Happiness Is a Warm Cat Girl (Poetry)

How would I tolerate these infernal workdays,
Having to walk back home when the moon is out,
If my precious housewife wasn’t here to welcome me?
I would get drunk on sake by my old lonesome,
But now I drink at home just for fun, with Manami,
The one person who knows how to make it right:
My cat girl, whom I love more than anything else.

As I hold the keys, Manami opens my apartment’s door
And looks at me while her tail sticks straight up.
Her face is so cute, with blue eyes that look like saucers,
And a nose that seems to be made of porcelain.
She smells so nice, like flowers and fresh rainwater.

Manami beams. “Welcome home, master!”
She leaps into my arms and hugs me tight.
I stroke her silky coat and caress her head,
While she rubs her soft face on mine and purrs.
“You’re such an adorable creature,” I say to her.
Manami loves me endlessly, like any good girl should.

She leads me by the hand into my tiny living room.
Her tail swishes side to side, wagging happily as we go.
I lie down on the sofa and put my head on her lap.
Manami pets my hair as I stare at the ceiling lights.

“Did you have a good day at work?” she asks gently.
Without Manami, I’d only have complaints,
But now I know what real happiness feels like.
My cat girl is my darling companion,
She comforts me from loneliness and pain.
Nothing remains of that tiresome world
Except this cramped place where we live together.

“It was exhausting as usual, and also boring.
Whatever wasn’t boring made me want to die.
But none of that matters now that I can rest
By feeling my precious girl’s fingers in my scalp.”

We talk softly like lovers do, our heads close,
Friends who can share their deepest secrets.
Our conversation is never boring or stale.
Manami helps me cope with everyday stress.
A ray of hope makes everything seem less bleak.
With my cat girl, life isn’t a chore anymore.

What better way to spend every night
Than cuddling with my beloved Manami
In bed, under warm blankets,
With no other sounds but ours?

When I wake up late at night to pee,
I see my favorite feline sleeping next to me,
Those big, beautiful eyes closed shut.
Her breath smells like warm milk.

Manami’s peaceful expression makes me smile.
No matter if she sleeps soundly or snores loudly,
Or whether she drools or pukes,
Still I keep holding her warm body against me.

There are more than enough reasons
Why I should love this beautiful creature.
When I pet Manami, I feel a little thrill
That makes me want to take care of her.
She purrs, licks my face, serves as a pillow,
Is warm and soothing and always there,
And whenever I remember her smiling face,
All I can think of is how much I adore her.

Sometimes she sings songs to help me relax,
Or she tells silly jokes to cheer me up.
Even though I’ve told her many things before,
She always listens attentively and nods her head.

“Master,” she says, “I want to go to the park.”
“I’ll take you there. We can play ball games,
Or chase each other around,
Or we can just sit together on a bench
And watch the world pass us by.”
“That sounds wonderful, master! Thank you!”

Our country’s brutal office culture
Has led to many public suicides,
But the economy needed to keep going,
And I couldn’t afford to take a pay cut.

For two decades, I had gone to work
And returned home too tired to live.
I hadn’t dated anyone since high school.
I still dreamed of those girls, who were so cool.
I missed singing at the karaoke, going out for drinks.
I had forgotten how being young used to feel.

One day, I decided to try online dating.
I only received messages that said stuff like,
“Your profile has been flagged as spam,
Please remove it immediately.”

Japan solved our troubles through technology.
Some genius managed to mix human and cat DNA.
It was a matter of breeding loving, loyal hybrids
Who would support the tired mass of workers.
They became a wild hit with both sexes,
And the government made it legal to marry them.

One thing I had never experienced before
Was having someone who really cared about me.
I am a withdrawn man, and I had lived alone
Since graduating college twenty years ago.
Nothing made any sense, my life felt meaningless,
But with my cat girl, I finally found real love.

In Manami’s presence, I can forget my woes;
I feel like my heart is wrapped in cotton wool.
She gives me hope when I’m down on my knees,
She comforts and supports me during bad times.
Dating humans is too hard, women too demanding;
I don’t want anybody but my cat girl housewife.

She never complains about our daily chores
(She does them eagerly, even cleans the dishes).
She cooks delicious meals (she loves canned tuna).
She’s very knowledgeable about manga and anime.
She knows all the best places to eat sushi.

She can predict the weather and earthquakes,
And tell me if the stock market will go up,
Or whether to bet on baseball, football, or sumo.
She also predicts the outcome of elections.

