You Choose Who Owns You, Pt. 1 (Poetry)

Nothing like alcohol for killing the pain.
I felt the warmth of the bar on my face;
I had rested my head on many familiar tables
And closed my eyes, yet failed to sleep.

That night, like many others of the last year,
I wasted more money of my diminishing savings
By travelling to Shinjuku station,
And from there northeast to Kabukicho,
Where I would drink myself into a stupor.

All of Tokyo is alive in those sexy streets.
So many beautiful women walking about,
The gorgeous kind that live a dream,
The likes of which you can’t see anywhere else.

Some men standing in corners or against walls
Offered me drugs, but I said no way;
Alcohol should be enough to numb the pain,
But it wasn’t: my heart broke every night.

Although I told myself that I would be alright,
I wanted to sleep with my head under water;
The pain had changed from intermittent attacks
To an excruciating chronic condition.

With each day that passed, I felt less and less alive,
As if I were slowly rotting away;
My body was filled with swelling useless flesh,
And I couldn’t stand the sight of it anymore.

My head hurt, my heart ached.
All that I had achieved seemed hollow.
My life had no direction, no meaning,
And a void within me cried out to be filled.
I couldn’t find peace when I was so restless,
And the only thing I knew was that emptiness.

In thirty minutes, my butt was resting on a stool
At the bar of the club I had come to frequent.
I had already downed a couple of fruit cocktails
When I felt someone’s gaze burning my face;
It came from a woman sitting nearby,
Clad so stylishly that it reminded me of a hotel suite
(Or the kind of high-class escorts I’d meet there).

She had fair skin; thin, pointy lips;
A scooped nose with a turned-up tip;
And dreamy, distant eyes.
A beauty that I wouldn’t dare to pick up.
Her long black hair was pulled back with a clip.
She was wearing a rosewood pink cocktail dress
That showed most of her shapely thighs
Of a pair of legs that had stepped out of a magazine.
A drunk like me didn’t deserve her attention,
But I couldn’t think of many men who would.

“Hey,” she said softly. “You look lonely tonight.”
Well, sure. Why wouldn’t I have felt lonely?
My last girlfriend and I should have lasted forever,
But I lost my job and couldn’t provide,
So she had found someone who could.
Now we were broken up, for good this time.
I returned to the dating market as a forty-year-old
Who likely looked more worn out than he even felt,
And now I faced a beautiful young woman
Whose gaze I could barely dare to meet.

“I’m lonely, but you look way too expensive,”
I answered politely to the likely escort.
The woman brandished a gorgeous smile.
“You’d be surprised by how affordable I am.”

I was interested in the picturesque
Amount of flesh that her garment exposed.
The woman stood up, then walked up to me
And slipped one hand across my shoulder.
Her strong scent wafted through my nostrils.
I wanted her bad, but I would have fucked anyone
Who was willing to have sex with this old man.

As I turned around, she leaned forward
Until our lips touched, and probed with her tongue.
Her taste was intoxicating, yet slightly bitter.
Before I knew it, she took hold of my crotch
To squeeze and grope my dick.
She whispered in my ear, “I live close.
Let’s go to my place so I can fuck your brains out.”

No sane woman would choose a forty-year-old
Who doesn’t disguise he’s burning his savings,
But the other escorts who seduced me
Were far uglier and cheaper-looking,
So if I were set on wasting my money,
I may as well give it to this beautiful whore.

We left the bar and I guided her to the taxi stand,
But the woman tugged on my arm she was holding.
“No need, I came here in my car. Let’s go.”
I followed her to the parking lot
As I stared down at her toned ass;
This woman worked out regularly,
And she looked like she had money to spare,
But I figured that falling for this woman’s ploy
Was more interesting that drinking myself to sleep.

We got into a shiny, silver Honda.
When I sank into the passenger seat,
She got into the driver’s seat
With her legs spread wide open
And her skirt hiked up.
I thought it best not to say anything;
I only thought of shoving my dick inside her.

As the woman drove away from Kabukicho,
She reached between her thighs
And glanced at me as she rubbed herself.
“You have given up, haven’t you,” she said softly,
“And you are hoping for the drinks to kill you quick.”

I was drunk enough that I couldn’t think straight.
I shifted my weight to disguise my erection,
Although the woman kept pleasuring herself.
“I don’t want to die as much as to disappear.”

