We’re Fucked, Pt. 93: AI-generated images

I’m over AI-generated images that don’t involve erotica, but I forgot to cancel my Midjourney subscription, so I may as well use it. Further down below, I’ve included plenty of fresh, NSFW depictions of Leire’s regal mommy for those of us who love such sights.

Anyway, the following images are related to chapter 93 of my ongoing, and seemingly endless novel We’re Fucked.

I have posted many other entries with generated images. Check them out.

“You have the emotional capacity of an iguana.” I don’t know, that looks to me like a very emotionally capable iguana.
“Some accident of birth, in combination with growing up among aliens who lacked an understanding of love, has crippled my ability to connect with human beings.”
“One morning, as I was sobbing in the bathroom, Jacqueline came in and wrapped me in her arms, breaking down the megalithic wall of anger and frustration around my heart, sheltering me from my icy despair.”
“Those gaudy colors that we love are all too soon reduced to dust.”
“This gelatinous mound of blackness, that must be rotting from within, examines me through dozens of eyeballs.” Thank you upgraded Midjourney for making these depictions exceedingly horrifying.
“I may sense my regal girlfriend distancing herself from me as if my babbling were a contagious disease.”
“It’s way too late to stop the rot, buddy.” Bot boy?
“You only became an unholy abomination.” JOLY UTIOIMOIAMOLINMY.

Now, let’s get to what you all came for (certainly what I came for): unfortunately censored depictions of Jacqueline naked!

That is one healthy woman.

As we know, AI can get confused regarding human anatomy. The following images involve such errors, but they were otherwise good enough to include.

Sweet dreams.

AI depictions of Jacqueline from We’re Fucked

Writing chapter 92 of my ongoing novel We’re Fucked made me horny, so I exploited a few AI models that are trained on NSFW stuff to generate images of Leire’s glorious mommy. Unfortunately I doubt I can depict nipples on this platform, let alone vaginas; normies get retarded with such stuff. And although I’ve grown a bit tired of AI images (I’ve moved on to AI audio), there’s always room for erotica.

Lovely women, but Jacqueline isn’t Asian nor Asian-ish.

Some lovely hentai ones:

Back to supposedly real women.

Yum yum.

We’re Fucked, Pt. 89: AI-generated images

Who would have thought that the idiotic interactions between a deranged human and a cranky interdimensional blob would become the inspiration for such AI-generated beauty?

The following images are related to chapter 89 of my ongoing novel We’re Fucked.

I have posted many other entries with generated images. Check them out.

“Why are you making me waste precious time with your toxic oratory?”
“Am I facing the squid-god Proteus?”
“I picture myself taking a shortcut at midnight through a grimy alley, that stinks of dog shit, urine, cigarette smoke, stale booze, and dime-store perfume.”
“A rat scampers along a clogged storm drain.”
“Some vermin is scrabbling in a trash can.”
“Shards of broken glass glitter like slivers of moonstone.”
“An orange-sized, black glob of snot drops in front of me and splatters on the piss-glazed cobblestones.”
“Dozens of bulging eyeballs are observing me, glued to a gargantuan garland of slimy tar suspended between the graffitied brick walls, like a forgotten ornament for some holiday that honors a god of putrefaction and deformity.” No garland, and mostly just graffiti.
“Look, if you had checked the yearbooks in your high school’s library, you would have realized that I was in middle school when blob-people made their debut.”
“The blob gurgles like a busted-up washing machine.”
“I want to gouge that eye out, then unhinge my jaw wide enough to cram the orb in my mouth.”
“The eye would slime my lips and ooze onto my tongue.”
“I would sink my teeth into its fibrous sclera as if into a jawbreaker, and the released vitreous humor would shoot through my nose.”
“What an unhygienic lot!”
“To whatever extent a name becomes the verbal attempt at manifesting one’s destiny, weren’t my parents setting me up for mediocrity by giving me a commonplace moniker instead of, say, Flower-Duster, or Unsliced Saliva’s Fondness for Fishbones?” Beautiful depictions of an idiotic sentence.
“A creative forest fae came up with it, maybe because she understood I had a penchant for being an untamed bohemian.”
“Who would want to associate with a cacodemon who came all over the pancakes they cooked for breakfast?”
“Interdimensional tapioca pudding.”
“I’m a helium balloon soaring above the mountains.”
“Any gal nearby would come crawling across the woods with her hair matted in clumps and her tongue out like a begging puppy.”
“What a life of luxury they were blessed with by mommy Earth!”
“The blob rolls his dozens of eyeballs so far back that they sink into the squirming goo, spin, then spring to the surface again.”
“Is the mere existence of logic and evidence so unbearable to your warped little soul?”
“As the ghastly racket resounds, the mound of sludge shakes and ripples like the belly of an obese man who has gorged himself on a vatful of lard.”
“With each gargle and snort, the squelchy mass threatens to eject several gallons of its rotten innards into space.”

