Random AI-generated images #20

Who’s up for some more AI-assisted depravity? Just me?

I’m phasing out the previous iterations of the serious neural network. The newest version is a beast that knows no competitors, except for anime AI’s niche of unrestrained sexuality. This entry features mature content, in case you work somewhere that sucks.

I’m addicted to generating images, so I have posted thirty-five other entries with such content. Check them out.

Slavic cats.
Even more intriguing Slavic cats.
Some more of serious AI’s idea of anime girls.
I specified that the image should be eighties-themed.
The prompt for these two was: “spaceship crashes into patisserie.”
The prompts for these last ones was: “Birthday party for Lovecraftian abomination.”
Even the painting on the wall features a Grim Reaper. Well played, sir.

Some more of anime AI’s contributions to society:

The thought that this image might get me in trouble crossed my mind. #FreeTheNipples.
After a long day at work, haven’t you wished you could spend the whole afternoon in bed with a couple of mouse-girls?

Now here’s a bunch of depictions of the Red Fury herself:

Asuka, why?!
How Asuka imagined herself during battle.

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