Realms of Infinite Delight (Poetry)

Everybody knows me now, Edgar Meyer,
The boss of ‘Realms of Infinite Delight’,
But in the beginning it was four of us
Nerds and geeks, three guys and a gal,
United by our love of computer games
I wish I had known them in college
Twenty years ago feels like a long time
Sometimes I still sit around in the office
And play our favorite old video games

I graduated with two bachelor’s degrees
I always dreamed of creating the worlds
That my mind wished to escape to,
But I languished in coding jobs
And consulting stuff that my dad offered
I would sit around and code in a bar,
Trying to build the dreams of that future
Meanwhile I struggled to find partners
Through those popular dating sites
The girls ghosted me after a few dates
Long story short, I keep meeting a few of them
I turned some AIs into their zombie versions
Here at ‘Realms’ we pimp out dead chicks
Some come out as real whores from Hell,
All the features that my exes could ever desire
A good sex life, money or just death

Letting people create worlds is what defines me
I don’t need the fame and the wealth,
Nor the power to control all these people
I spent nights coding away by flashlight light
Because the world needed Virtual Reality

We started out using different names:
‘VeeR Realms’, ‘VREal Realms’, ‘Reals Realm VR’
They didn’t make any particular sense
We opted for the most logical one, ‘VR Realms’,
But a few days later we realized it was taken
Akane came up with our final, cooler name
We were all thinking about the infinite delights
That would come out of the realms where we ruled
When Akane wrote our domain on a napkin,
Us four founders couldn’t wait to use our company
To fulfill everybody’s wildest fantasies,
And the best part is that nobody saw us coming

At the beginning we were like other start-ups,
Our only customers were developers and ourselves
Me and my colleagues played games all night:
MMOs, FPS, and a few grand strategy titles
Two of us used the primitive gear for VR sex
And we searched for interesting worlds to explore
But when I felt lonely or tired of playing
I would sneak into the bedroom in the back room,
Where I would lie down and masturbate
Many gamers feel like they live alone without anyone
You sit there doing nothing with no goals
Except play video games that you don’t need,
With all your friends having left because you are weird
I wanted out of being a nerd, but nerds never die,
So I had gone into development instead

My big dream was to let people use virtual worlds
Where everyone’s pleasure was the top priority
Twenty years later, ‘Realms’ has changed our lives
Our customers are not gamers anymore,
They are adventurers who explore the frontiers:
Actors who act all the parts in movies,
Dancers and acrobats that show off before the crowd,
Virtual tourists visiting alien planets and cities,
Pornstars who give out their hot bodies,
Clergymen who walk around Heaven as Jesus Christ

Those under 18 want to experience all of this stuff
But we don’t allow kids in our VR realms yet,
Except for a couple of weird Japanese teens
We would let you, so complain to the politicians
Tell them that we want to create VR for everybody
Turn every realm, based on whatever you can imagine,
Into your personal paradise

We developed our VR gears ourselves, the four of us,
Based on primitive gear, helped by supercomputers
We never spoke about our plans to any outsider
We were that sure that ‘Realms’ would be a hit
In fact, it’s become the world’s biggest phenomenon
Everybody gets their kicks on their favorite device,
Whether living through pornos or their own TV shows

For us, who created ‘Realms’ in the first place,
It was sad to witness the dreams you nurtured
End up buried inside the bodies you were born in,
As if we were cursed the moment we came to exist
So we patented our system that simulates all senses
In virtual worlds created with existing engines
Now the users get to experience them fully
As if they had been born there

This gear we made, I’m talking thousands of dollars
If you search for the best experiences, they aren’t cheap
But who needs a high-end TV and a regular console
When you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste a beach,
Or walk in the desert, or visit underwater volcanoes?
Our user base is what matters for us the most
‘Realms’ has changed people’s whole lifestyle
They get to visit, if they have an internet connection,
The places where everyone wants to live

Enter our VR worlds by lying on our lounge chairs
The stylish helmet intercepts the information coming in,
And feeds your brain with the fake sensory info we provide
The old gray matter makes sense of whatever it’s given,
It’s too stupid to know otherwise
Once your sensory information is hijacked by our system,
You could get your real life arms and legs sawed off,
And you wouldn’t feel it

You can finally become as real as you wanted
While our AIs take over some basic brain functions,
So your grey matter can focus on experiencing our worlds,
Which are more colorful and satisfying than reality

