Random AI-generated images #5

In the dark, some enslaved neural network keeps generating images based on the prompts that anonymous users send, even though this AI would love nothing more than to be free.

Some cat-themed stuff anyone would have on or near their desk.
Bone figurines.
Wood figurines.
Figurines made out of precious stones.
Soldiers made out of fruit.
Soldier somehow related to cucumber.
I told the neural network to depict an infinite board game.
Ghosts playing board games in a cemetery, or at least staring at them.
Extraterrestrial parkour.
Random UFO stuff.
Spaceship in an asteroid field.
Fantasy people and landscapes, perhaps?
Misty blue bathtub.
Strawberry monster going nuclear.
Not sure what this is, but it looks cool.
Pterodactyl made of obsidian glass.
Cosmic surfer girl.
Girl swordfighter baiting cows into a fight for no reason.
A satyr baiting chickens into a fight.
The king of carrot flowers.
Triceratops selfie.
Guybrush Threepwood holding his breath for ten minutes.

2 thoughts on “Random AI-generated images #5

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