ChatGPT writes an episode of Friends

Tonight a thought crossed my mind: “What if ChatGPT wrote an episode of Friends?” Of course, it needed to involve a dinosaur.

My prompt:

Question. Write a script for the TV show Friends. The script should be about the group of friends coming across a live dinosaur. Answer: Let’s try to work out the answer step by step:

GPT-4’s answer:

Sure, let’s go through this in steps:

Step 1: Establishing the Scenario

First, we need to establish how our beloved group of Friends would come across a live dinosaur. One possible scenario is that Ross, being a paleontologist, is invited to a top-secret experiment where scientists have managed to clone a dinosaur, and he decides to bring the whole group along.

Step 2: Character Reactions

Next, we need to determine how each character would react to seeing a live dinosaur:

  • Ross: He would be thrilled and fascinated, trying to explain everything about the dinosaur to the others.
  • Rachel: She might be scared at first but then would probably try to make friends with the dinosaur.
  • Monica: She could be worried about the dinosaur making a mess.
  • Chandler: He would likely make sarcastic remarks and jokes about the dinosaur.
  • Joey: He might be excited and curious about the dinosaur, potentially trying to communicate with it or even ride it.
  • Phoebe: She would likely be concerned about the dinosaur’s feelings and well-being.

Step 3: Dialogue and Plot

Once we have established the setting and character reactions, we can start writing the script. Here’s a brief example:


ROSS excitedly gathers the group around a large, secure enclosure. Inside is a small, surprisingly cute dinosaur.

ROSS: You guys, meet Dino – the world’s first living dinosaur clone!

CHANDLER: (sarcastically) Oh, because Jurassic Park worked out so well.

MONICA: (worriedly to Ross) You promise it’s safe, right? And… clean?

JOEY: (excitedly) Can I ride it?

ROSS: No, Joey! This is a delicate scientific breakthrough, not a petting zoo.

PHOEBE: (concerned) But is he happy here? What about his dinosaur family?

RACHEL: (to the dinosaur) Hi, Dino. I’m Rachel. Do you want to be friends?

Dino ROARS, causing the group to jump back.

CHANDLER: (dryly) Well, that went well.

GPT-4 stopped the output there, but I prompted it to continue.

Suddenly, Dino RAMS against the enclosure, breaking it open. The group SCREAMS and backs away.

ROSS: (panicked) Everyone stay calm! Dinosaurs can sense fear!

CHANDLER: (sarcastically) Oh, well, in that case, we’re totally fine.

Monica is HYPERVENTILATING, clutching Chandler’s arm.

MONICA: (terrified) Ross, do something!

Joey suddenly makes a bold decision.

JOEY: (determined) I got this!

He steps forward, trying to wrestle Dino back into the enclosure. Dino, however, is unimpressed and flicks Joey away with his tail.

Phoebe steps forward, singing a calming song.

PHOEBE: (singing softly) Smelly cat, smelly cat, it’s not your fault…

Dino seems to calm down a bit, but is still out of the enclosure.

Rachel, seeing Dino calmed by Phoebe’s singing, steps forward cautiously.

RACHEL: (gently) Dino, it’s okay. You’re safe here.

Dino seems to respond to Rachel’s soothing voice, but he’s still nervous.

ROSS: (to Rachel) Rachel, keep talking! He seems to like you.

Rachel nods, continuing to speak softly to Dino.

Meanwhile, Joey gets up from the floor, dusting himself off.

JOEY: (to Chandler) You know, I thought that would go differently.

CHANDLER: (deadpan) Really? Because I think we all saw that coming.

Suddenly, a GROUP OF SCIENTISTS rush into the room, panicked. They manage to coax Dino back into his enclosure with some food.

ROSS: (relieved) Thank goodness.

MONICA: (still shaking) Can we please go somewhere less…prehistoric now?

PHOEBE: (to Dino, sadly) Bye, Dino. I hope they let you out to play sometimes.

The group, still a bit shaken, leaves the lab.

CHANDLER: (sarcastically) So, Ross, when’s your next show and tell?

That was a success.

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