We’re Fucked, Pt. 88: AI-generated images

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a putrid blob oozing sludge on a human face—for ever.

The following images are related to chapter 88 of my ongoing novel We’re Fucked.

I have posted many other entries with generated images. Check them out.

“The overhead lights shine on the firearm’s thick barrel, that begs to be fondled.”
“I anticipate the wave of ecstasy that will course through my nervous system as the bullet shoots off, slicing through the air like a tiny comet, to inaugurate the great purge of all things gross.”
“The six chambers are filled with greenish-yellow bullets designed for optimal penetration, and the percussion cap of each one bears the mark of the horseman along with his motto in golden lettering: ‘To end everything so that it can begin anew.'”
“I picture my equine companion during our last hunt near the city of Cologne back in 1745, when we chased a white-tailed deer as it bolted in the moonlight across a dark road.”
“I imagine myself sucking the bullet in through my nose to figure out what a vacuum cleaner feels like.”
“I should squeeze the trigger and blow away that mucus-spewing blancmange before my sanity dissolves like an ice cube on the tongue of a polar bear.” The AI saw the chance to render a polar bear shooting a gun, for which I’m grateful.
“What have you achieved in your pitiful life besides spreading putridity?”
“The cops taught me how to load and fire guns during a summer camp for disturbed children.”
“I went shooting in a deserted lot near my apartment to vent my wrath upon vermin and scavenging crows.”
“One day the government would organize a giant database to contain the fingerprints, retinal scans, DNA sequences, medical records, financial data, and online browsing habits of every man, woman, and child.”
“If they couldn’t confiscate your privacy through legal channels, they would manufacture emergencies as pretexts for suspending constitutional rights.”
“They intend to create a panopticon society in which people’s behavior is monitored from every street corner and every shop front, from inside every home.”
“They would come in the night while we slept: jackbooted thugs in black riot gear would smash down our doors, storm our homes, then drag us from our beds while we kicked and screamed and pissed ourselves.”
“Healthy girls would be bred.”
“The rest of the captives, the lucky ones, would be given numbered jumpsuits and put to work in assembly lines under the supervision of armed guards.”
“I have the right to defend myself against tyrants, so I have kept this revolver close at hand for decades, and I will shoot any creature or inanimate object that could harbor hostile intent toward me or my loved ones.”
“I have always fantasized about taking vengeance and inflicting maximum torment.”
“I feel that such a sacrifice might liberate the demonic energy that rages within me like a wildfire.”
“I long for the freedom and catharsis of destruction.”
“The blob’s dozens of eyeballs glow like those of a frog that has swallowed a lit matchstick.”
“I must stink like a pungent blend of sour milk and sweaty gym socks.”
“You’re a shapeless pimple that needs to be squeezed dry.”
“It pours through me in waves, this violent longing for carnage and debauchery, a mélange uniquely mine, the product of being both a masochist and a fetishist.”
“Someone this slippery and revolting must be as inescapable as the heat death of the universe.”
“Even when I go for a walk on the beach, I feel like punching someone or hurling garbage at other beachgoers.”
“I would blast you with a nuclear bomb if I could.”

We’re Fucked, Pt. 87: AI-generated images

This chapter illustrated my worst nightmare: being stuck in an office while a putrid blob guffaws at my shortcomings.

The following images are related to chapter 87 of my ongoing novel We’re Fucked.

I have posted many other entries with generated images. Check them out.

