We’re Fucked: Reorganization

I will return to work in a couple of days. From then on, every afternoon I’ll want to take advantage of my remaining energy to make some progress on my ongoing novel We’re Fucked, so now I’ve gone through the posted chapters to figure out how to organize them properly; otherwise when I end up self-publishing the novel in a few months, the potential readers (probably two or three people) would find a list of about a hundred chapters in the table of contents, which would feel swampy. So far I’ve posted 69 chapters, that I have divided into the following named sequences:

  • A Supernatural Car and a Talking Horse (19,489 words)
  • I’m Killing a Rotten Bitch (16,085 words)
  • Through Another Fucking Turn (12,959 words)
  • As if I Deserved to Be Loved (14,145 words)
  • In the Court of the French Queen (11,055 words)
  • Casually Stepping Over Monsters (8,607 words)
  • The Herald of Rust (12,576 words)
  • My Ravenous Baby (15,174 words)
  • A Gateway to the Universe (12,189 words)
  • Horses Go to Heaven (8,770 words)
  • Leire’s Got a Gun (11,855 words)
  • That Bunnyman Bastard (14,043 words)
  • A Gift From the Ice Age (18,037 words – ongoing)

I have yet to render about 18,000 words of notes into the two remaining sequences:

  • Miraculous Milk
  • Emissary of the Gods

This novel is already 174,984 words long. Ain’t that nuts? If you consider that your average novel contains 80,000 words, We’re Fucked is 2.2 times the length of a normal novel. It doesn’t matter to me; reducing the size of novels was a conspiracy by traditional publishers to save money on paper.

Anyway, all of these chapters are available (until I self-publish the ebook, because I can’t sell it on Amazon and such platforms otherwise) through this link. You know, in case anyone apart from me is enjoying this novel.

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