Roleplaying through “Re:Zero” with the GPT-3 story generator (Part 3)

The part that followed the previous one in the light novel and anime series dealt with Emilia being summoned to the capital to present herself as a royal candidate, and then the protagonist screwing up like the dumb fuck he is. It’s my least favorite part of Re:Zero, which is one of my favorite Japanese series. Roleplaying through that part became longer than I expected, and at times more serious and sober than what usually comes out of my diseased brain. However, I remained very impressed with the narrative opportunities that the GPT-3 algorithm produced, as well as many dialogues it came up with on the fly and that fit perfectly. GPT-3 seems to understand cause and effect to a significant extent, as well as have in mind plenty of backstory, both from what you have added to the world story as well as from what has happened before. It’s a delight. It makes going through this sessions as if you were playing a videogame.

Rereading these past parts once that I’ve written the ninth, this is the one in which the entire thing goes off the rails, exactly how I like them. Lunacy from now on.

I want to mention it in every part: this was produced with the help of a cutting-edge AI called GPT-3 and used in the subscription service of AI Dungeon.

This segment of the story became too long, so I’ll split it into two.

When the dragon carriage that carries the group to the capital arrives at the bustling city, it drives immediately through the heavy traffic into a mansion that the wealthy lord Roswaal has rented for the occasion. It’s a luxurious mansion in itself. It’s going to work as the center of operations while the group remains in the capital. After Ram and Rem have unloaded the luggage, Emilia seems eager to walk around the capital and enjoy the sights.
“Emilia, you can’t go out there like that. Wear this, it’s a robe of the royal family. It should help you avoid attention.”
“Oh. Thanks, Roswaal”, Emilia says as she puts on the robe.
You immediately notice how much more modest the robe is compared to her previous clothing. However, the robe is also more revealing than her usual clothes, showing quite a bit of her cleavage. You can’t help but glancing sometimes at her beautiful, silky-looking pale skin.
“Lord Roswaal, will you allow me to act as Emilia’s bodyguard as we walk through the capital, enjoy the sights, eat ice cream and stuff like that?”
“Of course. I insist on it, in fact”, Lord Roswaal says.
Soon, you and Emilia head out of the mansion and into the capital. The first place you go is an ice cream parlor, where a long line of citizens and some nobles are waiting to get their ice creams.
“What flavor of ice cream would you, a silver-haired half-elf, prefer, Emilia?”, you ask her.
Before she can answer you, a familiar voice shouts “Hey! It’s the half-breed, silver-haired bitch!”
You look, and you see a group of teenagers, about your age. The group consists of three guys and two girls, all of them are wearing expensive clothing. One of the boys shouts “Let’s smash her face in!”
You feel your blood boil in anger. You look at the group of teenagers and consider pummelling their faces, but you suspect that the guards would throw you in jail for it. You leave the line to get ice cream while holding on to Emilia’s arm, and walk briskly to another street.
“Forget about them”, you say.
You and Emilia head to a nearby park. You find a nice, secluded spot in the park where you sit on the grass and watch the trees rustle in the gentle wind.
“This is a nice place”, Emilia says.
“Yeah”, you respond. You are fearful of asking the following question. “Emilia, how often do people harass you like this?”
“Frequently”, she responds in a low voice, “Whenever I go to the market, or the capital, or just about any place. People call me… ah, let’s not talk about it, OK?”
“Alright then”, you respond. You feel pretty bad for asking.
“You seem pretty calm about entire kingdoms being ready to turn against you”, she says, “Aren’t you afraid? Don’t you worry about it?”
“Of course I’m afraid. I just don’t show it”, you say, “I have to be tough so I can get through this life.”
“You seem pretty tough already”, she says, with a warm smile.
You turn a deep shade of red, and look away.
“Just to clear the situation, though. You are not actually Satella, the Witch of Envy, right?”