This escort had already picked me up
When I was drinking myself into a stupor,
So I figured I could be honest with her.
The woman smiled sympathetically.
“It must be so hard, that pressure to provide,
When nobody would want to take care of you.”

I shivered from head to toe, and had to swallow.
“I’m sure you have taken care of many losers.
The only kind of angel we are allowed to meet.”
She lightly stroked my face, her expression pleasant.
I wished for her to grant me a miracle tonight,
To make my rotten self feel alive again.

We passed by suitable love hotels,
But maybe she was looking for seedier ones.
“Are you thinking of a hotel in particular?” I asked.
The woman’s cheeks were flushed, her eyes excited.
“Didn’t you hear me before? I’m bringing you home.”

The woman’s house wasn’t close at all.
She drove in the night past the national garden,
Straight through the entirety of Minamiaoyama,
And then south towards Hiroo, a fitting fancy district
That I could only dream of living in.

I had drunk as much as I had become used to,
And I had sunk in the passenger’s seat
As I watched the multicolored lights flying by.
I had ceased to care whether I would have sex;
If this woman stopped and told me to get out,
I would bow and thank her for the pleasant ride.

But she made a left turn into a one-lane road
Lined with clashing, idiosyncratic homes.
All the yards were dark at this hour.
She gestured towards a lace white house
Two stories tall, fenced with cast iron
Topped with medieval, sharp spikes.
A row of pill-shaped bushes hid the view
Of the balcony in the second floor.

I felt dizzy as I gawked at the house
While the woman veered into its garage.
Once she parked inside, I spoke:
“This is the fanciest home I’ve been in.
I guess your job pays very well.”

The woman slowly climbed out of the car,
Then chuckled softly as she smiled.
“I have always done well for myself,
As I could put my talents to good use,
And now you’ll enjoy this luxury too.”

I knew I didn’t belong in such a place,
Nor standing in front of a gorgeous lady,
Whether or not she charged for sex.
But she was smiling seductively
As she pressed herself against me.
I could feel her pussy through her skirt.
I caressed her toned left thigh
While my erection bent in my pants.

No way she wanted this old man’s cock,
But I had decided to pay her handsomely.
I must have looked so pitiful and lonely
That even a high-class escort felt sympathy.

She opened the door and invited me in.
I feared I would smell the aroma of a man,
But the place was clean, too tidy for a drunk.
The furniture was either black or cherry red.

The woman closed the sliding door behind us,
Then devoured my mouth ravenously.
No other woman had showed me this passion.
I could taste her lipstick from our kisses
As she gripped me tightly through my underwear.

We fondled our way further into the house,
Until the woman stopped next to a room.
“That door over there is one of the bathrooms.
Go inside and pee or whatever you need
While I prepare something good in the kitchen.”

I walked to the bathroom and shut the door.
The toilet was modern, with a sensor,
And I had never seen a shower like this.
It had many different settings,
With a dozen buttons on the panel.

After I peed, I held my insufficient dick.
No way this escort would be impressed.
The booze had gone to my head;
I was surprised I could even get hard.
Maybe I should just have called it quits.

When I walked into the kitchen,
It took one look of the escort’s figure
For my penis to perk up again.
I needed to see her body,
To know the shape of her curves and her skin.
I wanted to feel her softness against my chest.
I wanted to make love to her,
And to believe for those brief seconds
That such a woman would truly want me.

She was holding two glasses filled
With water in which something had dissolved.
I was concerned, and pointed at them.
“What’s that? Aspirin? Do you have a headache?”

Her dark hazel eyes narrowed like those of a cat.
Her smile was charming, but her eyes were cold.
“It’s mescaline, my friend. Ever heard of it?”
It took me a while to climb out of my stupor,
But it made sense: she needed to be high
To fuck an old ruin like my drunken self.
“Alright, I guess you know how to party.”

The woman tossed down her drink,
And on impulse, I drank my entire glass dry.
It tasted bitter, yet refreshing.
I enjoyed the residual flavor of the drug
As my body fizzled with ecstasy and fear,
Like when a boy first tried smoking weed,
Only this feeling was much stronger.

The woman was staring at me hungrily.
Her pink lips moved closer until we kissed,
And I wrapped my hands around her toned ass.
“Let’s go to the bedroom, shall we?” she cooed,
And whispered in: “I’m going to fuck you hard.”
I pictured her hiding a penis in her panties,
But at that point I likely would have taken it.

