacking you is because you’re a fucking elf. You have nothing to apologize for.”
In the middle of a commotion from the crowd, the leading elder glares at you.
“What is your name, young man?”
“My name is Natsuki Subaru, who hails from another fucking dimension. You have a problem with that?”
The council members all begin to complain and argue among themselves.
“Quiet! Quiet! All of you! Young Natsuki Subaru, what is your position in relation to lady Emilia?”
“I’m her esteemed bodyguard!”
“Bodyguard, huh?”
“More than that, in fact. I’m Emilia’s knight.”
“Her knight?”
“Yes. Someone who will defend her even if it costs him his life. If she dies, I’ll take my own life. That sort of thing.”
You speak it with utter certainty. Without hesitation. Your willingness to sacrifice yourself for Emilia earns you surprised looks from everyone else in the room, but you resist looking towards Emilia herself, fearing her expression.
“She has a good one here, councilmen and ladies. I suggest you pay attention. Do you understand, Natsuki Subaru, the trouble you are in?”
“What possible trouble am I in from you old fucks? You could barely stand from your chairs without your mummified asses ripping apart. I bet your mother had a shady past involving more men than she would ever admit.”
“Good. You stand up for yourself, boy… However, I’m curious as to how you plan to defend your charge, when you have so little to work with.”
The old man turns to his side and pulls out a wooden sword. He throws it in front of you, and you bend over to pick it up. The crowd becomes noisy again, but the elder silences them by raising his hands.
“You intend to swordfight with me, old man?”, you mock him. “Should we take out our dicks as well?”
“If you wish. We’ll use those instead of our wooden swords. It’ll be more fun.”
You laugh at his offer, before looking down at the sword in your hands.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to swordfight.”
The old man laughs.
“Too bad. I’m not the one tasked with defending the honor of these proceedings.”
You notice someone’s gaze burning your temple. When you turn to that side you see a white-robed man maybe in his early twenties. He has light purple hair down to his shoulders, and is standing straight glaring at you, with one of his hands resting on his sheathed sword.
“Who might you be?”, you ask warily.
“I’m Julius Euclius, captain of the Knights of Lugunica”, he says with a firm tone and an icy glare in his eyes. “Will you please speak to me about your background?”
“Why should I?”
“Because I’m asking you politely.”
You consider his offer for a moment.
“I’m just a promising young guy moving up in this fantasy world. I’m not from these parts. In fact I come from so far away that I might have as well come from a different dimension.” You take a deep breath. “I’m more technologically advanced than this place. Hell, I’ve journeys through dimensions beyond comprehension, fought monsters with powers that could destroy entire worlds, unleashed the power of the gods themselves.”
You get closer to Julius.
“And your long hair makes you look girly”, you say, pushing Julius’ buttons.
However, Julius’ expression barely breaks to show his disdain.
“I see that you are young and a fantasist. You declare yourself to be a knight, which on this kingdom should put you side by side with the Knights of Lugunica. What is the training you have followed that allows you to make such a claim?”
“I believe in myself, and in Emilia, and in defending Emilia. And once I found out that a puppy was actually a demon, and stood up in front of that monster for a while.”
“A demon?”
“Yes, a powerful creature from another dimension. I was greatly wounded in the battle, but in the end the demon fell.”
Julius looks behind you towards Emilia, and his expression turns stern.
“Why would someone who proclaims to defend a lady cause such a pain in her?”
Fearing what you are about to see, you look over your shoulder. Emilia is crying profusely in silence, while she clenches her fists at her side. You feel your blood turn cold.
“You… You’re just a fucking asshole.”
Before you can turn around, Julius has pulled his sword from its sheath and pushed it against your throat. The tip pierces your skin as a trickle of blood leaks out, staining the tip of the blade red.
“Defend yourself”, Julius hisses.
“Are you going to attack me with your real sword even though I was just given this silly wooden training sword?”
Before you can react, Julius drops his blade and begins to laugh. Even the captain seems to be smiling at you.
“A wise choice of words from such a young boy. Natsuki Subaru, was it?”
“That’s right?”
“You are hardly worth anybody’s time, but the game is on, boy.”
He orders for one of his knights, who remain in formation and who glare at you with murderous intent, to produce a wooden sword. When Julius gets it, he wields it and he stands a few meters from you. He flicks his hair from his face and narrows his eyes towards you.
“I wonder if you’re ready to play now?”
You nod, and the beatings begin.

A few hours later, the sun has set and your body hurts all over. At some point after you lost consciousness, someone dragged you to a fancy bed. One of your eyes is severely swollen and you can hardly see with the other one, but you gather that you aren’t at the royal palace anymore, but at some mansion. You look around you, and you realize that Emilia is sitting in a chair, slightly bent over, with her palms on her knees. Her long silver hair hides her expression.