“No”, she answers, “I’m not. She was the scum of the earth.”, she responds, “She killed millions and enjoyed every moment, or so it is said. And I have the misfortune of looking like her.”
“Do you regret being a half-elf?”
“Everyone has their bad parts and poor luck in life”, she says, “I was born like this. What’s done is done. I can’t change what I am.”
You nod, as you understand her plight.
“Well, I think you are like the cutest girl in this entire fantasy world.”
“Ah, I loathe these things. I don’t feel beautiful at all”, she says, “I just feel like I’m about to vomit with how stuffy these balls get.”
“What’s a ball?” You ask.
“You mean you don’t have them?”
You raise your hands in between you both.
“That better be a joke.”
“Nope, I’m serious. Would you like to get married sometime this week?”
You go completely silent.
“Hey, since we’re both here, how about it? This is your only chance, you know.”, she says.
“You suggesting you have balls is something I would have never expected coming out of your mouth. I’m frankly too disturbed to continue with this conversation”, you say in a broken voice.
“Fine, be like that”, she says.
She turns away from you. You feel awful for upsetting her.
“Hey, wait.”, you say, trying to mend your ways. You take her hand in yours. “Please don’t be like that.”
You give her a smile. She seems a bit happier.
“Anyway, Subaru, there was something I’m obligated to do. I need to visit the royal guard base in order to meet with the captain of the Knights of Lugunica. I’m afraid you can’t follow me, as it’s an official matter. Royal stuff. It would bore you as well”, Emilia says with a sigh.
“I guess I can entertain myself for a bit. See you back at Roswaal’s rented mansion, then?”
“Yeah, we’ll do that.”
Emilia walks off into the distance.

You walk around the city a bit, waving to the people of the Royal City. Occasionally, an image of two pale, silky, brushed balls hanging in Emilia’s crotch flares up in your brain, and you feel as if you are going to lose your mind.
As you stagger around shaking your head, you overhear a commotion in a nearby alleyway. Some men are yelling harshly to a woman, although the woman answers them with a stern, superior tone of voice. You peek into the alleyway to see what’s going on.
You recognize the same thugs that had beaten you half to death. They are harassing a woman dressed with the most expensive clothes you can imagine, and that show her large, firm breasts. The woman is also extremely beautiful, but has a predatory air to her. Her orange hair reflects the sunlight as if brushed. The thugs demand her to hand over her valuables.
“If you do not comply, we’ll take it by force.”, says one of the thugs.
The woman simply raises an eyebrow at the threat.
“Try me.”
The man clenches his fists, and gets ready to charge at her…
They never had a chance. With inhuman speed and reflexes, the woman had disabled all the thugs.
As the thugs lie around in the floor, injured, the beautiful woman looks up at you and asks you, “And who might you be, and why are you staring at me?”.
“I’m… just… this group of men were beating me up earlier, and then I saw them about to do the same to you, so… I…”
The woman approaches you slowly, and you can feel her predatory eyes examining your body. Her orange hair flows down her shoulders in a way which would make any man drool over it. Her lips are perfectly shaped, with a cute nose to match. Then, she speaks.
“I see. You wish to save the world, young one?”
“You wish to save the world, don’t you? That’s why you wanted to stop those men from harassing me, isn’t it?”
“Uh… well… yes…”
The woman smiles. Her smile lights up her whole face, and for a moment you’re speechless. She puts a gilded coin in your hand, then passes by you without looking back, but before she turns the corner she tells you, “Don’t ever look at your superiors with such familiarity, you lowly scum.”.
You don’t know how to react, but you soon hear a cry of pain and turn around. You see that one of the thugs has risen and is charging at you with a knife!
With the speed you gain from your heritage, you easily dodge his clumsy strike, and trip him with your leg. The thug falls, and you knee him on his head. He yells in agony, but then he laughs and tells his friends to attack you from behind. They do so, and after a short scuffle in which you prove yourself to be faster and more resourceful than them, they all lie defeated on the floor.
