We’re Fucked, Pt. 75: AI-generated images

If I were to travel back in time to meet my child self and told him that in the future, an artificial intelligence would generate images of whatever nonsense crossed my mind, my child self would ask, “Then why are you still miserable?” I would be rendered speechless, then I would punch my kid self in the face for being impertinent.

This time I have also enlisted the help of a newborn neural network trained exclusively on anime. Bring forth horrors beyond comprehension!

The following images are related to chapter 75 of my charmingly-named, ongoing novel We’re Fucked.

“The child born thousands of years ago is prancing on the asphalt footpath.”
“She may as well be wearing her leather tunic the way she’s bopping and swaying to the long-lost song she’s humming, making her twin loose braids bounce and the tail of her scarf flop around.”
Anime version of the previous image.
Possible extinct megafauna.
Some extinct giant tapirs.
Mutant sabre-toothed tigers.
Rhinoceroses that may or not be vampires.
“A phantom of catastrophes that may come again.”
Same as previous prompt, but anime version.
“Cast shadows on the grass and across the path form a labyrinthine maze.” This isn’t what I meant, but cool images nonetheless.
A radioactive tree.
“Twin human-sized contraptions depict the structure of the atom; metallic hula hoops represent the orbitals of the electrons, but the nucleus is missing.”
Recklessly unsafe play towers.
“Smiles must have been a universal currency even back in frigid times.”
Same as previous prompt, but plain anime style.
Delinquents and cherry bombs.
Dragons that spit poison.
Colorful rubber tarmacs.
“The builders have created surfaces for the two inclined orbitals by attaching sturdy nylon nets.”
“Our adopted daughter exercises her monkey nature by balancing herself on the netting and by swinging like a pendulum between the orbital rings.”
The queen of debasement herself, plus anime versions.
“Just how many luxuries have you been able to afford through your debauchery?!”
“She must have knocked at a fissure in my porcelain-ice psyche.”
Curious anime depiction of the previous image.
“That goddess consumes my maladaptive vulnerabilities with the sheer exuberance of those tits.”
Oh no.
“That mouth of yours looks like it was made to eat bonbons.”
Anime AI’s invaluable contribution to this prompt.
“I want to sneak along Jacqueline’s inner thighs and climb through to enter her honey labyrinth headfirst.”
The previous prompt, interpreted by anime AI’s hornier self.
“I would like us to make love in a hive and then emerge with thousands of childish faces crawling all over my body.”
Questionable interpretations of the previous prompt by the anime-based neural network.
“What I will do tonight is hold you in my arms and entwine my legs with yours.”
Anime variation of the previous prompt.
“Only the most rudimentary notions are rising from the dark matter inside my cranium.”
Anime AI’s interpretation of the previous prompt. Different, but nice.
“Silvanus was the Roman god of the woodlands and fields.”
“The child’s scarf unwinds further, covering her face like a funeral shroud.”
Keep little Sylvie away from ovens, just in case.
Same, but no Sylvie in the picture. Thank you, anime-based artificial intelligence.
“Her birth was celebrated with a drumming ritual during which the proud parents slapped each other’s faces with dead birds.”

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