She half-pushed me down the hallway
Until we reached a stark bedroom,
Where beside the nightstands, and a statue
(Which looked like it represented a goddess),
The central feature was a gothic, four-poster bed.
The sheets were white, and the pillows pink.
There were bars connecting the posts,
From which hanged iron rings.
Both the headboard and the footboard
Had ornate designs with holes and more rings.
I imagined the escort as a medieval countess.

The few windows were tall enough
That no neighbor would be able to peek in,
And although the bedroom looked clean,
It smelled strongly like sex.
That mescaline was taking effect,
And my brain was turning blue.

I chuckled. “I see that you like to play.”
She devoured my mouth as she fondled my dick.
“I’m never more serious than when I’m playing,
And you’ll know all about it soon enough.”

She pulled off her cocktail dress in my arms,
Exposing her perfect torso to the night.
She was wearing a lacy black bra.
I couldn’t wait, so I undid the clasp,
Then cupped those firm breasts,
Which felt so smooth and warm.
They reminded me of the woman’s face,
A mixture of youth and experience.

She pulled back as she took off her panties.
Her pubes were trimmed, her pussy glistened.
Her breasts were full of pink and vitality,
And they swayed tantalizingly as she breathed.
As my erection tried to poke through my pants;
I couldn’t believe I would fuck a woman like that.

She kissed me as she passed by,
Then climbed onto the gothic bed
To lie on her back, showing her pussy.
She opened those moist lips for me.

“Do you like this beautiful pussy of mine?”,
The woman asked in a serious voice.
I unbuckled my pants as I stared at it.
“Oh, yes. It’s the most glorious thing.”
“Are you going to pleasure it like it deserves?”
I shivered under her gaze. “If you let me.”
She pointed at her crotch and licked her lips.
“Then come over here and eat my pussy.”

For as long as it lasted, I was in heaven,
Lying on my belly as I fondled her thighs
While I lapped up her pussy juices
And her clit throbbed against my tongue.

But my mind kept wandering to the past,
Now in hallucinatory, dream-like swirls
(I was sobering up, but the mescaline kicked in).
I kept seeing the woman I used to love,
And who maybe I loved still, a year later.
I remembered her small, soft breasts,
Her cute nose and big eyes.
I recalled the feel of her pussy hugging me.
I remembered the way she smelled,
Her aroma that made my heart beat faster.
During sex, I only wished to recall sex,
Because my eyes were too eager to tear up
Whenever I recalled everything I lost.

When the woman came with a long sigh,
Her orgasm brought back some of my youth.
I kept tonguing her clit as her vagina throbbed,
But when she relaxed, I looked up at her face;
It was beautiful, framed with raven black hair.

“You are such a good boy, aren’t you?”
She asked me sweetly, slightly out of breath.
My mouth was still wet from her juices,
And her words caused me a new erection.
“I loved being a good boy for you.”

She got up and walked around the bed
Until she stood straight behind me.
Even naked, she was full of confidence,
While I was a lonely drunk of an aging man.
She exuded an aura of wavy, purple flames,
But a drug was running through my veins.

“Take off all of your clothes,” she said.
“A-are you sure? It will ruin the mood.”
“It turns me on when you do what I say.
Take off all your clothes and let me see.”

I did as she commanded.
I felt like a child undressing at the doctor
(A chubby child that was growing bitch tits).
As the woman stared, she was inscrutable.
I feared her disapproval, her mockery,
Even though I was sure I would pay a lot.

Fully naked, I stroked my cock,
Hoping that it would grow more.
“I wanted to spare you the sight,” I said.
“After all, I’m a forty years old man,
And even when I exercised I looked like shit,
So I can’t imagine how hideous I am to you.”

The woman nodded, and looked me over.
“You are unsightly, but I love your potential.”
I wanted to smile after hearing such kind words;
I lacked potential even when I was young.

As she stepped forward and caressed my chest,
She looked up at me with a glistening gaze.
“Lie on your back on the bed,” she said,
“And from now on, do everything I tell you.”
I felt a bit dizzy. “Alright, that sounds good.”

After the back of my head sank in the pillow,
The woman pointed at the side of the bed.
“Grab what is hanging over there.”
Confused, I reached with my arm,
And found myself holding a padded cuff
That was chained to a ring attached to the bed.
My heart beat quickly, and I gulped,
But I was excited, and even euphoric.
“What the fuck?” I chuckled in disbelief.