You make a quick exit from the alleyway, hardly believing what just happened. “I have no idea if being employed by lord Roswaal”, you tell ourself, “or surrounded by those strong servants, has rubbed off on me, but in any case I ain’t complaining.”
You make your way back to the mansion.
You arrive at the door, and knock. “It is I”, you say. The little cat-like being opens the door for you, but seems a bit surprised, probably because of the blood on your clothes. He doesn’t say anything though and lets you in.
Emilia gives you a hug as soon as you enter, relieved that you are not hurt.
“What happened to you, Subaru? Did you get attacked?”, Emilia asks in a pained and worried voice.
“Well, yes. Some thugs attacked me in an alleyway, but somehow I defeated them all.”
“Yeah, I don’t even know how it happened either. I mean, I was calm and collected the whole time. I only got scared after it was over.”
“Ha ha ha, yer scared of a buncha street thugs?”
“Yeah, I know it’s pathetic.”
“I’m not saying it’s pathetic! It’s just… surprising. You’re usually very self confident and carefree. To hear you say you’re scared of something is a bit strange.”
“You think?”
“Yeah. But anyway, as long as you’re alright. Right then, I’m heading to bed now. The only people left in the mansion are our lord Roswaal, our dear servants Ram and Rem, and my dearest Puck. Nobody will bother us for the rest of the day, so we can rest easy tonight.”
After Emilia goes to bed, you stay in the balcony looking as the sun sets. Shortly after you are joined by the demon servant Rem, who pats you on the back.
“How are you doing, Rem?”, you ask her. “I mean, with being a servant, having travelled to the city, doing chores and stuff.”
“I’m doing alright I suppose… Though I sometimes miss the forest. How about you, Natsuki Subaru? How are you feeling?”
“I feel a lot more relaxed now that I’ve gotten most of the story out.”
She gives a sort of bitter smile as she sits down next to you. After a short period of silence, she begins to speak again.
“Here’s your dinner, Natsuki-san.”
“Why don’t you eat dinner with me, Rem? The night is beautiful, and you must be tired from working constantly as the lord’s servant.”
“I… do not wish to be a bother.”
“You’re not a bother, if anything I’m asking because I’d prefer some company for once.”
She gives a small nod as she continues to smile.
“Very well then, let us enjoy the calm air of this summer night.”
After you both have eaten dinner, you both sit on the balcony and talk about various things. At one point you point out a few stars to her, which are out that night.
“My name, Subaru, is actually the name of some star that you could see back on Earth, where I come from. My mother loved stars. It’s sad to know that I’m never going to see those stars again… And neither will I see my parents again, I suppose.”
“That’s very lonely, Natsuki-san.”
“Yeah, well… That’s life I guess. Soon you’ll be feeling the same thing, Rem.”
She looks down a bit as she begins to tear up and change the subject.
You place your hand on hers, to give her some comfort.
“Loneliness is universal, works across universes and dimensions. Tell me about your loneliness, Rem. Supporting one another in the deepest truth of our existence as perishable beings is the only way we can remain sane.”
“I… I am unsure of where to start.”
“How about when you first came to this mansion?”
Rem thinks back to her first day here. She remembers everything in vivid detail, as if it all just happened.
This was probably the happiest day of her life.
She was a fifteen year old girl with blue hair and green eyes.
“What do you thought about the perspective of working at lord Roswaal’s mansion?”, you ask her with curiosity.
She smiles, and happily replies.
“I was really excited! I was chosen from so many other people to work for the most respected person in the kingdom!”
You laugh a little, as you continue to listen to Rem’s story.
“Lord Roswaal is quite the strange fellow, huh?”
“He’s quite a strange man, that lord Roswaal. One moment he’s nice and giving orders as usual, the next he’s shouting at us about how the silverware isn’t shining enough.”
“It really isn’t?”, you reply with a chuckle.
