Revised and expanded: ‘Three Trapped Souls’

I’m at the last stage of revising a novel I wrote mostly back in May (first one in English), because I intend to publish it as an ebook. In the meantime I’m also going through all the poems that will be contained in a poetry ebook that I will release one of these days. I need to update the punctuation of most of those poems, but I’m also expanding them and sharpening them if I can figure out how.

I found my old poem ‘Three Trapped Souls’ to be far shittier than I had expected, to the extent that these days I wouldn’t have uploaded it as it stood. Thankfully, I managed to cut out half of it and expand the rest. It’s now 1,443 words long (from an original that maybe was cut down to 250 words or so). I ended up liking this new version a lot.

Anyway, the link is below.

Three Trapped Souls

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