The woman was serious as she spoke:
“Fasten that cuff around your right wrist.”
I kept giggling, eager to follow her game
While figures of light danced in the air.

I obeyed her; the padded insides were cozy.
Before I knew it, she was at my other side,
And she fastened a cuff around my left wrist.
She then pulled something under the bed,
Which tightened the chains attached to me,
Forcing me to spread my arms.

The woman stood at the foot of the bed,
And stared down as if I were a conquest.
Being helpless only made me harder.
If she had pulled out a knife to murder me,
I’m quite sure I would have welcomed it.

The woman breathed deeply
As she climbed onto the bed,
And her knees digged in the mattress
Next to my hairy calves.

“You loved the taste of my juices, didn’t you?”
The woman’s voice was deep and seductive,
And her words sent a thrill through my body.
“Yeah, I loved it. You are a beautiful woman.”
“It does taste better when she’s beautiful, huh?”
“Well, nobody prefers ugly people,
Which is why I haven’t been lucky lately.”

The woman scooted closer to my waist,
Which made my dick throb in anticipation.
She leaned towards me and rubbed my hair.
“I bet you’d love to lick me over and over.
Not only tonight, but many other days.”

My mind was fuzzy, my thoughts slow.
I couldn’t imagine meeting her again.
“Y-you’re actually going to let me…?”
“You didn’t answer me properly.”
As a reflex, I tried to hold her waist,
But the cuffs restrained my arms.
“Yes, I’d love to keep eating you out.”

My brain refused to believe this could happen,
But this woman seemed to need sex badly,
And a sad sack like me would provide it eagerly.
“Because you are my little slut, aren’t you?”
She asked me with a voice hoarse with lust.

Her fingers traced my lips;
Her touch was electric.
I wanted to please her,
To be a good boy,
To be a good dog,
To obey without question,
With no hesitation.

The woman fondled her tits
As they hung over my face.
“Do you like my twins?” she asked.
Her pussy was breathing on my dick.
“Oh, yes. I’d suck on them all day.”

She pushed her chest forward,
Making her breast slide across my mouth.
I was paralyzed, feeling unworthy.
“Lick my nipple,” she ordered.
I traced the outline of her round nipple
With my wet tongue as I salivated.
I loved its texture and its taste.
I wanted to play with it forever.
“Mmm, you are so obedient,” she said.

I licked her breast all over
While she stroked my hair.
I bit her nipple gently
And she moaned warmly.

She was vastly amused by my performance
As I slurped on her firm breast.
She lowered her waist, and her warm juices
Dripped on my achingly hard dick.
She rubbed her pussy lips along my erection.

“You want to fill me with your cum?”
The woman asked, almost breathless.
I was so happy that I wanted to cry,
Partly because of the mescaline,
But I had never heard such beautiful words.
“I’ll give you as much cum as you want.”

She guided my dick inside,
And it slid into her warm tunnel slowly.
The sensation was powerful and delicious,
Much sexier than with any previous woman.
I wanted to hold her ass cheeks,
But my arms tugged on the chains.
“Don’t move,” the woman ordered,
“Just stay still and enjoy me.”
I did as I was told, releasing a long sigh.

The woman moved her hips back and forth
As my cock made wet sounds in her pussy.
She grunted and thrust herself backwards.
Her breasts were bouncing and jiggling.
I wanted to stare at her beautiful face,
But from this angle I only saw her tits
And how they swayed while she moved.

I took deep breaths of the perfume
That drifted off her loose, raven black hair.
The woman kept undulating her ass;
Her body looked sinewy, tight.
“You have beautiful skin,” I blurted out.
She chuckled softly, and groaned.
“I am beautiful and will remain so,
And I’m so rich I don’t need to work.”

Her pussy felt like hot silk,
And it was enveloping me snugly.
I truly must have been dreaming;
I should be invisible for such a woman.
I wanted to ask her to marry me,
But she would be unimpressed by the ring.

As she rode me passionately,
She reached down to squeeze my balls.
I shook and trembled.
“Are you going to come or not?” she asked.
I nodded curtly; I guess I was holding back,
But now that she had given me permission,
My orgasm swept through my body quickly.
I squirted semen deep inside her,
And she kept milking me until I finished.

My dick softened, and she stopped moving.
“This is what you get when you obey me.”
For a moment I may have passed out,
And when I regained my senses,
My gaze fell on her beautiful breasts
Which rose and fell as she breathed heavily.

