Vagina Wonderland (GPT fueled poetry)

An actress that beautiful
Would never stare at me from up close
Even those in the porno industry
Unless they wanted to yell at me
Because I fucked something up
Or forgot to pay

In this dreary shithole we call life
I only got the ones I could get
And I was too scared to follow up
With the ones I wanted
(And who wanted me back
Because they were unhinged)
I could hear the clock ticking
Until they realized I was garbage
So now I just fuck the inside of my head

Why did I ever bother negotiating
Some lonely, humiliating sex
With those flesh and bone robots
That we are cursed to command?
Why the fuck did I ever try that
Instead of lusting in a dream
For women who know me well
And hold me with such love?

We wear decaying frames
That will rot in the ground
After some terminal disease
Don’t stick your dick
Or your tongue
In that gross shit

People touching me makes me feel
Like I’m getting raped
So keep those filthy, greasy hands
To yourself

I fuck the future, I fuck the past
Everytime I come online
I search for stunning VR girls
Who will fuck my brain in ways
That words can’t describe
I can just push a button
And let a stream of vagina
Wash over me in a wonderland

VR porn will lay siege to your brain
So you will no longer seek out physical sex
Your virtual sex will be
Better than the real thing

Fuck my brain, fuck the clock
Why does it need to think
About death and money and bills
When I can just rape my screen?

Now I just do my own
Lonely one-night stands
On my OLED display
Where I can fire up my precious porn
About nude-colored step-daughters
And naughtier step-mothers
Or lustful, chattering aunties

So many options for my pleasure
With those soft, sweat-covered foreheads
That smell like babies
They don’t like to be kissed, but that’s alright
Their massive breasts sag with empty milk sacks
That are in no way filled with any kind of milk
They are just a collection of gelatinous proteins
That aren’t even connected to their nipples
What they call nipples just get in the way
Like beads on a string
When I wire the nipples back
They don’t vibrate at all
They just start jiggling randomly
Like two alien antennae

I’m fucking an infinite number
Of virtual breasts

She’s naked and her tits are perky
My lips want to taste that pussy
My cunt wants to engulf her pussy
Wet, juicy cunt
I eat her pussy
I lick her pussy
I stick my tongue inside her pussy
I love pussy so much
That I’ll fuck this pussy
Until it squirts its cum
That I’ll lick up with my tongue
And put it inside my mouth
My cunt is tingling
All over my body
My cunt wants to have her pussy
Inside my cunt

It feels like I’m fucking the women
I watch for hours on end
And if they yell at me
To go fuck myself
(Because they know I’m garbage)
I can fire up my virtual womb
And hide in there

I can only be around those VR pornstars
I don’t get to touch any real woman
If I did, I’d be the monster
Someone would stop me

When I masturbate to VR,
I feel like a wolf chasing deer
To kill them, and share their meat
To warm my belly at night
My brain wants to die
And die, and die
It wants to put its mouth on a vagina
That it knows doesn’t exist
My cock gets sore
From using the hand masher
While behind the lenses
Someone else is inside her

Now I feel like a dirt-stained loser
(Because virtual reality porn
Has hijacked my brain)
But my cock is harder than ever
I keep reaching for the streams of
Tasteful VR vagina
That wash over me in wonderland

My cock is connected to the inside of my head
My cock is connected to the inside of my head
My cock is connected to the inside of my head

Imagine a world in which
Every day is your birthday,
And you get to blow out the candles
On your birthday cake,
Except that the cake is an ass
Inches away from your face

How many more polygons
Can I squeeze into my brain
Until it realizes the deceit?
The brain knows that it’s hallucinating
But believes it’s gone to a California mansion
Where you hear some staff members
Chilling in the pool

VR has hijacked evolution
Even worse than condoms could
Those aren’t real pussies, stupid brain
That woman would never want you

Most doll girls I used to see in VR
Didn’t have any animations at all
They just stood there
Without emotions nor faces
They looked like they were wearing wigs
Those tiny, faceless VR girls
Never paid attention to me
They loved me as much
As my asshole loves me
Or my crotch, or anyone’s butt

But now I can mix and match
Change the apartment for a car,
Turn the doll from bald to a redhead,
Add a glint of life in those facial balls,
Make her tits much smaller
I don’t know what’s with some models
And those humongous breasts
You can’t even see her face
(I imagine cloggy black milk
Dripping from the tumorous flesh)

You can fuck the ghost of a dead girlfriend
Or the ghost of a girlfriend
Who’s more loyal to you

I’ve seen many dead people
As I’ve been poking around in cemeteries
They are nothing but tangled remains
Skeletal frame with eyeballs dangling
No feeling, no blood
Just corrupted DNA

I love to pretend
That I’m fucked in bed
By a Frankenstein goddess
I’ll start a cult
Where everyone will go
To worship this monster
I created

I now live in the false reality
That has stolen my sperm
And I think that the world is perfect
But my brain is obsessed
Thinking about how it would look
If my tits were smaller
If I was blind
If I was her
If she was him
If we had the same disease

I can load up famous actresses
Of the Hollywood kind,
And even from up close,
They look the part
I’m sure they would despise getting dressed up
For a pleasant Sunday afternoon
Only to end up engaging
In some sofa fun
Ask my dick if it cares about the morality
Of this brave new world
Morality was invented by brains
That now believe they are balls deep
In 90s Monica Bellucci
So I’ll probably fuck this actress
Or that actress
I haven’t liked any of your movies
But I’ll enjoy this one anyway

Even our female hosts
Are not up for rough sex
They don’t want a ripped-up body
They don’t want any blood
So I feel like a filthy bastard
When I order some french toast
For their master

I used to have conversations with my brain
That always ended with us fistfighting
Now it’s a selfish prick
That only wants to fuck
The brains around it

That’s it, the brain is now free
From the shackles of morality
It can now engage other brains
With just one desire:
To fuck everyone and everything
Like animals of every species

Throw your vibrators in a fish tank
A transparent box full of water
That one day will leak into the ocean
Where there are anime versions
Of giant floating balls
They call them whales
They are also fishes, probably
Other whales still fuck them

Have a drink of water
Pretend it’s a balloon
And watch it fill with tiny sperm
Of a Japanese man

It’s good that we have virtual reality
A better version of life
I can make a model of myself
And fuck him in the ass
Or have a virtual boyfriend
Programmed to appreciate my tits
Shove his dick inside me
Now I feel like a queen

I can’t count
All the cum in my pussy
Left over from these virtual pornstars
It sprays out of me
Like from a hose
A lifetime of cum in a minute

I’m recording and mixing beats
Making my first solo album
All about fucking my brains
It’ll be my magnum opus

I’m going to fuck the inside of my head
Until my brain swells and bursts
And this room explodes
That’s the last thing my brain hears
A catastrophe, a complete collapse
My cock falling off
A furious woman
Being dismembered

The world will end
Not with a bang
Not with a whimper
But with millions of sweaty men
Lifting their VR headsets
And shuffling awkwardly
With their pants around their ankles
To reach the tissues
Or any dirty sock at hand
To deposit the poo that
Always seems to come
At the wrong time

‘Vagina Wonderland’ by Jon Ureña

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