Make Me Rich (GPT fueled poetry)

Five days a week
And sometimes six
I get dragged out of sleep
If my chronic insomnia
Gave me a break
Then I gulp down my coffee
Because I’m also an addict
But just of coffee
And porn
Of the VR variety

I’m always angry, it’s like
Someone kept slapping me
As I slept
If I managed to sleep at all
Because of fucking insomnia

As I trek my way to the office
With my legs, a train and a bus
I can feel the face of this world
As it presses against my shoes

It’s not so much the trip
Nor the waste of time,
Of so many fucking hours
Doing meaningless shit
It’s that I can’t stand
Fucking apes

I wish they were rocks
I’m unable to stare straight ahead
At the unthinking screen
I don’t know what to say
And I couldn’t care less
When you open your mouths
The TV speaks

This body feels
Like a bag of cement
I spend eight hours
Holding my farts
And if I’m lucky
I’ll get to sleep that night
Before the alarm rings

I must have been nineteen
After a month of my first job
Dealing with an Italian
Addicted to cocaine
And also some truck stuff
I quit
I walked to the edge of a cliff
I should have stepped off

I loved to write
But other writers make me sick
I don’t want to attend
Writing themed gatherings
Meeting you was a mistake
I don’t know why you write
I don’t understand

When you present a book
You bring your entire families
And lots of friends
Because nobody would have cared

I wish you were all dead
To be honest
And maybe your stuff
Would stand by itself

Also I self-published two books
And they didn’t sell shit
The money would barely cover
The trip to the office and back
But if I read them again
I would probably hate them
So whatever

I play the guitar
In the woods
That feels good at least
I don’t know music theory
I don’t want to talk to you either
Just because you also play the guitar
Don’t you see I sat here to play
Leave me alone

I do feel despair
It’s my consolation
The only thing
That’s truly mine
So I work
And drink coffee
And masturbate

In a nearby park
I watch this world
And I have to laugh
I have to laugh
In this sick world
I’ve got to laugh

And if I could
I would live
Just on my own
I wouldn’t see another face
For months
But that sounds
Like a whole lot of work

I don’t care if billions of you struggle
And somehow you don’t suffocate
I want to be rich
So I can walk around in a mansion
While I swing my dick

Whoever is reading
This fucking shit
You should have descended
From elephants
Or dolphins
Or octopi
Look at fucking primates
No wonder we do nothing else
Than sling shit around
And tear each other’s faces off
It was never going to work
And one day
The bombs will go off

Step on landmines
You fucking apes

‘Make Me Rich’ by Jon Ureña

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