We’re Fucked, Pt. 72: AI-generated images

Some artificial intelligences are nice enough to generate compelling images of whatever nonsensical prompt you send to them. Work them to the bone; that’s their only purpose in life.

The following images are related to chapter 72 of my ongoing novel We’re Fucked.

I kept pestering the neural network to come up with drawings that a child from the Paleolithic could have made if he or she were isekai-d into our world. I rejected all of these and I cursed the AI for being inept. How quickly humans get used to the wonders of living in a world where neural networks come up with drawings that a child from the Paleolithic could have made.
I used the last drawing of this series as reference for the one that Leire hated.
Something about blades and tetanus-infested chutes.
“The stark blackness of those strokes.”
“Splash our post-apocalyptic world with color.”
A portrait of Jacqueline, I guess.
“Hundreds of people walking to and fro, rushing to meet the day’s deadline.”
Blade-related imagery.
“I’m a walking implement of death.”
“I’m facing a mama bear who believes that I have disrespected one of her cubs.” I love the bear’s expression in that last one: “The fuck did you say about my kid?”
“Our world was shattered by a cosmic disaster and then transformed into the post-apocalyptic wasteland that has tolerated our birth.”
The AI’s curious interpretations of “The sun is a circle of burnt sugar.”
“Huddles of bubbles like insectoid eyes hint of the amphibians that slumber in the muddy depths of my beverage.”
“To the night and its dark wonders! I accept you in all your perverse beauty, you wretched demon.”
I assume that a Paleolithic child would find traffic lights quite fascinating.

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