‘My Own Desert Places’ is available at online retailers

You random stranger can finally buy my novel ‘My Own Desert Places’ at online retailers. I was more or less forced to remove each chapter from my WordPress site because those online retailers don’t want the content to be readily available online for free. It just happens that the epub format of this novel that you will be able to read on your ebook readers is more convenient for your reading pleasure, and maybe more importantly, it will send money to my bank account. So please, buy my novel! 578 pages of lovingly crafted prose for just $4! Buy ten copies of it! Buy a copy of it every day! I want to become rich and quit my job. Please give me money.

You can buy my precious novel at the following sites that sell stuff online:

Amazon (you should be able to find it in the regional versions)
Rakuten Kobo
Apple Books

Other retailers refused to host my epub because it contained explicit scenes of penises going into vaginas and similar activities! Damn them all! Read my novel and learn all about depravity.

Please, if you come across anything that looks like a mistake in the novel, don’t hesitate to contact me and yell at me for being so stupid. I’ll likely be able to correct it in the future, send an updated epub file or something to that effect.

And please enjoy my novel. I remain haunted by it.

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