“Of course it isn’t! How could it? We have servants to clean them, not to shine them! It’s silverware! How can it shine if it touches the light of day?”
“Well, I’ve seen you work, and you are the best servant I can imagine. You vastly outperform your sister Ram.”
“She was promoted to a position that doesn’t require actual cleaning. Sort of a medium between the workers and master.”
“I see… I suppose that makes sense.”
Rem continues.
“So, what about you? What do you think about your new job?”
However, before you can answer, you here a strange voice from the door.
You turn towards the voice and ask, “who is it?”.
The person at the door says, “it’s me, Ram”.
You ask her to join you at the dining table for a chat under the moonlight. Ram agrees without producing a smile on her lips. The pair of you sit across the table, and as you do so, you wonder about what the label of hornless that they had applied to Ram, who is a demon, actually means, but you imagine that it is a touchy subject.
“How are you dealing with this trip to the capital, senior servant Ram? It must have been pretty hectic for you”, you say.
As you ask your question, Ram stares at you with a glum look on her face. She replies, “I’m doing alright”.
You wait for her to elaborate and when she doesn’t you say, “have I said something wrong?”.
Rem shakes her head and says, “no, but Ram just isn’t really someone who’d go on about her feelings or problems”.
“You are just wonderful the way you are, Ram. Wouldn’t change you for anything.”
You say this with all honesty, but you’re a little worried about whether that was the right answer or not. You decide to change the topic.
“What do you both think about Emilia’s candidacy for the throne of the Kingdom of Lugunica?”
“I can’t wait ’till she wins.”, Ram says with a smile.
“Have you even voted, senior servant Ram?”, you ask.
“I don’t need to. She’s already won in my heart.”
You look at Rem, who smiles. You want to kiss her right then and there, but that would probably be going too far, so you decide to stop looking at her for now.
“Well, it’s about time we all go to bed. Emilia has to attend to her royal summons tomorrow morning, and we need to hope that everything will go just fine.”
As you say this with a sigh, Rem sighs as well.
“I know, but I’m going to be very worried about her.”
You pat her on the back gently and reassure her that Emilia will most definitely survive tomorrow. When you get to your bed and you look at the strange ceiling in the dark, you think about everything that has happened since you came to this fantasy world. You think about the people you’ve met, and the dangers you’ve faced. Did you have a life before the one you are living in this new world, you wonder. You try to fall asleep as tears pour from your eyes.

Early next morning, you look at Roswaal and Emilia as they prepare in the hall to leave for the royal summons at the palace. Emilia seems very anxious, but Roswaal keeps a plated smile on his clownish face.
“Everything will be just fine, my princess!”, he says with a smile.
“I know, but I’m still very anxious about this! How do I even expect to convince the elders?”, Emilia says with a thin voice.
Although you are nervous and dread asking, you step forward and, while standing straight, you ask Emilia whether you can accompany her to the royal palace.
When you ask this, both you and Emilia are surprised. She has an expression of shock on her face, while you have one of surprise.
“I’m certain that I can protect her if something were to happen!”
Ram clears her throat.
“I recall you pissing yourself when we confronted the monster. Do you want to make a puddle in the royal carpet?”
“I, I can do it! It wasn’t even that scary…”
You shut up as you realize you are just digging a deeper grave for yourself.
“Safety should always come first. I’m sorry but that’s how it is.”, Emilia states, still with her thin voice.
“I understand…”
You bow your head down in disappointment as you realize that you are not going with them to the palace.
Emilia remains in place, with nervousness glistening in her eyes. She keeps staring at you as if you had just presented her another problem. “Please, Subaru, promise me that you aren’t going to appear in the royal palace as Roswaal and I are attending the royal summons.”
“Yeah… sure”, you reply while sweating nervously. You wanted to go…
“Thank you.”