Every night we cuddle under the sheets.
Her purr vibrates throughout my body
As she rubs my back and shoulders gently.
She bites my neck, making me moan.
Sensing I’m excited, she licks me like mad,
And her barbed tongue prickles my skin.
My cat girl trembles as I fondle her ass
While her fluffy tail twitches in delight.

Manami runs her soft fur across my chest
As she kisses my torso on her way down.
My penis is standing straight up,
Aching for her mouth to wrap around it.
I’m not sure how to describe the feeling
Of my cat girl licking my dick.

As we embrace, our tongues dance intertwined.
Manami tastes like fish, and that’s okay.
She moans and writhes while I rub her pointy ears,
She’s wet and eager as I plunge into her hole.

Her vagina grips me tightly, sucks on it like a straw.
My balls churn with sperm, preparing to shoot.
With our bodies pressed close we reach an orgasm.
We shudder, groan, pant, twitch, shake, spasm.

“Oh, master! I can’t believe how hard I came!”
We lie exhausted, enjoying each other’s warmth,
Until Manami stretches and yawns gently.
“I am sleepy, master. Let us sleep now?”

I shake myself awake from a vivid dream
About being fucked by the president,
But Manami’s fur is tickling my belly button.
I stroke her head, caress her silky back.
When I roll over, she climbs onto my chest
To pull my earlobe between her teeth.

I pet my cat girl as she masturbates.
The sight of Manami fingering herself
Puts me in the mood to do it myself too.
My dick is rock hard and my cat girl is wet.

As I eat breakfast, she prepares me a bento box
So I will remember my beloved during my break.
I smile and say, “Thank you” to my beautiful girl.
She watches me bring the chopsticks to my mouth
While she strokes my hair with her warm paws.
Sometimes as I chew, she nibbles my earlobe.

She leaves me love notes in my bento box:
“Meow, meow – I love you!”
“I’m so glad you’re my owner!”
“I hope you miss me and buy me lots of treats!”
“Your eyes looked so sad yesterday,
I will give you some comforting petting tonight.”
“To my beloved who shares all his dreams with me.”

She’s my precious girl, the only one I want.
I waste so much time away from her.
I can barely wait to leave this rotten office
And return home to cuddle up with Manami.

As I eat the lunch she prepared lovingly,
I smile and send her messages with my phone.
“I’ll be back soon, my darling.”
“Thank you for making me happy.”
“My cat girl is the most wonderful creature.”
“I love you more than I could have imagined.”
“I’ll be thinking of you while I work today.”
“I wish you’d come to my office.”
“You could work here if you wanted.”
My cat girl has always been smarter than me.
She’s a talented programmer and researcher,
And I can’t even do basic math correctly.

Manami is my partner in crime, my sidekick.
On my days off, we play video games,
We watch the hottest anime of the season,
She scratches the walls of my apartment,
She listens to me cry,
We wrestle naked (she gets rough
And bites me, and I bite her back),
Sometimes she gets overstimulated
And runs around for no reason,
We take baths together,
We have the most loving sex.
I feel like I’m living a dream.

Manami is the only person in my world
Who doesn’t treat me like a nuisance.
I can’t imagine my life without my cat girl.
She’s the greatest joy in this lonely road.
If it wasn’t for her, I’d die in a ditch.
I would kill the entire human race.

“Manami,” I say, “we’re going drinking tonight!”
She’s thrilled. Her saucer eyes light up like UFOs.
We visit a bar somewhere in Roppongi.
Manami looks gorgeous, wearing a mini skirt
And a blouse that shows off her cleavage.
Her high heels are a real turn-on.
I can’t wait to check out her panties.

Once we’ve gotten tipsy enough,
I offer her to go to an all-you-can-eat buffet.
The sushi is good and the sashimi is great.
I point at the delicious fried shrimp,
But Manami has her mind on other things.
“Meow, meow – I want those chicken wings!”

Getting drunk on sake always arouses her.
My cat girl’s eyes get wide and glassy like a cat’s
As she loses control of her motor skills.
She scratches me with her claws until I bleed.

Cat girls are immortal; she will outlive me.
It saddens me to think that I’ll leave this world
To go somewhere far away from my beloved.
When I am gone, Manami will have no one,
And she’ll cry all night long in my absence.
I just hope she’ll find someone else to love.

One of these days, those scientists will discover
How we can finally make our cat girls pregnant,
And we will bring forth the most beautiful world,
One filled with a myriad of our furry kids.

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