Revised: ‘A Chaperone for Hybrids’

I’m at the last stage of revising the novel I wrote mostly back in May, because I want people to pay four bucks for it whenever I finally upload it to online retailers. Meanwhile I’m also going through the poems that will be contained in a poetry ebook that I’ll also try to swindle people into paying for.

This time I was eager to revise the first one in this book of what I consider my ‘epic poems’, longish short stories in the form of free verse poetry. The original version of ‘A Chaperone for Hybrids’ suffered greatly from my stupid decision to do away with periods when writing poetry. I had no idea why I thought that was a good idea. Anyway, I have cut out a few sentences here and there, have added a few others, and obviously sharpened what remained, but this poem was essentially perfect as far as I am concerned. The current version is considerably stronger, and especially clearer.

The concept for this strange story came from me hearing years ago about some psychiatrist that wanted to meet people who claimed to have been abducted by aliens. The psychiatrist thought the whole thing was a delusion caused by the collective unconscious or some shit like that, but after processing many of such clients through hypnotic regression, the psychiatrist changed his tune: the phenomenon was real, and we should be very afraid. Some of the stuff that transpired on those sessions is reflected on this poem I wrote, but I won’t mention it, because that would involve spoilers. I have no idea if I imagined this whole backstory, but it doesn’t matter, because it served as fuel for this story.

Anyway, I’ve always been into aliens and UFOs, ever since I was a child. I had that common delusion in autists of believing that I must have come from another planet, because I didn’t feel much in common with humans. I even saw a UFO when I was thirteen years old, along with my parents and sister. We were coming back home from McDonalds when we spotted a big triangular UFO that was hovering over the local mountain. Three big lights that glowed yellow, orange and green, if I recall correctly. Otherworldly is the only way I can describe it; it simply wasn’t man-made.

We lost sight of it for a moment, but as my father parked the car, I just felt that I had to look up, and I suddenly saw the UFO again for a split second. It was hovering in the sky over my street. When I got out of the car excitedly, the craft was gone. I could have hallucinated the whole thing if not only my family but also four random, baffled people hadn’t witnessed it as well. It didn’t appear in the news; I doubt it had stayed around for more than a couple of minutes.

Anyway, the link is below.

A Chaperone for Hybrids

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