Revised: ‘Interspecies Misdemeanours’

A few days ago I thought about this long short story / short novella (9,794 words) that I wrote back in July of last year. I was very fond of it. However, as it happened to all my short stories that I uploaded back then, I had refused to separate the paragraphs, because doing so would hamper the final process of putting together an ebook that contained the short stories. Whether or not the spaces between the paragraphs would have been a significant issue, I was dumb to sacrifice the legibility of my entries on WordPress in favor of the annoying ebook product; after all, I have only managed to sell a single copy of my previous novel in English.

So I started rereading this novella with the intention of formatting it properly. However, I found it in a rather appalling state prose-wise. I think that back then I got such a rush out of uploading an entry before the workday ended that I cut corners to an extent that I now consider disgusting. If you read my stuff a year ago, I apologize for the annoyances this previous mindset of mine may have caused. Anyway, this task to format the novella properly turned into a full-blown revision.

For those who didn’t come across this story back in the day, it’s about a trio of somewhat idiotic teens that see a UFO in their neighborhood. I had a lot of fun writing it, and remains one of the stupidest stories I’ve ever come up with. If you enjoyed it back in the day, I have improved it enough that you may want to revisit it.

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