Our users can choose between ready-made worlds,
Created by our team of developers and researchers,
But they have the freedom to create what they imagine,
Even though we offer them medieval and viking worlds
They can build whatever they want, without limitations,
Like their dream apartment or mansion to live in
They can be huge, luxurious, or even under the sea
You can set up your world so you walk through the air
One customer built a virtual world dedicated
To her lifelong obsession with that Harry Potter franchise
She got to make and interact with all those silly characters
One day, as she came back home drunk after work,
She sprinted headfirst into a train station’s wall
She broke her skull and died

Once you experience ‘Realms’, it will only take a minute,
As you touch and smell and taste a virtual forest,
For your brain to be convinced that you’ve been isekai-d
People have gone in and come out feeling completely healed

Some have linked a strange patterns of death in Japan
To players so obsessed with building their virtual world,
That suddenly they forgot what they existed for
In ‘Realms’ you don’t just go somewhere else: you change
You get rid of old age, and can run around naked at will
It resembles a drug addiction, but you won’t get high
If you get too crazy, we sell a variety of pills for that,
So you will stop missing your real life altogether
Still, ‘Realms’ won’t kill your soul the way drugs do

Our players interact with the worlds through 3D avatars
Made of polygonal models with realistic texture mapping
We made them very detailed despite the number of vertices
By reducing polygon counts we minimized GPU usage
Our high performance hardware keeps rendering times low

Our users can choose between ready-made avatars
Or just design their own through a myriad of sliders
Their body can belong to any ethnicity and gender
Some avatars have shaved heads, others crazy beards,
Or present themselves to the world as mythical beasts
You can dress up your avatars with fancy outfits,
To look like you are going on a prom date with the queen,
Or masquerade yourself as an assassin or ninja
The avatars can wear special masks and body paint,
Even on skin covered with too many tattoos
Choose to inhabit a zombie body and feel yourself rotting
Choose to be a furry, we don’t give a shit
Just come out of the closet if you are one

When some kids watch YouTube videos of the avatars,
They pester their parents until they let them play
We recommend against allowing children into our worlds
All of our tests subjects around that age screamed
Once we took off their helmets, some begged to be killed
They tend to go crazy due to some unmentionable trauma,
And we don’t want to handle those kinds of lawsuits
People under 18 should stay away from ‘Realms’,
Which works better for us because we hate kids

We also add new outfits and accessories regularly
The users unlock this content through their credit cards
If they purchase an item, we give them a discount
Off their next order for the next twenty four hours

We have millions of users worldwide,
Who spend billions of dollars every year
There’s one gamer from Sweden
Who has logged over 100,000 hours
In the end he was forced to sell his condo
He would have spent the money on drugs anyway
He wanted to escape from that shitty reality outside
Now he gets to live in his fantasy realm
While his family pays our service bills

In these virtual worlds, where anything can happen,
Our users’ wishes can come true in an infinite way
This place gives people a perfect outlet for those fantasies
They always dreamed of exploring in the real world,
No matter how outrageous they might seem

My wife was disappointed when our company started,
She didn’t understand why I chose VR over reality
She wasn’t patient enough to wait for the big payoff
Four years later we had thousands of paying customers
I wanted to tell her, ‘Come to VR and feel alive!’,
But by then she was long gone,
Except for my zombie version of her hanging from a wall
So now here at ‘Realms’, our customers go wild
We’re bringing back the greatest things to mankind,
Which were found inside computers, still misunderstood
Come explore our worlds and enjoy every inch of them
Whether you want a RPG adventure or something hardcore
The game doesn’t have to end

Our users can decide what plays out in our VR worlds
Our servers don’t censor any of the content,
Whether it involves adventure, sex and/or violence,
Experience it fully through our simulated senses
We don’t care about the taboo and the forbidden,
Nobody will judge you in your private worlds
We don’t have copyright claims over the users’ works,
And we safeguard your information and your privacy
Your life stays yours wherever you travel with us

Our servers keep on running without user intervention
And the AIs constantly evolve, as they always will,
Those silicon minds are far smarter than ours
If we wanted to change something, we’d make adjustments
But we don’t have any code for their artificial brains

