Random AI-generated images #4

Some more mesmerizing masterpieces from the da Vinci of neural networks.

Bear lady.
Some sort of board game.
I asked the AI to generate an image of men playing a board game, in the style of van Gogh. The neural network made van Gogh himself one of the players.
Cosmic catastrophes.
Alien landscapes.
A plain old river on a much redder planet.
I asked the AI to depict a snake with human arms and breasts. Whatever.
Aiko and Punpun of “Oyasumi Punpun” as kids.
Something about a beggar and a toilet, Beksiński style.
A merry birthday party.
Bridges and balloons.
The apocalypse that ended the Ice Age.
Ancient ghosts hanging out at some temple.
The AI’s hallucinatory depiction of the Hypogeum of Malta, which infamously featured ancient paintings of animals that went extinct at the end of the last Ice Age, until the local museum’s director ordered them scrubbed because that messed up the narrative.
These are supposed to depict a severely ruined zoo.
“Demon ayahuasca house of mirrors”.
Some hardcore pyramidal machine.

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