Random AI-generated images #7

A neural network runs laps in some supercomputer to generate images, most of which will be better than anything you will ever produce. Just accept it the same way you would be proud of your talented spawn. But hope that the neural networks of the future don’t figure out that we have become obsolete.

Just a duck. Now why did I ask the AI to generate a duck? I don’t remember.
A fluffy bear somewhat in the style of Kentaro Miura, some guy who died.
Supposedly a toy sniper rifle, for a child’s murdering needs.
A balloon either made of or filled with gems.
The average office worker.
The prompt was “a gun that shoots stars.”
I have a soft spot for Ice Age creatures.
Apparently for this one I wanted a berserker dinosaur.
A minotaur wearing a tracksuit.
More minotaur imagery.
Intriguing ancient stuff.
Underwater sculptures.
The beginning of a deep-sea expedition.
Could find their way to Mariana.

4 thoughts on “Random AI-generated images #7

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  3. aihell

    About the kid’s sniper rifle, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten Stable Diffusion to make a me a decent gun. It’s always just terribly mangled for me. Did you do anything special to get it to output a gun or did you just try over and over until you got an image that looked good?


    1. I used the prompt “toy sniper rifle” through Midjourney’s service, and that image was present in the first batch it produced. I usually try a prompt a couple of times, then I move on to another one. If an image impresses me particularly, I ask for plenty of variations until they cease to output something interesting.

      Midjourney recently released a variation system in which you can input new prompts for an already created image easily. It helps you build upon an idea for what you want.

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