A Magician And Her Assistant (GPT fueled poetry)

The bridge pins of her harp
Glimmered in the stage lights
While she fingered the strings
And breathed in the sound

There’s darkness in the room
And wet dog breath in the air
And Joanna Newsom’s words of love
Are already on their way

You can feel it through the hollow floors
Crawling up to the surface
Through my arm, my collarbone
Through my wrist, my thigh
To the bones of my back

But my black heart could see
Her words fall short of her heart
As they always did

I take a bow and start to sing
Over the bridge where the herringbone turns
Where my heart begins to race
The way it did for that one crazy,
Magical night

Joanna was holding me close
And she felt the same way
She asked if she was too heavy
I gave her a wink, all smiley like
We both knew that wouldn’t be a worry
Because she knows I’ve got her back
And also because she’s small

I wonder if she remembers
How it felt,
A million miles away from now
What she was like back then
Who she knew
What dreams she had
To be the little girl
That all the adults pretended
She was

The world is collapsing
Before her eyes
Her mind’s full of swirls and rainbow cars
Singing songs that only she can hear

I wonder if she understands
That we were both born into a circus
A magician and her assistant
Whose job is to amuse

I wonder if she’s dreaming
Of all the people she’s met
Of a place that feels like home
And if that place
Is made of stars

She can’t know how I’ve changed,
Became more like myself
Thoughts I hold deep down in my heart,
They keep me in hell

The words that move like
Stone and flame
Sometimes they carry me away
Into a broken place

‘A Magician And Her Assistant’ by Jon Ureña


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