You feel your lips tremble.
“Ah… Emilia, how did things go with the remainder of the royal summons? I can’t remember much after I passed out.”, you say with a thin voice.
When she raises her head towards you, her eyes are wet with tears. She loosens her tight lips and answers you with an icy tone.
“Went well. Roswaal explained to the council that I have the power, partly thanks to Puck, to take over the kingdom if I want to, but that I just want to be judged fairly, given a fair opportunity along with the other royal candidates.”
“Hmmm… It seems like you fooled them all. Everyone was completely taken in by your cute looks.”
Your joke breaks the ice, and she lets out a faint smile. She then stands up, steps forward and slaps you hard across the face.
“I suppose I deserve it.”
“You are the lowliest piece of shit I have ever met, Natsuki Subaru. I can’t believe you broke your promise and then embarrassed me like that”, Emilia says with a teary voice.
“Obviously I would never do that on purpose. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Of course you don’t know! You’re too stupid to realize what you did!”
“That’s… kinda harsh, but given what happened…” You touch the side of your swollen eye and wince from the pain. “I suppose it was pretty damn funny.”
“Are you seriously that retarded? Did your parents not teach you manners, or respect, or basic human decency?”
“They’re dead.”
Emilia’s angry expression changes to one of sadness and she steps towards you. She lifts up your chin with her finger, making you look into her eyes.
“I… I’m sorry to hear that. When did they pass?”
“Well, they aren’t actually dead, but it seemed like the right thing to say.”
Emilia stands back, and her expression twists in a grimace.
“Is there no bottom to your shame?”
“Don’t say that. At least now my parents are safe.”
“If they’re safe then why don’t you just say they’re alive?”
“Well, I was trying to make a point that…”
“Go fuck yourself, you’re a horrible person.”
She turns her head away from you and begins to exit the room. Quickly, you extend your hand and grab her wrist. She stops walking, but doesn’t turn to look at you.
“Emilia, please. I shouted at those dickheads from the council because I wanted to stop them from harassing you for being a cute little half-elf. Don’t you understand that? That must have earned me some points at least!”
Emilia turns and gives you a withering stare.
“You almost ruined both my and lord Roswaal’s opportunity to reach the throne of the kingdom. You with your bottomless idiocy, lack of respect and shameful demeanour. Right now I would esteem a dog shit on the sidewalk higher than you.”
As Emilia was getting angrier, Puck moved into her shadow and became invisible. He’s watching very closely to see if you’ll flip shit or not.
You stay quiet and just look at her. She’s quite mad, and she has a point. Because of your actions, she’ll have to deal with the council for much longer than she had to. Then again, if she wasn’t so cute, you probably wouldn’t have done it in the first place.
“You don’t have anything to say for yourself?”, Emilia asks in an accusatory tone. “Nothing in any way that could possibly lessen the damage you have caused me?”
“Emilia, if I were you and was walking around in this world and everybody hated me because I was born this or that, I would burn everything to the ground and then piss all over the remains. I was just giving them a taste of what they should fear.”
“I don’t wish to be feared. I just want to be accepted…”
“Then why don’t you accept yourself? You are who you are. You can’t change your height, your hair colour, the size of your nose or the size of your tits. So why bother worrying about it? Besides, it’s not like you have a choice in any of that anyway.”
“Please stop looking at my tits.”
You stare at her face.
“What tits? I don’t see any tits. I just see a skinny girl with hardly any resemblance of tits at all.”
Emilia’s face drops and she looks away.
“You are an asshole. A complete asshole.”
“I’m serious. I don’t care about any of that stuff. To me, you’re just a fun girl that I get to have silly conversations with. All I want is to see you happy.”
“You are the most vexing, infuriating person that I have ever met.”
“Good. Glad you finally noticed.”
Emilia sighs and grabs your hand. As tears begin to form in her eyes, she holds your gaze.
“Natsuki Subaru, I want you to listen to me attentively.”
“I’m listening.”
“I don’t want to ever see your dumb face again. And I mean never. You won’t return to the mansion, you won’t look for me, and if we ever cross paths again, I’ll nail you to a wall and tear your fucking balls off.”
“Wow, that sounds really painful, you sure you don’t want to try something else?”
“Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.”
Emilia begins to cry as she leaves the room. You hear her quick steps until they fade away. You remain in silence in the darkening room, sitting straight in the bed.
“Her tits aren’t that bad”, you mutter to yourself.
You leave the mansion and wander the streets of the city. After about an hour of aimless walking, you find yourself at a park. You take a seat on a swing as you watch the sun fall from the sky.
“Is this my punishment?”
Puck appears next to you, glaring at you.
