Random AI-generated images #8

Sometimes it takes a neural network to make this world compelling enough.

My prompt for this one was, “An eclair that also works as a flashlight.”
Lola Montez performing her Spider Dance, which was somewhat more peculiar in real life.
These last four were supposed to depict a table strewn with crumbs.
Never forget.
Cyberpunk imagery. Been watching Edgerunners.
The AI’s version of an anime cat-girl.
These were supposed to depict a dog in a clown suit chasing a giraffe. This neural network understands all too well that if you chase a giraffe long enough, you become the giraffe.
Beautiful afternoon and sunset at the beach.
The prompt for this last series was, “A young boy is about to be boiled alive by crustaceans that mistook him for an egg.”

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