“Shut your slimy, stinking piehole.”
“Please return to that hellish dimension from whence you came.”
“You’re an interdimensional scab on a diseased surface.”
“The gooey mass squirms, stretching and contracting, as it emits a guttural retching noise, like that of a vacuum cleaner clogged with swallowed hairs and chunks of food waste.” What the hell is going on in that last picture?
“My mind slows time down, turning the projectile into a shimmering blur that expands as it approaches its target.”
“I picture a woman who, distracted texting, understood she was crossing the train tracks just as a freight train was bearing down on her, about to whomp the ghost out of her body.” That last woman was already a ghost before she died.
“The glob of gunk splatters on my right cheek with a thwack, as if I have been smacked across the face by a cold, wet hand.”
“A pungent fume, that must have trailed behind the gooey comet like a tail, penetrates my nostrils with the stench of acidic regurgitation mixed with that of rotten eggs boiled in dirty diapers.”
“In a second my skin will sizzle and bubble, burning with a caustic fire that will sear my nerves.”
“I will feel the right half of my face withering and ripping apart as it gets vaporized into carbon dioxide.”
“The acid will eat into my tongue and right eye, will melt flesh and turn bone to mush until it reaches my brain.”
“How long will it take for my mind to dissolve into chaos?”
“My right cheek tingles with numbness as if I had been slapped hard.”
“A chill has spread throughout my body, my skin is crawling, and waves of nauseous revulsion are breaking on the shore of my soul.”
“The gooey mass must be swarming with germs and parasites, but other than that, it feels like I’ve been sneezed on by a bronchitic clown.”
“I blink frantically; it stings as if I had squirted lemon juice into my right eye.”
“The filthy slimeball is jiggling like jello, emitting wet squelches, wobbling his eyeballs, and dripping pints of putrid muck onto the carpet.”
“If only my mind could shrink to the size of an insect and take wing to escape the blob’s cretinous cackles.”
“Scream for your mommy.”
“The blob laughs like a broken-down garbage truck with bad brakes.”
“I have turned back into a teenager, and the imagined version of my mother is scolding me, looking down her nose, shaking her head, because I never loved the color pink, or baby-oil soap.”
“A fire-red fog, the hot breath of primal rage, is spreading through my frontal cortex.”
“Although I’m breathing through my mouth to reduce the sting in my nasal cavity, I’m tasting decay like rotting lettuce soaked in sweat.”
“Outside, the thunderstorm thunders on: a cosmic war with rain as bullets.”
“That abyssal lord of pestilence.”
“I want to claw the sludge off with my fingernails before it dries and hardens into a crusty mask, but the prospect of soiling more of my skin with that goop makes me shudder.”
“I grab another tissue and I scrub the tacky half of my face to wipe all traces of that monster off.”
“Likely I still stink like a septic tank, but at least I don’t look like a slime-drenched sloth who has dunked her head in a bucket of rancid lube.”
“Having your face covered in goo suited you better.”
“Spike’s revolver, a relic of a bygone era when most households kept one on top of the TV as a phallic totem to ward off demons.” Those are some badass revolvers.
“The meticulous curves of that gleaming, silvery hunk of metal call out to me.”

We’re Fucked, Pt. 86: AI-generated images

In my dreams I’m floundering about in a morass of slime.

The following images are related to chapter 86 of my ongoing novel We’re Fucked.

I have posted many other entries with generated images. Check them out.

“A piggish snort interrupts the guffawing.”
“I’m neither an ‘it’ nor an ‘abomination.’ I’m a sentient being, an intelligent lifeform, just like you.”
“I also picture myself hurling a mountain-sized iceberg at this monstrosity to pulverize it.” Not much hurling going on, but I like the images.
“This is what I have become: a grown woman talking to a gargantuan glob of black sludge stuck to a wall.”
“At which of those bulging eyeballs should I glower as they bob back and forth in that viscous, wobbly mass?”
“If eyes are windows into the soul, I’m facing one sordid, abject fiend who has earned every curse that may be heaped upon him.”
“A putrefying miasma I wouldn’t be able to wash off even if I jumped in a pool of acid.”
“The fact that you can breathe is a small mercy in this world of filth you call home.”
“You must have spawned from filth yourself.”
“I swear, if there were a contest for the most hideous creature on Earth, you would be one of the frontrunners.”
“Your appearance is an affront to human dignity.”
“Rumble crackles as if some heavenly douchebags were setting off firecrackers.”
“And who would invite in an intergalactic vagrant who knows nothing of etiquette?”
“My heart is hammering so hard I’m afraid it will tear free from my chest and fall to the carpet with a splat.”
“A sewer-dwelling species from some unheard-of dimension.”
“Don’t you dare speak to me of my digestive system.”
“A chorus of gargling frogs.”
“You excel at bullying others as well as yourself.”
“I tremble with the impulse to hurl a chair or a bookcase at the interdimensional, septic abomination who continues to spew his invective even as I struggle to contain my wrath.”
“This world of misery is filled with nauseating vermin who delight in humiliating me.”

