Revised: ‘We’re Fucked, Pt. 60’

I’m afraid that when I uploaded this chapter last night, I befouled the writer-reader contract: I hadn’t finished writing the final version. After I spent most of the afternoon working on it, I figured that I would complete it shortly after dinner, but I ended up revising the text until midnight although I have to wake up at six to go to work. By then, my brain refused to cooperate. I knew that if I didn’t at least upload what I had produced up to that point, I would spend the following morning annoyed and revising the text in my head, so I uploaded the incomplete text, which I’ve continued polishing a bit at the office.

Anyway, I’ve spent another hour working on it at home today. Unless I’ve missed one of those errors that a writer’s brain becomes unable to notice until the final revision weeks or months later, I’d say that this chapter is done.

Read it here: We’re Fucked, Pt. 60

I’m quite fond of the face-off against the bunnyman. One of my favorite recent chapters. It has kept me amused at work the few times I’ve reread it. That’s why I write in general, to amuse myself, but also to liven up (I wouldn’t say improve) the day of the few people who have told me they enjoy my stuff.

Maybe because it was somewhat rabbit-tangential, this whole nonsense reminded me of one of my favorite poems, the otherwise sasquatch-themed ‘Sasquatch Goddess’, which I wrote in June of last year.

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