You nod in agreement as she states her disapproval of not attending. She begins to walk forward to exit the house, but as she does her eyes widen, and a small scream escapes her mouth. You notice and your eyes widen when you see a white cat with a single horn standing on its head. It has a small frown on its face, and it’s glaring at you.
“What the hell is your problem, Puck? Why are you glaring at me like that?”
“Maybe you should ask your girlfriend that, I know she’s been lying to you for quite some time now.”
You aren’t sure what Puck means, but you clench your fists tight as anger towards the magical cat grows in you.
“And how will you protect Emilia, Puck?”, you say with a harsh voice. “Where were you when her medallion got stolen? Where were you when we retrieved it from Felt? It seems to me that you aren’t capable of much at all.”
Puck’s frown grows deeper. His eyes narrow, and an aura of blue begins to seep out of him. You feel the color drain from your face as you know his next words are going to be very insulting.
“You dare question me… the great spirit Puck? The same being that blessed merriment and jolliness upon this world? I can crush you with only one breath, but I shall contain myself only because it would make Emilia cry!”
“You were always a punk, Puck. Ever since the day I met you.”
“Do you think Emilia is your soul mate? The two of you are so different. You laugh, she cries. You feel pain, she feels pleasure. Emilia needs someone to bring joy into her life, not sadness. You are not that someone.”
“Oh, and you are, Puck? You are magical flying cat. You aren’t even a person. How is she expected to relate to you?”, you retort.
“I am a person! I’m just a person… with fur, and a tail, and magical abilities! I’ve known Emilia since she was young, and we’ve been through thick and thin together.”
Lord Roswaal intercedes raising his arm. Although he intends to stop the fight, a smile remains on his clownish face.
“As far as I’m concerned you both are punks right now. You are troubling our dear Emilia. We have a royal summons to attend.”
You don’t dare look at Emilia’s eyes as both her and Roswaal exit the mansion. Why did you have to trouble her by confronting Puck at that moment? You aren’t sure of much beyond that you wish to be by Emilia’s side. Maybe it was pure jealousy. You want to figure out how to sneak into the royal palace somehow.
Rem looks as if she wants to tell you something. She opens her mouth. After her eyebrows tremble, she closes her mouth again. Her sister Ram simply sighs and wanders off to another room. You feel a gloom overwhelming you.

You serve yourself a drink and you wait for both servants to get out of sight, and then you finish your drink and leave for the royal palace. Perhaps you can sneak in as a servant or something like that.
You are not very acquainted with the city of Lugunica, but you don’t have much trouble locating the royal palace, as many people are talking about the royal summons openly, and there’s a heavy flow of dragon carriages, many of which are luxurious, towards the same area of the capital. You follow that flow of traffic towards the royal palace. By the time you arrive there, you see that there’s a long queue awaiting entrance into the palace. You join the queue and wait.
Half an hour passes and you have made little progress in the queue. Some royal guards begin yelling at people in front of them to move faster, but it’s fairly clear that you won’t be getting inside today. As you turn to leave, you bump into a girl your age with bright red hair.
You catch yourself from falling and look at her face. You’ve never seen her before, but you find her striking. She’s not wearing a royal robe like the others in the queue, so she’s obviously not nobility.
“Sorry!” you say out of reflex.
The redhead looks at you. Her green eyes seem to look right through you.
“It’s fine,” she replies. “I’m not in any rush. I’m waiting for someone anyway.”
“Oh, okay then,” you say. “Well, see you later I guess.”
You move to leave, but she stops you.
“Hey, are you here to see the royal summons too?” she asks.
“Ah… yeah,” you reply. “I was trying to get into the palace…”
“Yeah, it’s a mess right now. There’s a lot of people in front of the palace gates.”
“I can see that. How do you figure that you were going to enter anyway? You don’t seem like nobility”, you tell her.
“Well, I’m probably distantly related to the royal family. I’ve been in the queue for several hours now.”
“Why would they let you in if you’re only distantly related? Wouldn’t they only let in those with proven royal lineage?”
