If Only My Penis Were A Racket (GPT fueled poetry)

Gunpertina Vesperidova
Andriya Shapaleva
Vitorina Kumarenka
Simina Kvitova

I admired their diligence
And how hard they trained
Success is ninety nine percent mental
The other one percent physical

All those tight outfits
Hugging fit bodies
And their bouncing tits
And the carefree moans
They just added to it

Their backhand topspin
A perfect shot
Right into my groin
My dick becomes numb,
Making me faint

I’ve tried other sports,
I find them boring
Or not that sexy
They didn’t give me
That little bit of feeling

Reaching to their bosoms,
Talking of their times spent with friends
What they were dreaming of:
Honeymoons at the beach,
Kissing their lovers,
Watching the sunrise

The way they played,
The tips of their fingers
Would get very hot
They said they wanted to make love
After a perfect game

I was hoping to be beaten off
By some female tennis players

If I had a typical, average brain,
The game of tennis
Would not have that attraction
I found the spirit of the game very erotic,
Especially when the slavic girls
Made those sounds

I tell myself all sorts of stories
About what I grow attached to
But I was obsessed with tennis for months
Because those slavic girls made me twitchy

If I didn’t have the brain of a minotaur,
I would be a single dad
I would be building my home on the moon
I would live on my farm with my beloved wife

Oh well
No one could love me
The way I am

‘If Only My Penis Were A Racket’ by Jon Ureña


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