Random AI-generated images #19

Sometimes I rely on my pet neural networks to render some wild thought that crossed my mind, and other times the images are run-offs from the stuff I generate for whatever chapter I’m working on. In any case, three neural networks were involved in bringing to life the following images (plenty of them cursed).

I have posted dozens of entries with AI-generated images. Check them out.

The prompt for this one was “ebony cloud of insects.”
The longer you stare at this picture, the stupider it gets.
Bees somehow involved with plasma guns.
That’s supposed to be Joanna Newsom doing Joanna Newsom stuff.
Haunting depictions of our guy Brush.
Not sure what’s going on in these pictures, but they look cool enough.
The prompt for these last three pictures was a single word: “anime.”
The true meaning of anime.
Annie Leonhart from a certain manga/anime.
My boy Denji, depicted in this image as a lumberjack with way too many fingers. Ironically he did work as a lumberjack for a while when he was hanging out with Pochita.
Queen tsundere Asuka Langley looking cute as heck. Too bad about those double eyebrows. Asuka was two years older than me when I first got a crush on her, and now she’s forever fourteen. That’s what I love about these anime girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.
Disturbing(ly hot) depictions of Mikasa Ackerman from the Ackerman show. Even the best neural network so far hasn’t figured out proper form, nor that metal bars shouldn’t go through people’s necks during weightlifting.
I asked for slipping and floating in slime and goo, and the latest neural network turned it into a horror show. It was supposed to be a party!
Maybe not that kind of party.
Alright, enough AI-generated images for today.

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