“They might let me in just to get rid of me. Did you try to get in via the front?”
You pause, not really wanting to admit that you were sidetracked by the pretty girl.
“Never mind, you wouldn’t have gotten in anyway. You should have gone straight to the palace gates. Anyway, my name is Felt.”
You stop talking with your mouth open. You hadn’t made the connection given that you only saw this girl once, but before you is the same girl who some time ago had stolen Emilia’s medallion. Maybe Felt is wearing a wig, or she has dyed her hair. Felt contemplates your confusion for a bit, before she offers you a smirk, and then her attention returns to the throng of people who are either gathered in front of the palace or trying to enter it.
“You recognize me, I’m guessing.”
She puts her fists on her waist and cocks her head.
“How would I forget how you messed with my head back in front of the slum house?”, Felt says. “They would have paid me a lot for that medallion. To be honest, I was mostly glad to be rid of it. There was heat coming for the goods this time, and I would have had to hide the medallion for a good time.”
“Are you actually related to the royal family, or did you steal someone else’s identity?”
Felt’s eyebrows twitch, and she frowns.
“You’re messing with me again, aren’t you? I’m leaving…”, Felt says as she starts to walk away from you.
It suddenly dawns on you that this is your big chance to get inside the palace so you can search for Emilia without hassle. You step towards Felt to stop her from walking away from you. She turns her head slightly and narrows her eyes at you.
“I want to come with you. I need to get inside that palace.”
She stares at you blankly.
“No, you don’t”, Felt says.
“Please let me in.”
“You say that as if I have any jurisdiction over what the guards do or don’t do.”
“No, please. Let me in.”
“Get lost, weirdo!”
With a defeated sigh, you let Felt go. The last thing you want is her yelling for some guard and them believing you are harassing some innocent girl. You turn around and walk to the other side of the street. Felt goes the other way. You stand there watching as she walks up to a guard, presumably to rat you out. You get ready to run just in case.
You don’t hear any alarm bells so you assume either no one cared or Felt chickened out and ran somewhere. You walk away from the palace and enter a nearby tavern for some lunch and to think about your next move.
You are anxious as you enter the tavern, and you realize that the amount of people attracted to this area of the capital makes it so people barely have space to wolf down the food before they are told to leave their seat for the next customer. You don’t want to wait in a queue to get your food anyway.
A guy eating chicken wings catches your eye. He wears a helmet that hides his facial features, even though he’s not wearing armor, and his entire left arm is missing. This guy must be some kind of veteran soldier on a break, or maybe some adventurer. You go over to him and sit down in the seat across from him.
“Hey, are you here for the royal summons?”
The soldier gives you a sideways glance and continues eating.
“What is it to you, bro?”, says the guy.
“I’m just trying any possible opportunity, I guess. I need to get into the place.” You consider your words, and lower your voice. “You aren’t by any chance guarding the palace, are you?”
The soldier puts down his chicken wings and gives you a dead serious look.
“I’m guarding someone who is in a way related to the royal palace. Don’t know what it has to do with you though”.
“What’s your name, guy?”
“My name? You can call me Al. Short for Aldebaran. Get out of the way so I can finish my food.”
Oh, that’s his real name. Go figure.
“Alright, Al. What’s with the one-man, one-arm guard duty?”, you ask.
“The lady I protect is a real piece of work, and she would drive away anybody else.”
“So is she a royal, or…?”
“She’s a royal candidate, but from what I heard the elders don’t really like her. Even if she gets the throne, she probably won’t rule long.”
“How come?”
“You’ll see when you meet her. The girl is a real royal.” He pauses.
Aldebaran finishes his wings and sucks on his fingers of his only hand to clean them. He then stands up and without paying attention to you he turns to the door. You stand up and follow him.
“Hey, by any chance you wouldn’t do me a solid and let me into the royal palace, right?”, you ask nervously.