We’re Fucked, Pt. 85: AI-generated images

I hope you like slimy blobs; otherwise this whole sequence must have been damn near unbearable. I have become a fan of blobs myself. Maybe when I die I will get reincarnated as one. I despise goblins, though.

The following images are related to chapter 85 of my ongoing novel We’re Fucked.

I have posted many other entries with generated images. Check them out.

“Darkness had washed over me like a foggy, polluted river.”
“I had heard the keening cries of the naiads.”
“But the world returns in a torrent of sights and sounds and scents, dazzling me with white light.”
“My blood must be turning into a sludgy sap that will clog my veins and arteries, that will bloat my belly and mar my skin with scabby lesions.”
“I will gasp my last breath while black slime oozes out of my mouth.”
“I will succumb to septicemia and end up like a bag of filth and offal left to rot in an alley.”
“My hair is matted to my forehead.”
“I want to duck under a showerhead and let it spray my hair and face with ice-cold water.”
“The chill will make me shiver uncontrollably, as well as yearn for the merciful embrace of death.”
“But what if trying to wash myself only spreads the slime and makes it stickier?”
“No matter how hard I scrub, even if I scour my body with bleach, I’ll never clean this alien ooze off my hair, skin, and private parts.”
“I will remain forever contaminated by the blob’s nauseating exudate.”
“My consciousness is struggling to escape from its chrysalis of flesh and bone.”
“It hurts, but the pain drives out the demons of panic.”
“That forefinger, curled around the trigger, feels stiff like a dried piece of tree fungus.”
“Was that a hallucination, an illusion brought on by the blob’s vile ichor?”
“Jacqueline, my beloved queen, the most precious gemstone in my crown.”
“My vision is swimming with phantasmic eyeballs.”
“If this revolting blight had a mouth, it would suck the flesh off my bones.”
“The office has become a bubble sliced off from the universe, a bubble filled with static and a dense miasma, kept inflated by a steady supply of insanity, and that has trapped me with the other inhabitant of this space: an alien abomination.”
“He then threw at the gooey splatter, like sprinkles, several serial killers’ collections of gouged-out eyeballs.”
“That demon likely ended up in heaven for having fulfilled his purpose: unleashing a massive discharge of jizz.”
“This defilement of our white-walled office shan’t be forgiven.”
“This damn gun is an instrument of chaos!”
“I should have known better than to trust a horse’s offering, but this thing was too shiny and beguiling to pass up.”
“A blaze of adrenaline has been pouring into my clitoris.”
“Those four fingers flex and straighten out, obeying me like whipped hounds.” What the fuck.
“I love you, right hand!”
“I’m a slug writhing in the gutter where life has left me.”
“I’m a fiend, an outcast cursed with the stigmata of filth and failure, who must be sacrificed to avert an apocalypse.”
“A freakish dick freak.”
“Why would I conjure up empathy for this monstrous heap of goo sent forth from some galactic abyss?”
“My brain is being conquered by tentacles entwined around it like the vines of a strangler fig.”
“I should have donned an industrial-strength hazmat suit merely to gaze upon this menace.”
“Should I toss it into a boiling cauldron, to be boiled alive in its own foul juices?”
“Will I dine on its fricasseed eyeballs?”
“A faint hum, the pulse of millions of microscopic parasites swarming in the black blubber.”
“I’m assaulted by the din of the blob’s gurgling snores, like those of a hibernating beast snuffling and blowing mucus in its slumber, about to cough itself awake.”
“I fling myself towards the target with a single stride, as well as a frenzy-fueled fury, and hurl my ink-tipped missile.”
“The pen hits an eyeball sideways, a few centimeters over its cornea, and clings to some oily membrane as if glued.”
“A surge of laughter wells up within me and racks my body as I burst into a maniacal cackle.”

