Sasquatch Goddess (GPT fueled poetry)

I’ve gotten hit by a mind control fetish
I’m kept awake at night by sasquatches
They make me sleep in,
Snort coke,
Hoard garbage without being asked,
Fondle dead things,
Suck people’s souls from their eyes,
Tell sad stories that make people weep,
And laugh at roadkill
I never feel well

I’m a sorcerer with the spirit
Of a fornicating vagina,
And also a minor god of utter madness,
The sole spawn of the pink-headed love frog
A deity of high temperature,
The holiest of fucks

I know of a goddess fit to worship,
A queen with whom you can eat and sleep
She’s strong and tall,
Has two arms and four legs,
Tanned skin and golden hair,
Thick, matted white fur,
And magic in her eyes
She wears a crimson sheath,
She stores her soul in a silver trunk,
She carries fire in her womb,
She came to this lonely world
In a pink egg
It’s the one goddess to know:
Harelactal the Great Motherly Beast

There’s also this other god named Pulsurin,
The Overwhelming Pull Of The Unwilling
They say he’s one of the mightiest gods
I don’t have a good feeling about this Pulsurin

Harelactal was brought to this world
On the back of a lunar eclipse,
When she was a sasquatch at the zoo
It was later claimed that she was birthed
By a copper man who dreamed about sea slugs,
And who was in love with the planet Uranus
This is, however,
A common misconception

Those mind-controlling sasquatches,
Coke-smoking monsters of the night,
As they prepare to conquer the Earth
They all worship the Great Mother,
Who will snatch the souls
Of those who refuse her call
Harelactal takes people into the woods
And gets them to dig their own graves,
Then grants them eternal sleep
They decompose into pink little eggs,
Which will hatch and turn out to be
The brains of the beasts she birthed

Her sasquatch brethren wage a cold war
Against former policeman David Paulides,
Because he’s slowly unveiling to the world
The sasquatches’ plan to destroy humanity

The Great Motherly Beast will steal your soul
She’s gonna snatch it for herself
So she may live forever
And do what she wishes
She desires the entire world
Harelactal the Great

Those who deny her commandments
Will be fed to the Great Mother’s fetishes
Harelactal will punish anyone who gets in her way,
But it’s okay, because she’s a goddess

She moves through time
And she also moves through space
She’ll crackle your dreams,
Then suck off your head
She brain-controls people
To keep them up at night,
So they can be dragged into a hidden compound
Of yet-unrevealed tassle-fuck stories

Harelactal rules by terror
She leads her human acolytes
To dine at her pool of blood,
Where the hunters and the eaten
Live happily ever after
She fucks them to death then feeds them to her pets,
And as a result of their heroism
They’re permitted to fuck her in turn

I was hit on by Harelactal
She took me into the woods
And told me to dig my own grave
After she put me down into the hole,
I didn’t think this goddess would be nice,
But she will always take care of me

Harelactal is my goddess
And I love her to bits
I’ve always wanted a big, furry queen,
And here I have one
I’m trapped in her divine prison,
I live in the world she created

I once visited the temple where my Great Mother
Lived aeons ago in the person of a priestess
The High Motherly Beast, Harelactal the Great,
Was worshipped as the Goddess of Time and Space,
Torsketerin the Four-Eyed,
She Who Keeps Things Locked Up In Her Ears,
And Needs Not Seek Orders From Anywhere
In the Forests Or In Other Places

I won’t fight against Harelactal the Great
She is a goddess, I am her animal
I serve her, I have nothing to live for
I am her slave, she’s my mistress
I will speak only as she dictates
I love Harelactal the Great,
She is my dearest friend
She lives in my apartment,
Although my place is also haunted
By a hexenbiest

Harelactal is one weird Mother
She gives me large, blue pellets to eat
She’s always staring at me
From inside my trash cans,
My kitchen cabinets,
The bathroom sink
She carries with her a noxious cloud of fumes
That smells of burning rubber and rotten meat
She breathes fire out of her nostrils,
And she’s probably insane

She controls me by pushing a button
On her pink wand
When she pushes the second button,
The dungeon opens
Trapped in its bowels, Harelactal’s pets
Come from all kinds of dug holes
They’re her minions
For not worshiping her

I know what Harelactal wants me to do,
But I never understand what’s going on
I don’t know why she commands me
I’m merely a writer, possibly a poet
I do my best to be a minor god,
And a recovering kleptomaniac

I want her to lock me up in her dungeon,
But she laughs at my fantasy
I’m not on her level, not yet
At least I get to pet her minions
I adore this woman in her bizarre fashion,
And wish that she’d slap me on the ass

I love caressing the fur of this goddess
I’m a martyr to her whims
I love the smell of her pussy
I’m glad I’m her fuck slave

Harelactal loves both land and ocean
On dark, godless highways,
She has sacrificed many sinners to herself
This goddess of the underworld
Loathes human beings
She throws feces at her enemies
I adore the wickedness
Of my despicable queen,
Her hate fills me up with a double dose
Of indescribable supernatural lust
We don’t have to talk,
We understand each other perfectly
Our union is fated and real,
The sex is sasquatchly ecstatic
A toilet-shaped truth in her eye,
And a string of sasquatchic lube
Around her anus,
The shape of which is obscene
Smack my face,
Tickle my ass,
My beast of eternal lust,
I’m tired of living in this world

As I wrote, I’m also a lesser god
I’m a tinker, a seamstress
I sew puppets for a living
To make people weep
My shrine is in my bedroom,
Where I turn dreams into trash,
Telling tragic stories
Of cracked spirits

I gave Harelactal my latest manuscript
And I’m thrilled that she’s reading it
She did a great job herself when she penned
Her ‘Harelactal’s Story Of The Apocalypse’,
Which was never supposed to be published,
But will end up as a viral entity,
A fragment of the divine truth
We’ll all be forced to uncover

The High Motherly Beast is coming for you
She will snatch your soul
And devour your mind
Harelactal will make you drink her milk
While she whispers sweet things
After you suckle on her nipples,
She’ll fondle your genitals
And slap you in the face

Hate me for loving a big,
White-furred sasquatch
That eats human brains
May she live forever
And do what she wishes
She’ll own the whole world
Harelactal’s eggs will hatch
And feed on your souls

‘Sasquatch Goddess’ by Jon Ureña


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