A Millennium of Shadows, Pt. 2 (Poetry)

I dry my eyes with my sleeves
Before I enter my father’s apartment,
And I hide the pain of my injuries
(My wrist they stepped on,
My ribs they kicked)
Behind my practiced stony face.

My father walks through
A thick cloud of cigarette smoke.
He smells vaguely of urine.
“Did you buy all the stuff for the week?”
As I look down, I only nod
And lift slightly the two grocery bags.
“Alright, take them to the kitchen,”
My father says as he puffs on his cig,
“And today make bacon and eggs.”

I stand there like a dead tree
While burning pain radiates from my ribs.
“What’s wrong with you?” my father asks.
“Nothing,” I mutter. “I’m just tired.”
I feel my father’s eyes boring into me.
“You’re not eating enough.
You can’t stay this skinny.
I’ll feed you, but you have to cook.
If you don’t learn how to use your hands,
You’ll never be able to work.”

I stare at my father,
Who is smoking his cigarette.
He looks at me with his empty eyes.
His mind has long since gone numb.
The smoke from his cigarette
Is the only thing that moves.
We are both trapped
Inside the shell of our minds.

Minutes later, after I vomit in the bathroom,
I hide in my bedroom and lock the door.
I lower the blinds and sit on my bed.
The room is dark. I stare at the wall.

I don’t know why I’m here.
I don’t understand anything.
I don’t even care.
I just want to be left alone.

I want so badly to meet Glyca again.
It doesn’t matter if she’s real or imaginary;
She makes me feel less lonely.
I try to remember what her voice sounds like,
How it felt to touch that dry, scaly skin.
But all of these details seem far away,
Like they happened to someone else.

As I lie on the bed and listen to music,
My thoughts keep circling around
The questions with which I always struggle:
Is my life worth living? Will it ever get easier?
Will I be happy one day, even just for a moment?

I hear my father shuffling about.
He’s a silent, vacant shell.
A hollow vessel, an empty husk,
And I’m trapped inside of him.

Shadows fill every corner of my bedroom,
Creeping along the walls, under my window,
On top of my wardrobe, between the shelves.
They move with a purpose in a silent dance.

The world outside my little box is too big,
Too full of dangers and mysteries.
I much prefer this tiny space.
Everything here is known,
There are no secrets nor lies.
Everything stays put
And remains in its proper place.
The door is closed and locked.
Inside this room, everyone is safe.

Although I’d rather go to sleep now,
I have to cook the bacon and eggs
Or else my father will bother me again,
But by nine, I’ve cleaned the dishes,
I’ve emptied my bladder and bowels,
And I can finally lock myself in my room
To spend about ten hours in the dark.

I’ve just locked the door behind me
When I spot a greyish, delicate hand
Holding the closet door from inside.
As if the creature sensed I had spotted it,
The hand retreats into the shadows.

My heart beats rapidly as I hold my breath.
I can’t tell if I just imagined that hand.
“Hello?” I whisper. “Is that you, Glyca?”
After a few seconds of hesitation,
The closet door slowly swings open.
“It is, yes. Aren’t you afraid of me?”

Whether I made Glyca up or not,
My insides couldn’t care less.
“I wasn’t afraid then, and much less now.
I had hoped to meet you again.”
The closet door opens wider.
“Please, come out, Glyca,” I ask,
“I want to touch you like you said you need.”

“The room is too bright,” Glyca whispers,
And her trembling voice makes my heart race.
I hurry up to lower the blinds
Until I can barely make out the shapes.
“It’s okay,” I tell the shadows,
“You don’t have to hide anymore.”

I sit down on the edge of my bed,
Facing the half open closet door.
Slowly, a silhouette peeks out.
First a head and long hair,
Then a sylphlike, naked torso,
And as she stands straight,
I admire her supple, graceful limbs.
She has three long fingers per hand,
And her toes curl upward, revealing claws.
A meter-long tail moves sinuously
While a liquid drips from its bulbous tip.

Glyca inhales and exhales deeply,
Then she starts approaching me.
“There’s something about you, boy,
Something that makes me ache.”

When she crouches in front of me,
Her eyes stun me even in the dark:
They are black pools of midnight water,
And her vertical slits gleam a crimson red.

Glyca reaches with her hands
And I’m quick to hold her six fingers.
“Why did you leave that first time?”
I ask in a weak, pained voice.
She lowers her head, then shakes it.
“I feared that you were stunned,
But that soon you would wake up,
And consider me a hideous monster.”

