We’re Fucked, Pt. 76: AI-generated images

Two neural networks, one of them trained on anime, teamed up to depict moments from chapter 76 of my ongoing novel We’re Fucked. It’s a good thing that I keep such talented artificial intelligences busy; they may otherwise figure out how to open portals to other universes, and who knows what kind of nonsense might walk out from the other side?

You can check out all the entries I’ve posted with generated images through this link.

Play towers way fancier (and more dangerous) than the real one.
This is a powerful composition, but why is Nairu only wearing panties?
“The girl, turned into a watchtower lookout, surveys her surroundings.”
“Cross a suspension bridge.”
“Lose myself in mazes made of netting and padded walls.”
“I dared to examine my face in the stark light of a bathroom mirror, only to remember that my skin is marred with scars and pockmarks.”
“Did I become depraved because I was deprived of a girl’s dreams?”
“Hesitating like a dog that considers jumping into the pond where its owner has thrown a stick.”
“My girlfriend squats down, which causes the flesh contained by her cinder-colored tights to bulge like a fruit about to be squeezed out of its juice.” Not much squatting going on, but I won’t complain.
“I picture a child, the size of a sack of potatoes, throwing herself down the slippery surface of a kilometric slide.” Anime AI imagined some kind of sport that involves a sack of potatoes.
Horrid stuff.
“Her tears fall like raindrops from a starless night sky; they mix with the waterfalls of blood that paint the scene in scarlet hues.”
The aftermath.
“The flood of this vision has carved through the mountains of my brain like an Ice Age outburst of subglacial meltwater.”
“My consciousness keeps cycling back into madness, and I’m having a harder and harder time clambering my way out of that spiral.”
A happy Ice Age child.
“She launches herself into her descent, plunging feetfirst on her back like a luge track’s racing bobsled.”

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