She got up and stood next to the bed.
My semen dripped from her pussy.
“I’ll uncuff you; you’ve been a good boy.”
When she released me from the restraints,
I wanted to ask her to put them on again.
I suddenly felt so incomplete and unsafe.

I wiped the sweat off my forehead
As I sat weakly on the edge of the bed.
I avoided looking at the woman, as I feared
That she would be disgusted at me.

“You want me to leave, right?” I asked.
“Why? Are you eager to go home?”
“Not at all. I’d live here if I could,”
I blurted out, and then, ashamed, added:
“You showed me such a good time
That I’ll pay you whatever, above your rate.”

After a long silence, I looked at her.
The woman was wearing my clothes,
Except for my boxers and undershirt.
She narrowed her dark hazel eyes, irritated.
“How do you think it makes a woman feel
When you refer to her as a prostitute,
Right after you came inside her?”
I froze and was silent for a few seconds.

“W-wait, I didn’t mean it as an insult.
Are you truly not an escort?
Why would you want anything with me?”
She shrugged and looked away
As she tied up her raven black hair.
I thought that’d be it, but she spoke:
“I told you, I see a potential for you
To become better than your current self.”

“Why are you wearing my clothes?” I asked.
“Because I wanted to wear them.
Anyway, I’m hungry. Let’s go to the kitchen.”
I stood up and hurried up to dress myself,
But just wearing my underwear felt weird.
“Wait, I’ll prepare a nice dinner.
I may not look it, but I’m a good cook.”

I made us kitsune udon noodles,
Topped with fried tofu and fish cake.
As I handled our food in her fancy kitchen,
I felt her gaze on my back from where she sat.

The woman was achingly above my league,
And I couldn’t tell what she wanted.
She was wearing my clothes and liked BDSM,
But I feared falling in love with her kind of odd,
Because I knew this wouldn’t work.

I sat in front of her at the table,
And I kept glancing at her unsubtly,
Because I hoped she liked the dinner.
She seemed anxious, like she was waiting
For something that was supposed to happen.

She slurped the noodles with relish.
“You must have a really good job
That you can afford a place like this,” I said.
The woman stared at me intently,
And I felt uneasy and shyer than usual.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.
And I can’t, anyway. I signed NDAs.”

I couldn’t imagine what world she lived in,
But clearly I didn’t belong in it.
“Fascinating. It’s a secret, but is it illegal?”
She offered me a hypnotic smile.
“What is legal depends on the times.”
I was stunned, and reached for my water.
“Anyway, I’m rich and powerful,” she said,
“So I can do many things you can’t.”

I didn’t understand what she was talking about,
But I didn’t want to prod too much.
When I looked back up, she was staring at me
As if she had been waiting for our gazes to meet.
“And what do you do,” she asked rhetorically,
“That you’ve spent most of this last month
Drinking yourself into oblivion at Kabukicho?”
I swallowed hard. I had misread her,
And I had no clue who I was looking at.

I resumed eating to avoid her gaze;
Her sudden arrogance frightened me.
“I drink way too much so I can forget,
As much of a cliché as that is,
The feelings of loneliness and betrayal.”
“Of loneliness and betrayal, huh?”
I was annoyed at her detachment.
“Yes. I feel empty no matter what,
And I need to forget how old I am.”
“Why would that matter?”

I wanted to throw my hands up in the air.
“You are beautiful and still young,
So you can’t have a clue.
I have spent my whole life working hard
Just to keep myself afloat in the world,
But the moment I went through rough times,
Nothing I had done mattered at all.”

She rested her head on her hand.
“That’s why you get drunk,
Because you lost your job?”
I took a deep breath and rubbed my eyes.
“My girlfriend of many years left me.
We had been trying for a baby,
But she turned out to be sterile.
We became resentful of each other.
She eventually found someone else,
But I can’t mend my heart back together.
I no longer care about my future.
I’ve gotten too old, things were always hard,
So I spend my days drowning instead.”

She chuckled, and swallowed more noodles.
“You have the courage to speak frankly,
And I admire that very much.”
I studied the woman, trying to see
Through the chameleon-like persona.
“Yeah, well, thank you for the good time.”

