Revised: ‘I Was Born a Unicorn’

After the long struggle to revise my beloved first novel in English, ‘My Own Desert Places’, I formatted it into an ebook and got it uploaded to Amazon and other online retailers. So far is has sold a total of one copies, which gives me such a warm feeling.

As I was revising that novel, I also got busy rearranging all the poetry I have written into three distinct books. I have been going through the poems contained in the first of those books to revise them and update their punctuation. In some cases I’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to expand them significantly, whether because I’ve grown enough as a writer, or because I was too hasty in considering them done back then.

Anyway, this time I revised my poem ‘I Was Born a Unicorn’, about how I ended up getting diagnosed with high-functioning autism (formerly Asperger’s). I just added a few lines on top of the routine revision. It didn’t suffer any major issues.

Link to the updated poem: I Was Born a Unicorn

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