“Yes, this is your punishment. For all eternity, you are to remain here, in this park, watching this stupid fucking swing set. You really screwed up, mate.”
“Hey, don’t go Australian on me.”
“Fuck you.”
Puck disappears, and you go back to watching the sunset.

Some observations regarding GPT-3’s behavior on this one. Plenty of interesting examples.

-I’m mystified by Priscilla’s way of speaking. It is somehow produced by the hidden background I wrote, but her just commenting on the silence when the protagonist meets her again feels really good. GPT-3 didn’t produce anything similar, however, to how in the original Priscilla believes that the world moves for her. I altered that in.
-This was a very formal scene in the original, and there was a concept of the royal candidates standing in a line in front of the crowd, and also in front of the council members on the other side. Somehow, GPT-3 figured that out by itself. The guard calling Priscilla over was made up by the AI, as well as Priscilla curiously asking to be announced last.
-The leading elder announcing that the royal family had died and that whole thing about them needing new leadership, as well as the general reactions of the crowd, are made up by GPT-3.
-Regarding the first three candidate’s speeches, the only one I had to edit significantly was Crusch Karsten’s, as it didn’t emphasize her experience as a duchess, nor anything about her wish for order and the rule of law. But GPT-3 understood that Anastasia came after Priscilla, and that Crusch came after Anastasia, and GPT-3 presented them entirely by itself. I wouldn’t have believed this was possible just a week ago.
-I let GPT-3 produce for a bit after that, but it wasn’t bringing up that Emilia was a half-elf, so I prompted that in. Then GPT-3 came with Roswaal pretending he presented Emilia as a joke! Following that, GPT-3 was serious about it being a joke, so I had to turn Roswaal serious.
-I couldn’t come up with why Emilia would want to be the ruler (and in the original, her explanation is childish), but GPT-3 came up with the fact that there are other non-human races in the kingdom and that they should be represented. GPT-3 also made up that reference to a Confederacy of Karsten, understanding that Karsten is a ruling line!
-Most of the curious philosophical argument between Emilia and the leading elder is GPT-3 flexing. I had little to do with it.
-Presenting Puck is the FIRST time I had to prompt Puck into any of these scenes in this part or in the previous. GPT-3, having understood that Puck is a spirit that flies around, makes him appear in strange places and unlikely situations, often doing bizarre stuff or coming up with weird responses.
-The line ‘Disgusting. Not only are you mixed blooded, but you have a demon as your familiar.’ is verbatim from what GPT-3 produced.
-GPT-3 wasn’t making the protagonist intervene, and in the original he does. I wanted to go over the top, partly to trip GPT-3 and see how it adapted. I was impressed with how it made the leading elder seem half menacing, half teasing.
-GPT-3 somehow decided for the elder to produce a wooden sword unprompted. In the original version, the protagonist fights Julius with a wooden sword, but in a later scene. How did that happen?
-The line ‘In fact, I doubt if these people have ever dared to disagree with the bullshit you spew! You’re all a bunch of fucking cowards! If you were real men, you’d be out there protecting this land and not sitting on your ass all day judging people based on bullshit superstitions!’ is verbatim from GPT-3.
-Julius being menacingly polite fits his character, and GPT-3 ran with that from the beginning.
-The protagonist’s wild lies regarding his exploits are a 100% GPT-3. It was so funny that I had to run with it.
-Emilia calling the protagonist a fucking asshole while crying was GPT-3’s idea, as well as Julius jumping forward to press his sword against the protagonist’s neck. I had to prompt in for the protagonist to suggest a wooden sword fight.
-The lines ‘”I wonder if you’re ready to play now?” You nod, and the beatings begin. A few hours later, the sun has set and your body hurts all over.’ are verbatim from GPT-3. It came up with the likelier outcome of that confrontation, as well as segued to the following scene.
-The conversation with Emilia afterwards was hilarious, and GPT-3 came up with plenty of the crazyness: Subaru saying that the council was fooled because Emilia was cute. Every comment about her tits. Emilia repeating ‘fuck you’ as she left in tears. Glorious.
-It was also GPT-3’s idea for the protagonist to say that his parents were dead (I also let GPT-3 produce a lot of Subaru’s material, if the AI does it right). Clearly the artificial intelligence was going for a serious, heartfelt moment of true backstory (which wouldn’t fit at all for reasons related to the fourth arc of the original Re:Zero), but I made it into a further absurd example of how much of a scumbag this version of Subaru is.
-I was going to end this session there, but I left GPT-3 producing twice, and it made the protagonist go to a park, made Puck appear, made puck harass the protagonist, and after I prompted the protagonist’s comment about Australia, GPT-3 had Puck disappear with a ‘fuck you’. Out of this world.

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