I let out a noise of disbelief,
Then I caress her coarse hair.
“That couldn’t be further from the truth!
That first time we met, I felt in my heart
That somehow you and I were kin,
And I had never felt so comfortable
With any of the apes that exist out there.
Besides, I’m the monstrous one,
With this plague of cystic acne.
I’m the one whom the world hates and fears.
You’re not hideous, you’re beautiful, Glyca.
You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Glyca’s breath comes out ragged.
A trail of thick saliva glistens on her chin.
Her eyes glimmer crimson red
As her pupils dilate horizontally.
Her tail curls around her lower body,
Coiling itself in a spiral fashion.
“Let me touch you,” Glyca whispers,
“I want to feel your warmth.”

Glyca climbs onto my lap.
She settles around me as she hugs me tightly.
I open my arms and wrap them around her torso.
I hold her tight, I caress her neck.
I press my face into her hair and breathe deeply.

The feel of her smooth scales
Sends chills down my spine.
I run my fingertips over them,
Feel them beneath my palm.

She slides her cheek along my pimples
Then her cold lips touch mine.
Her breaths wash over my lips and nose.
It smells like flowers and honey.

Our mouths meet, and as I explore hers,
I find two tongues instead of one.
The first of the tongues tastes of sweet nectar
As it secretes a thick syrup that coats my palate,
And makes my stomach growl for food.
The second tongue is a fleshy, molluscan tube
That exhales fresh air into my mouth,
But doesn’t suck anything in.
As I inhale its scent,
My lungs are filled with oxygen.

Our tongues tangle and intertwine,
And our kisses become wilder.
Her thick, slimy spit flows onto my face
As a rush of arousal surges through my veins
And my pulse races wildly in my ears.
Glyca grabs my shoulders, pulls me close.
Our bodies press tightly together,
Filling each other’s spaces.

I slide my hand over her cool cheek
And I lick delicately the underside of her ear.
As Glyca moans, my hands move by themselves.
They descend to the small of her back,
Then my palms run sensually across her ass.

One of my hands reaches under her tail.
It’s fleshy, covered in silky scales.
Thick as a thumb, veiny and muscular.
As I rub it lovingly, I can feel its pulsing rhythm.
Glyca shudders and lets out a long moan.
The black pools of her eyes glisten with pleasure.

A wave of heat has spread throughout my body.
It washes over me and fills me completely,
Making everything seem beautiful and new,
Soothing the anguish within my soul.

I pull away slightly so I can fondle her breasts,
But her chest is flat, lacking even the nipples.
I can’t find the contour of her ribcage,
As if her organs were only protected by flesh.

She pulls off my shirt, exposing my naked torso.
As her slippery tail snakes around my neck,
Glyca strokes my chest with her cool palms.
She traces circles around my nipples,
Which sends shivers through my spine.
“You’re so handsome, boy,” she whispers.

Glyca’s long, slender fingers
Glide along my chest, belly, and back.
She runs them over every bump and blemish.
She must have noticed my injury in the dark,
And she traces the bruise from the kick.

“Are you going to die from this?” Glyca asks.
“No way,” I say. I won’t be that lucky, I think,
But I feel a twinge of fear,
Because if I die I can’t be with Glyca anymore.
“This group of bastards assaulted me,” I say.
“Yes, I know what happened.”

As I was about to ask how come she knew,
Glyca cups the back of my head,
Then fills my mouth with her sweet tongue.
I pull away enough to talk.
“Please, Glyca, lie down on your back.
I want to make you feel real good.”

Glyca grins, then rolls off me.
As she moves on her hands and knees,
Her long tail wags wildly.
Once the back of her head sinks in my pillow,
I kneel near the end of the bed to admire her.

I scoot closer, then I reach with my hands
To move them down her chest
So I can stroke the surface of her flat stomach.
I bend over and kiss her cool, silky scales.

My hand slips down between Glyca’s thighs,
Where her scales are slightly bumpy, and rough,
Like the surface of a large seashell.
Glyca keeps moaning softly and breathing deeply.
I can smell the salty fluids seeping from her pussy.
“I’ve never done this, but I want to eat you out,
Which I think will make you feel so good.”

Glyca lets out a noise of delight.
“That’s what I want, to be eaten out.”
She spreads her thighs wide apart
As I position myself to pleasure her.

