We’re Fucked, Pt. 70: AI-generated images

An online service that is becoming increasingly popular offers any old dolt the opportunity to send a prompt to a trained neural network, which will spit back a generated image. Some of those images turn out to be masterpieces. At least one of those images was good enough to win a contest, which pissed off the human participants. The age of mankind is coming to an end.

This chapter’s set of related images felt lackluster, but it’s better than nothing. Here’s the link to chapter 70.

The various ways I got the AI to depict our couple’s sudden daughter.
When told to depict the child drawing a forest, the neural network generally wanted to make the child part of the drawing.
The AI generated these as I was trying to figure out how the child would draw her home. I used the last image as reference. This neural network got the notion right when I added to the prompts that the image should be a “drawing by a Paleolithic child on paper.”
“I hope that no extinct demon follows me back to our world.”
“Fragments from the Taurid meteor stream bombarded our planet in an apocalyptic cataclysm.”
“I wanted to explore fog-shrouded mountains, forgotten caves, cursed forests, sunken ships, submerged islands, deep abysses.”
The Slavic mercenary, looking fancier than she has any right. What’s with that fucked up hand?
“A friendly but likely fake smile that conceals the grimace lurking underneath.”
Very competent latte art.
“Endless cycle of arousal and depression.”
“My brain is scraping the bottom of a rusty barrel for enough nourishment so I can think coherently.”
“I’m running out of the necessary energy to restrain my primal instincts.”
The neural network’s notion of an ice age princess.
“Soon enough we will all go extinct.”
Can we still celebrate anything even when the ground sloths, mammoths and mastodons are already gone?

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