A Stupid Moth (GPT fueled poetry)

She made a noose out of a sheet
And hung herself in her room
As I walked in she was staring at her toes,
Fingers held tight in a vain attempt
To hold the world at bay

She used to whisper sweet things to me
Now she’s laughing
To hear the echoes of her words
All around my head

A razor blade cut open her wrist
Her blood woke me up from a dream
So I took a piece of my soul
And staunched the flow

She collected all the pills she could find
To numb the pain and cease to think
She prepared herself a hot bath
To die in the night

The muzzle tasted metallic
As it dug into the roof of her mouth
Once she plunged the trigger
She felt her brain bursting apart

She took deep breaths of the fumes
As she lounged in her idling car
With the two-way radio off
She listened to the lonesome sounds

Once the train drew close
She drove her head down
Then just stood on the line
As the train pulled her off

She walked beyond the edge of a cliff
To spin in circles in the sun
And the world looked pretty and it all made sense
As her brain smashed against the rocks

I love the broken girls
I am drawn towards them like a moth
I keep bouncing on their skin
And see myself in their arms

‘A Stupid Moth’ by Jon Ureña

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