A Millennium of Shadows, Pt. 3 (Poetry)

When I woke up this morning,
I felt like a new person;
Glyca, a creature so magical
Had accepted me as her mate,
So I could be strong enough
To tolerate my classmates’ whispers,
And all the mockery thrown my way.

Everyone avoids holding my gaze.
Even the teachers seem disgusted by me.
They keep moving their heads like rabbits;
They look at the floor, at the walls,
Anywhere but at me.

I’ve skipped way too many classes,
And I can’t concentrate among people,
So I mainly draw in my notebook
While I fantasize about seeing Glyca again.

I daydream that she’s my classmate,
And she sits at the desk next to me.
She’s wearing a top and a skirt
That barely covers her thighs.
Her tail is wagging slowly.
She looks at me, and smiles.
“Hello, I’m Glyca.”
I smile back, and say,
“Nice to meet you, Glyca.
You’re very pretty.”
She blushes a rosy pink.
Her eyes widen, and her pupils dilate.
“Thank you, I hope we can fuck
And I can push my tail into your ass,
But I need your permission to enter.”
She looks down at my cock,
The tip of which glistens with pre-cum.

Some day I’ll make a painting of Glyca,
One that shows the shape of her body,
With every single curve and crevice revealed.
Something artistic, with lots of detail.
Some Van Gogh shit.
A portrait of the most beautiful creature.

During recess, I’m walking down the hallway
When I hear someone call me a freak.
It’s a girl, who turns around and walks away.
It would have hurt, but now I don’t care.
I have someone that I can trust,
Whose heart beats like mine.

Besides, would I want to look at me
If I lived in their carefree brains?
I’d see the scars in my face,
The large, red, pus-filled cysts,
The dried mucus covering my nose,
The horns growing out of my skull.
My skin is scaly, like a snake.
I have sharp teeth, like a wolf.
I have a long tail, like a scorpion.
I’m a beast trapped in a zoo.

I can feel Glyca’s heartbeat in my chest.
I can smell her, and taste her on my tongue.
I’ve never felt this way before,
And I want her to know.

As I was heading down to a bathroom
Through a dimly lit, deserted hallway,
My gaze falls on a curtain of shadow
Past a corner and leaning on a pillar:
A greyish hand is waving at me.

I gasp, and my mouth opens in a smile.
I hurry towards the curtain of shadow.
Glyca draws her hand back,
But it appears further down the hallway,
Coming out of another curtain of shadows.
Glyca is gesturing for me to follow her.

She’s hiding in the dark,
Like a cat seeking a mouse,
Because the sun won’t reach her
In that realm of darkness.

As I focus on spotting her hand in the shadows,
I scamper past mostly empty classrooms
Where groups of friends spend the recess period,
Past the bathrooms and rows of lockers,
Until a door opens slowly into a storage room.

I run inside, but I can’t see in the dark.
Suddenly the door snaps shut behind me,
Then Glyca presses herself against my back
And wraps her arms around me.
As I let out a noise of surprise and joy,
Glyca’s slimy tongue licks my neck.

The air around me is filled with light,
Although my eyes can only see darkness.
“I can’t believe I get to be with you this soon!”
Glyca sucks on my earlobe lovingly
As her tail slithers around my back.
I hear her breathe, I feel her heartbeat.
I turn in her arms so I can hug her,
And before I know it, I’m fondling her ass.
She moans, then bites my ear gently,
But some of her sharp teeth break through.
The pain shoots through me in a warm shudder.

“You make me feel so good, boy,” Glyca whispers,
“That I was eager to surprise you with a gift.
I would have given you this gift anyway,
But it works even better as a reward.”

Her hands are busy stroking my chest.
My heart races, my penis twitches.
What kind of gift is she going to give me?
It must be related to sex in some way.
Maybe she’s going to lick my body,
Or fuck me in the ass with her tail.
I’m ready to accept anything,
As long as it makes me feel special.

When Glyca speaks, she sounds giddy.
“I won’t tell you, but you’ll see today.
At about six, sneak out of your dad’s place
And go straight to that abandoned house
In the woods, where you used to hide.”

I stare at the darkness
Where her face is supposed to be.
“Glyca, what the hell?
I haven’t been there in months!”
She lets out a raspy laugh
That soothes my nerves.
“Yes, I know that, of course.
I’ve had my eye on you for a long time.”

Glyca’s hand glides down my chest,
And she pushes her tongue into my mouth.
I feel her soft, slimy tongue on mine.
She tastes like peach nectar.
I can feel her heartbeat against my lips.
As our tongues dance, my penis twitches.

I guess I should be shocked at the news,
But instead I feel flattered,
And she’s caressing my back with her tail
As lovingly as if we were lying in bed.

“Alright, Glyca, I’ll go there this afternoon.”
She lets out a noise of anticipation,
Then she squeezes me tightly.
Her slimy tongue licks my ear.
“My boy, I can’t wait to have you there.
But recess is almost over. I’ll leave you be.”

She shoves her tongue in my mouth,
And despite her words, we make out
Until the bell rings to mark the end of recess.
Glyca says goodbye, and vanishes in my arms.