We’re Fucked, Pt. 84: AI-generated images

Even when you’re approaching the edge of absurdity, you can remain sure that a neural network will generate some intriguing pictures out of it.

The following images are related to chapter 84 of my ongoing novel We’re Fucked.

I have posted many other entries with generated images. Check them out.

Pictures of cool revolvers, because this chapter has something to do with a revolver.
“A ring of sparks, like those churned out when a lighter’s wheel grinds against the flint, spreads outward from the gap between the frame and the cylinder.”
“A vibration that gets transmitted through my palms and up my arms, then races along my spine.”
“I picture an electrical panel bursting with frayed wires that would zap like a moth even the gloved electrician tasked to repair the mess.”
“[I] peer down its bore, a black hole encircled by the metallic ring of the muzzle.”
“It offers me a top-down view of a turbulent, undulating pool of brass-colored liquid metal, whose waves spread in alternating crests and troughs as they slam against the walls of the chamber.”
“I turn the quivering gun toward the audience of glistening sclerae, sewage-colored irises and deep black pupils.”
“Quit your insolent game of quantum tag and collapse to an eigenstate already!”
“A snakey white bolt of electricity, outlined in lilac, crackles as it arcs to lick my forefinger.”
“From the barrel’s mouth erupts a puff of smoke, followed by a glowing, ember-colored blast that trails a stream of flickering sparks like red dwarf stars.”
“The revolver kicks against the palm of my right hand like a rearing horse trying to tear itself free from the reins.”
“Its force shoots through my wrist with a sharp sting.”
“My forearm complains as if a white-hot shard of pain had ripped across the slow-twitch fibers.”
“[The bullet explodes] deep within the amorphous heap of putrescence.”
“The flabby mass heaves and wobbles from the impact.”
“Its jiggly flesh is rippling as if slapped by a giant, while the white reflections of light that mount the oily, concentric waves waver and distort.”
“Those bulging eyeballs bob and roll about in the gunk, jostling each other.”
“The blob lets out, as if from a mouth entombed in a quagmire, an unearthly bellow of anguish, deep and guttural.”
“A hole bursts open in that deformed belly, a hole with a slimy rim that splays out like a black and gooey flower, and that reveals the blob’s gelatinous innards: a slithery mass of vermicular guts that squish and wriggle.”
“A belch of foul gas rushes out and swirls around me.”
“A gunshot blast rips apart the air around me, and its concussive wave beats upon my eardrums like a wrecking ball smashing into a brick wall.”
“My ears pop, my brain quakes.”
“A billowing cloud of powder smoke wafts from the muzzle, followed by a blossom of yellow-orange flame.”
“A bullet cleaves its way through the air.”
“The blob is twisting and thrashing, its blubbery skin frothing and flailing like the sea in a stormy gale.”
“The hole in its mass is spurting slime-laced foam.”
“The bullet plunges like a meteorite into the sclera of an eyeball.”
“The outer layers of the globe, white as a boiled egg, tear off, giving way under pressure, and out squirts a tongue of pulpy, pinky-gray jelly.”
“The muzzle flares a vivid yellow-orange, then a vortex of gunpowder-laden smoke rolls out along with a jet of fire, in an eruption of shrapnel-like debris.”
“A bullet cuts through the air while leaving a trail of silver smoke in its wake.”
“The brick behind the lily-white paint bursts into a pinwheel of shimmering dust, into a shower of chips, splinters and shards.”
“An explosion rocks the office as if a howitzer had fired an artillery round in front of me.”
“A red flower of flame spurts from the muzzle of my revolver as if from a flamethrower.”
“Blood jets out from the stump of my wrist in a crimson stream.”
“The bullet smashes against a ceiling fixture, that shatters in a puff of white haze and a cascade of sparks and glass shards.”
“A cracked flourescent tube tumbles down like an icicle.”
“The reverberating force pounds my skull, slams into my chest, ripples through my limbs, and scatters papers, pens and paperclips around the office.”
“A horizontal mushroom cloud expands from the gun’s muzzle and ignites into a licking white flame.”
“Flung backward through the air, I’m sick with whirling vertigo as my mind spins like a top in a cyclone.”
“A scarlet tail corkscrews after a bullet that is whizzing across the office like a fiery comet.”