AI news #1

I tend to look up videos that are related to AI, so I figured that I could write about some of the stuff that has interested me on that subject.

First of all, I got back into Fallout 4 a couple of weeks ago, thanks to the Wabbajack modlist “Life in the Ruins.” I was never a big fan of that game; they screwed up the progression right at the beginning, the writing was crap because they guy they had in charge believed that gamers didn’t want more complexity than that (even though games like The Witcher 3 proved him wrong), etc. However, in comparison with the crap that is getting released these days, Fallout 4 is a masterpiece, particularly when the huge mod “Sim Settlements 2” is involved.

Anyway, Eleven Labs and their fantastic AI-generated voices have reached that game. One of the main issues with Fallout 4 regarding modding was that the protagonists (male and female) were voiced, and people could at the most cut up and stitch together parts of sentences that the voice actors had said, because having a silent protagonist when the rest of the game is voiced was too conspicuous, so relatively few quest mods have been made for Fallout 4. However, some people are integrating Eleven Labs AI voices (which I have used to create audiochapters for my current novel) into that game. That allows them to add many more dialogue choices and improve the RPG-ness of the game.

Skyrim was released about eleven years ago, but its modding community has only grown recently. Its protagonists had always been silent, but some modders have made voice packs using characters from other games thanks to Eleven Labs, in case you want, for example, to play Skyrim as Geralt of Rivia (from the game, of course).

One of the holy grails of gaming is having unscripted AI characters. The following demo includes characters that reason and speak autonomously thanks to neural networks (similar to GPT-4, I’m guessing, if not using that through its API). As shown in the video, the player speaks to the game characters directly through his microphone, who speak back with AI-generated voices (which aren’t remotely as good as Eleven Labs’, though).

As the last video, check out the robot below. It recognizes voice commands, it processes them through GPT-4, replies with a competent synthetic voice, and most impressive of all, it acts out the commands it has decided upon. Amazing.

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