I reach the abandoned house at five and a half.
It’s been a while since I last came here.
Back when I started skipping school,
This place seemed like a proper hiding place,
But I wondered what freaks might wander in;
Beyond vagrants, maybe satanic pricks.
So I chose to hide in random apartment buildings,
Where the strangers would be annoyed neighbors.

I had forgotten how creepy the old house was.
I open the door, and the hinges creak loudly.
Inside, the walls are covered in peeling paint,
And the floor is dirty and grimy.
There’s a few broken chairs, cardboard boxes,
Old papers, and piles of assorted trash.
It reeks of urine and stale cigarettes,
Over the musty smell of mold and mildew.

I look around to locate Glyca,
But of course I won’t find her
In a ground floor bathed in the sunlight
That pours through the broken windows.

A dark hallway leads into the basement.
As I approach the stairs, I hear Glyca’s voice:
“Down here, my boy. Come, come!”
I sneak down the cement steps
As I breathe the air thick with dust
And my heart beats faster and louder.
“Sorry, I came a bit earlier,” I say.
“That’s fine, I thought you would.
Please, get down here. I can’t wait!”

Once I reach the pitch black basement,
I’m gripped by the pungent smell
Of fresh blood and feces.
I freeze with a finger under my nose.

Suddenly, Glyca’s three-fingered hand
Holds my right one gently,
And places two objects on my palm.
“That’s a candle and a lighter,” she says,
“But let me walk away far enough
So the candlelight doesn’t hurt me.”

I wait until Glyca gives me the go ahead.
The wick flares up, and as I lift the candle
I see my own face reflected on the yellow surface,
Which reminds me of how hideous I am.

My gaze falls upon a pile of viscera
As if someone had gutted a gigantic fish.
I recognize lungs and coiled intestines.
It stinks of death and filth and rotting food.

I stand stock still, terrified and confused.
“I-is this the gift, Glyca?” I say in a thin voice.
“What? No, no. I had to leave those somewhere!
Your gift is up ahead, my boy,
So please come closer to see it.”

I take two steps towards Glyca,
Then I stop to admire her;
Her smooth, grayish scales glisten
In the flickering candlelight,
Reflecting the dull colors around us.
They shine like polished stone.
The contour of her naked body
Is perfectly sculpted;
She has a slim waist that curves
Into a flat stomach,
And her hips sway gracefully.

In each hand, small claws protrude
From her three long fingers.
The tips look razor-sharp;
They may not just tear off pieces of flesh,
But gouge out entire chunks.

My dick twitches and grows a bit
As I stare at her pinkish slit.
It glistens like a fresh wound,
And I imagine that her pussy widens
And two large, slimy tongues extend out
To lick my naked body all over.
“If you look at me like that, boy,”
My beautiful girlfriend coos,
“I’m just going to eat you up.”

I look up, embarrassed,
But Glyca smiles sweetly,
And I glimpse her sharp teeth.
Her crimson red pupils,
Which glow with inner fire,
Stare deep into mine.

Glyca bites her lower lip.
“You know, I’m always worried
That you might be scared by my body.”
“Don’t be silly, Glyca.
Your beauty transcends everything else.”

Her long tail swishes behind her,
Splashing liquid like an oil slick.
“Oh, I can hardly wait to touch you,
For you to share that warmth with me,
So hurry up, boy, to see your gift!
Just trust me, and enjoy the view.”

I obey her, but as I step forward,
Glyca retreats away from the flame.
The candlelight spreads onto the ground.
The dusty stone walls are decorated
With crude drawings of human genitalia.

Further ahead, the light illuminates a table
And on it an easel made of bones
That holds a stretched hide
Which I assume belongs to an animal,
But I recognize the features of a face
With white skin and even black eyebrows,
And holes where the eyeballs should show up.
It also has a large mouth that hangs open
Without a tongue inside.

“Look closely,” Glyca says excitedly,
“Can’t you tell who it is?”
I gulp as my legs shake,
And tears rush to my eyes.
“I do… It’s Bear.”

“Yes,” Glyca says. “That brute
Who dared to humiliate my boy.
I tortured him, I gutted him,
I ate his flesh, and used his bones
To display his worthless face.”

My shaking hand drops the candle,
And the flame is extinguished,
Which plunges me in darkness.
I fall to my knees
While the tears run down my cheeks.

“Do you accept my gift?”
Glyca asks anxiously.
I manage to speak between sobs.
“Oh, Glyca, thank you!
It’s the most beautiful thing
Anyone has ever done for me.”

Before, all I could do was wait
Until the next time I would be attacked.
I constantly wondered when it would come.
I hoped for a better tomorrow,
Although I knew it would never exist.
But we can hurt others
Before they come for me.

I turn towards Glyca in the dark.
“My love… Bear was one of four.”
“M-my love..? My sweet boy,
We can do something about the rest.”

I grope in the dark for Glyca,
Guided by the scent of her sex,
Until I touch the smooth scales
Of her firm, thick thighs.
I feel her whole body shiver.

“Glyca, I’m going to devour you.”
She lets out a squeal of delight.
“I’ve been thinking about your tongue
Ever since you took care of me.”

As I stroke Glyca’s thighs,
I open my mouth in the dark,
I pull out my tongue,
And my girl’s warm juices
Splash my taste buds.

‘A Millennium of Shadows, Pt. 3’ by Jon Ureña

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