“I think I already answered that question”, he says with a straight face, or with what you assume is a straight face, because of the helmet. You both approach the throng of citizens waiting in front of the palace entrance, but Aldebaran goes straight to some guards to the side, who nod at him and let him past them to some side door. Aldebaran takes out a key and opens the door. You follow him inside.
“Welcome to the Royal Palace. If you try anything, my buddy the eternals guard captain is here to cut off your dick.”
Well that’s a new piece of information.

Some observations regarding what the GPT-3 algorithm either suggested or produced entirely by itself.

-Roswaal offering Emilia a robe to avoid attention, GPT-3 came up with that. I don’t know if it’s related to Emilia having been established in the narrative as a royal candidate, or whether it has to do with the citizens’ general hate of her being a half-elf, which I wrote in the hidden worldbuilding.
-The reference to eating ice cream turned for me into a running joke, which initially GPT-3 produced by itself in part 1. I think that either the protagonist or Emilia suggested getting ice cream after they dealt with the thief Felt.
-The group of teenagers wanting to smash Emilia’s face for being a half-elf was something that GPT-3 produced verbatim.
-Emilia “deflecting” being called cute through suggesting she has balls is something GPT-3 came up with out of nowhere, as well as suggesting they should get married. I ran with it instead of altering that part. It was so shockingly absurd that I didn’t know how to progress that conversation.
-Regarding the introduction of the major cunt Priscilla on that alleyway, I had written her in the hidden backstory as possessing supernatural powers and having a superior attitude. I barely had to alter the production: Priscilla dispatched the thugs on her own. I was surprised when GPT-3 launched the thugs after the protagonist afterwards, and him being surprised at having taken them out was a genuine moment.
-I hadn’t expected at all the concern shown by the people at the rented mansion because the protagonist’s clothes were stained with blood. That’s GPT-3 knowing implicit cause and effect.
-GPT-3 made Rem appear in order to serve the protagonist his dinner, and I prompted her to stay and talk for a bit. I love the dialogues you can develop when you just ask as any character anything to another one, only for GPT-3 to produce a response that stays in character. It’s truly unbelievable. Ram refusing to elaborate, being her usual gloomy self, is unedited as well. Also, that moment when Subaru is speaking with Rem and someone knocks on some door, I considered altering it to steer GPT-3, because I had no clue whether the AI intended to produce a threat that wouldn’t fit the story. But GPT-3 made it so Ram was the one wanting to enter! It’s ridiculous.
-Also, Rem refers to her as an Oni as well as adds the -san to the protagonist’s name completely unprompted. I don’t know if it is a result of the protagonist having declared himself as being Japanese, but I don’t know why that would make Rem refer to herself as an Oni. She’s described as a demon in the backstory.
-Emilia being so anxious about facing the council is also made up by GPT-3. I’m not sure what combination of story details produced it.
-Puck appearing out of nowhere in that scene with a damned horn on his head is also made up by GPT-3. I don’t know what intentions the AI had, but I ran with it as Puck and the protagonist having an argument again. They’ve had entertainingly hostile interactions up to this point. I suspect that the horn thing is related to the puppy demon from the previous volume. Puck doesn’t have a horn in the written backstory.
-Once the protagonist had to sneak into the royal palace, I couldn’t remember the original scenes in the light novel except that Priscilla had something to do with it. I let GPT-3 make the protagonist hang out outside of the palace, only for some redheaded girl to interact with him. GPT-3 introduced her as Felt, although Felt had been described as having blonde hair. It seemed interesting, so I ran with it.
-I had to force meeting with Aldebaran in the tavern, because GPT-3 kept wanting the protagonist to just hang out in an inn and even spend the night there. That wouldn’t do.
-GPT-3 also came up with Aldebaran’s threat to cut off the protagonist’s dick. I don’t know what the AI meant by “eternals guard”, but hey. Guess it’s canon now.

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