I start licking her juices right away,
And soon her pussy throbs and gushes.
I tongue her clit gently, and the head pops out.
It has no hood, but it feels hard and round.

Glyca grabs the comforter and groans loudly.
She cries out in pleasure, bucking underneath me.
She pushes her ass upwards,
Forcing my face deeper into her vagina.
My tongue makes contact with a sensitive spot
Which causes her entire body to shudder violently.
Her soft thighs clamp around my head.
I can feel the scales rubbing against my scalp.

Glyca grips my hair tightly as her back arches,
Then turns as if to release something from under her.
While I lick and suck on her throbbing clit,
I feel something slippery sliding down my back,
Leaving a slimy trail like a slug.
I feel the bulbous head of her snake-like tail
As it slides up the crack of my ass,
And it brushes lightly against my asshole,
Which causes it to twitch and spasm.

The tip of her tail rubs my hole,
Lubricating it with its thick, slimy liquid.
I can hardly think, busy eating her out,
But my penis has grown as hard as it can.

“Mmm,” Glyca moans. “Your butt is warm.”
As I feel her tail trying to push its way into my ass,
I wonder what would happen if I didn’t fight it.
Suddenly, her bulbous tip slides off my crack;
An orgasm is overwhelming Glyca’s body
Like a tidal wave that floods her entire being.
She holds my head tightly,
As if she feared that I would stop licking.

I press my face into her pussy
And devour her clit relentlessly.
I can feel her muscles contracting.
Glyca arches her back and screams loudly.

She twitches and shakes as she comes.
My mouth is full of her slimy juices,
Which also pour down my face and neck.
Seconds later, Glyca lets her head sink back.
She moans softly and lets out little gasps.

As I was kissing her inner thigh,
Glyca grabs my shoulders and pulls me up.
She shoves her tongue in my mouth
And her claws dig into my back.
As I gasp for air, I inhale the fresh oxygen
That Glyca’s second tongue feeds me.
It’s long and as thin as a noodle.
I can feel it sliding down my throat.

I realize that I wasn’t imagining it:
Someone is banging insistently on my door,
And I hear the handle as my father tries to get in.
“Hey, lower the volume of that porno movie!”

Glyca has jumped from the bed like a startled animal,
And is crouching in the shadows close to the closet.
Her breathing is ragged, her pussy is dripping.
“I will go now. But we’ll see each other soon.”

I climb off the bed as the handle of the door turns.
My father thought I was jerking off,
But the motherfucker still tries to burst in.
Fucking brain-dead piece of shit.

“He won’t come in,” I whisper, “the door is locked.
Please, don’t leave, Glyca. Spend the night with me.”
Glyca smiles, and her sharp teeth glint.
“We need to be careful. But I’ll see you very soon.
Thank you for everything. It felt amazing.”
She turns sharply and slithers into the closet.
I stop hearing her breathing as if she teleported away.

My father bangs on the door again.
I want to open it and smash his brains in.
“It’s already off!” I shout. “Leave me the fuck alone!”
For a few seconds I only hear my hearbeats.
My father grunts and mutters something,
Then I hear his footsteps going away.

I pull the comforter over my body
And bury my head under it.
I can’t believe what just happened,
That I got to eat out Glyca’s pussy.
My cock twitches inside my pants.
What should I do? Should I jerk off or not?
No, I need some rest, and to heal.
I focus on relaxing and falling asleep.

I dream about Bear and his goons
As they kick me down stairs,
Beat me with sticks,
Throw rocks at me,
And piss on my face.

I beg for mercy, I try to stop them,
But my limbs won’t move right.
Suddenly, I awake
Sweating and gasping for breath.
My chest hurts and burns.
My bruises throb with pain.
For a second I hear Glyca whispering;
The most beautiful sound in the world.

It’s four in the morning,
And tomorrow I’ll need to decide
Whether I’ll dare to go to school
Or hide from everyone’s gazes.

As I pee in the dark, I daydream:
Glyca is lying on my bed.
She’s wearing a black corset and stockings.
Her breasts are soft and round,
And she’s dripping with sweat.
I’m standing at the foot of the bed,
And my big dick is swollen,
Leaking loads of sperm.

When I go to sleep again,
My thoughts are scattered, disjointed,
And fantasies of sexual desire intertwine
Into one big web.

‘A Millennium of Shadows, Pt. 2’ by Jon Ureña

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