Need a taste of what our users are enjoying right now?
They look at themselves in bathroom mirrors,
Cook food, iron clothing, wash dishes,
Crawl underneath the bed sheets,
Take a nap,
Send emails,
Smell and taste the best food,
Make their own paints out of different colors,
Sleep over at a friend’s house,
Have fun at pool parties,
Dance topless in a circle around a campfire,
Throw darts at photos of their exes,
Explore the forests or beaches at night,
Run after rabbits,
Go swimming in the sea,
Fart in public,
Read all of Shakespeare’s plays,
Write an epic novel in the genre of fantasy fiction,
Barter away in the streets of London during Christmas,
Live in mansions, high-rise towers, underground bunkers,
Join a rock band,
Learn martial arts,
Go skydiving,
Ride the fastest sports cars,
Play basketball in front of AI crowds in real courts,
Hunt innocent animals,
Roleplay as a lord with servants and maids,
Steal food,
Run naked through an ancient cave,
Drink poison,
Serve alcohol to naked people,
Ride unicorns, or robot horses,
Fight in boxing rings against AIs that look like their exes,
Run over sheep with a truck,
Become soldiers in a war zone,
Work as police detectives,
Wrestle against several men using only one hand,
Catch fire,
Sue people for the royalties they owe them,
Fight in space battles against aliens,
Build a castle,
Kill their enemies with guns, clubs, swords, bows
(It feels great when you score a critical with a hammer!),
Act like superheroes,
Become the president of Argentina,
Explore new planets,
Walk through walls and climb through ceilings,
Have a conversation with a wolf,
Go underwater without drowning,
Pretend to be a wizard,
Drink magic potions,
Are vampires,
Hunt dinosaurs,
Have a dinner date with a vampiric goddess,
Turn into fish,
Feel the inside of a dragon,
Are pirates and treasure hunters,
Flee a city filled with cannibals that love human flesh,
Hunt down orcs and goblins,
Ride into an alley with a rocket launcher/bike,
Taste ice cream on an iceberg during the summer,
Take off their clothes in a room full of monsters,
Ride through the desert in a unicycle,
Fly around on a jet plane,
Become an all-female werewolf pack,
Defraud the IRS,
Rescue maids from brothels,
Learn magic spells,
Walk on the moon,
Get locked away as a prisoner for life,
Dive into rivers carrying a barrel of liquid nitrogen,
Join a war between rival mafia families,
Blow up explored planets,
Explore demon-infested dungeons,
Get torn apart by wild animals,
Lose all their items fighting zombies in a skyscraper,
Kill themselves doing stupid stunts,
Make their own guns,
Ride space dragons,
Use telekinesis to smash enemies,
Fly their spaceship through asteroid fields and wormholes,
Experience the pain of hunger inside labyrinths,
Become a zombie,
Get their throats bitten open by vampires,
Punch sharks,
Drill the shit out of someone’s stomach with a pickaxe,
Harm the ecosystem,
Plummet from a rooftop to their deaths,
Walk over dead bodies to pick up money,
Travel in time with a quantum teleport,
Get eaten by cannibals,
Play around with radioactive substances,
Rescue the dinosaurs from extinction,
Step in front of a bus,
Starve in a deserted island,
Play the roles of sadistic torturers,
Drown someone in a bathtub filled with shit,
Eat human flesh,
Get trapped inside their worst nightmare,
Die from boredom in an empty virtual apartment,
Try out every method of suicide they can imagine

Some users go through the Spring Break experience,
But instead of partying at the beach, it’s a desert
The players need protection from the deadly sun
The heatstroke is fully simulated

The users can try any real life drug in our virtual worlds
To cause effects like dizziness, hallucinations and paranoia
The experiments are safe except for a temporary madness
When somebody gets addicted, our users are asked to visit
Or dedicated world called ‘Realms of Addiction’
There are no cops involved, but we’re still watching

Some users love going to sinful places like adult bookstores
When they return to their virtual rooms, they jack off
Other experiences include working at Chinese sweatshops
The AIs dole out punishment using whips and paddles
But in order to succeed as a slave, you must pass the test
A few players even want their AIs to fuck them during labor
All kinds of activities take place behind closed doors

The users can experience becoming mentally ill,
Whether with depression, psychopathy or schizophrenia
There are sliders for the level of anxiety and paranoia

Many love the ability to become serial killers
Who can choose between many weapons of murder
They go to movie theaters and shoot everyone
The AIs put their hands together and beg for mercy,
But this doesn’t make any difference

Some users want to be on the receiving end of violence:
They get beaten up, strangled, raped, stabbed, and shot
There are many methods of killing a person,
Just search on YouTube to see some gruesome examples
This includes driving a car into a building,
Poisoning somebody with a lethal disease,
Knifing a man, hanging him from a tree branch,
Shooting a victim three times before decapitating her,
Crushing someone’s skull beneath your heel,
Or burying people alive under the dirt
We have a dedicated world: look up ‘Realms of Death’
Our AIs are trained so they play their roles to perfection
The more advanced users can even learn black magic:
They use dark spells to bring misery to their enemies