“So you have given up, then,” she said.
I couldn’t tell if she was mocking me.
“Yes, there was never any use thinking further
Even back when I was young, looked better,
But now I’m a forty years old broke guy
With an unpleasant face and a bloated body.
I’m done. I just know it in my heart.
Nobody cares whether I live or die.
I’m no one in Tokyo, and my life is worthless.”

The woman stared at me earnestly,
As if she had the answers to my troubles.
“You are not finished yet, I think.
You want to be, and make those excuses
As if nobody ugly had gotten anywhere in life.”

She knew, of course, that I was insufficient.
“Well, you are the one who fucked an ugly guy.
You even pursued me to begin with,
You had noticed I had frequented that club.”
“Yes, I had noticed your phone resting there,
On the bar next to your glass,
And that nobody ever bothered to call you.”

I hid my face in my hands,
But then I took a deep breath.
“I don’t see why you would care,
Even just enough to notice that.
You could have anyone you wanted.”
She looked down, suddenly gloomy.
“I’m unique, and I attract men;
They have flocked to me from far and wide,
But I’ve always wanted something else.
You see, I’ve lost my share too.”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
She refused to answer me.

We ate the rest of our dinner almost silently.
We infected each other with yawns.
After I put our plates in the dishwasher,
The woman looked at the clock on her phone.
“Four and a half in the morning,” she said,
Then looked up at me almost defiantly:
“You’ll sleep with me the rest of the night.
We’ll feel good in each other’s arms.”

I was exhausted, my thoughts still spun.
Although I feared waking up next to her
Only to see a grimace of regret in her face,
I knew this dream wouldn’t repeat itself.
“That sounds great, but I must warn you:
I am dealing with serious insomnia
Even when I’m this exhausted,
Which is part of why I frequented clubs
And spent so many nights outside.”

She smiled warmly at me,
Which gave me tingles in my stomach.
“Do your thing in the bathroom,” she said,
“Then join me in the bedroom you know.”

In the bathroom, I found a new toothbrush;
I wanted to taste fresh if she kissed me.
I dared to look at my forty years old body:
A saggy sack of old, hairy, unhealthy skin
That could produce only disgust and shame.
And yet, that woman had taken me in.

When I entered the bedroom, she was nude,
Standing there as she held a glass of water
In which some drug was dissolving.
“Drink this,” she told me. “You’ll fall asleep.”
I was so grateful, I’d drink anything of hers.

She was stunned when I took the glass
And gulped it down without a word.
She put her hand on my shoulder.
“I handle drugs regularly through my job,
And I’m good at keeping any person
In any kind of physical state I want.”

She led me to the bed by the hand.
It might have been the placebo effect,
But I already felt much sleepier.
I lay down, and she climbed in beside me,
Then covered us with the sheets.
I felt the warmth of her breath on my neck,
And her silky skin brushed against mine.

Her soft lips were touching my ear
As I thought about how I had wasted my life.
All my years had been a nightmare
Of loneliness and defeat.

I closed my eyes because I felt so vulnerable
That I would have started crying silently.
I heard the ghost of her voice in my head:
“Just let go, and I’ll take good care of you.”

I recall shivering, burning as with a fever.
I couldn’t tell if I was asleep or awake.
Although my body wanted to turn,
I felt shackled, locked in that pose.

When I opened my eyes, I saw my left arm,
Which was outstretched and cuffed,
And an IV catheter was inserted in my vein.
I couldn’t move, and I kept shivering.

Sunlight was streaming through the high windows.
The woman was buttoning a sky blue blouse,
Which she tucked into her sober black trousers.
Her hair looked professionally styled,
And she was wearing shiny earrings.

The woman noticed that I was awake,
And adjusted her cufflinks as she approached me.
“I have to spend the afternoon at the lab,
But I’ll feed you when I come back,” she said.

I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out.
“Don’t bother,” she said. “You won’t produce a sound
With the mix of drugs that I’m feeding you.
Just endure it, the shivers, the fever, the pain,
Because it will all be worth it in the end.”

I glanced at the IV tube connected to my arm,
But the woman just stared softly at me.
“When you need to pee or shit,
Just let go in your diaper.
I’ll clean up after you later.”

I was too weak to even move my neck.
She leaned in to kiss my forehead,
Then turned and left through the door.
In the drug-induced trance, I heard her car
As its engine started, and then it drove away.

‘You Choose Who Owns You, Pt. 1’ by Jon Ureña

One thought on “You Choose Who Owns You, Pt. 1 (Poetry)

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