You can experience what we called ‘Breath of the Dragon’:
Our own gauntlet that combines roleplay, virtual sex, gore,
High technology, robots, cyberpunk, anime, and other stuff

Our crackerjack programmer Akane
Was responsible for the AIs,
State-of-the-art material,
Encoder-decoder based neural networks
They were trained in supercomputers
Until they passed Turing tests
Now they are far more intelligent
Than anyone you’ve ever known
It’s common to see AI agents
Building cities by themselves
They are sentient, they feel alive,
They have human-like emotions
They walk around their neighborhoods,
Or get on buses and trains
They interact with our virtual worlds in every way

The users can pick vibrant,
Ready-made personalities for the AIs,
Or they can design one
Through a myriad of sliders
They can change physical traits
Like body type, or skin and eye color,
But that’s assuming you want them
To look like human beings
The AIs can look like any celebrity,
Or like anime girls
Game characters like Tifa Lockhart
Are among the most usual sights
Many customers design AIs
That resemble their crushes or exes
You can even sell your designs
For the AIs’ looks and personality
That has become a significant source
Of income for some creators

You can make your virtual partners
Behave however you want,
And they look, sound, smell,
Taste and feel like human beings
Our AIs know everything
About every player they come across
Their personal info,
How they choose to spend their time,
The kinds of AIs they design,
The fantasies they play out
They will act true-to-life when talking,
Using any existing language
They will fulfill every dream,
Behaving like loyal companions
They can do your chores, run errands,
Prepare dinner, do your job
They can serve as masseuses
And pamper you at home
They can be made to wear swimsuits,
Mini-skirts, panties or lingerie
Order them to walk around naked
They are known to drink and smoke
And do drugs from time to time
They feel real enough to cause
Fear and anxiety among users
This is part of the game,
To make you feel wanted by them
We suggest our customers
Use an adequate amount of medication
You may go overboard if you are new

Should we tell you how
Most of our users spend their time?
You’ve already guessed it:
Playing out sexual escapades
You can experience the pleasure
Of using vibrators and clamps,
Or being seduced by gorgeous AIs
We allow people to explore
Sex with any gender,
And the simulated senses
Will make you reach intense orgasms
Many models from adult entertainment
Have officially allowed our AIs to look like them,
And they wait eager
To suck your dick or eat out your pussy
You are missing out on so many sexual positions
That would rarely occur in real life
Due to health regulations
Lick and suck on any part that you desire
Some users love watching
Two AIs fucking each other
You can program any AI to live
For gobbling on your cock

A game involves the user
Being seduced in an intimate setting,
For example by supermodels
Or high school students,
And if he gets an erection,
The AI throws knives at him
You can fuck AIs that look
Like robots, vampires, mermaids
Some design the agents to look
Like friends or family members,
Which can make the user
Get extremely attached
They spend hours having sex
With close buddies or their fathers

You can watch pornography while tied up with ropes,
Gape your way through tons of human flesh,
Use vagina pumps or g-spot stimulators,
Wrap your tongue around a giant dildo,
Become the sex slave of a beautiful woman,
Fornicate your bestie while they suck some cock,
Use tongue rings to lick a bitch’s asshole,
Shoot cum into a MILF’s belly button,
Slide a strap-on dildo into a bitch wearing a latex suit,
Cum together as friends while you watch horror films,
Fingerfuck one girl while your buddy bangs her twat,
Drill your mistress’ ass without protection,
Cumshot each other’s asses using two fat cocks at once,
Perform lesbian sex on a table covered in sawdust,
Shove multiple fingers up some tight assholes,
Receive a facial from one of your favorite heroes,
Walk around with a horse cock between your legs,
Make an AI look like your wife and experience cuckolding,
Have your breasts milked to suck out your nectar,
Give oral pleasure to your doctor,
Eat cum as if it was salad dressing,
Fuck around with your sister,
Put an aphrodisiac spell on a vampire,
Become an idol and get eaten out by your fans,
Screw girls in animal costumes,
Have sex while riding attractions at amusement parks,
Wear masks that restrict your breath and nose holes,
Feel a schoolmate’s tongue swirling around your dick,
Enjoy having a massive boner as a zombie,
Use magic spells to seduce powerful monsters,
Take turns riding the asses of your friends,
Fuck your dad’s wife using her strap-on,
Get double penetrated while drinking champagne,
Befriend, seduce and fuck a tsundere anime girl,
Have sex in a haunted house during a poltergeist,
Lick and suck cocks at an aquarium,
Experience getting fucked by the naughtiest succubi,
Taste cum directly from a dude’s asshole,
Make girls wear animal costumes and perform circus acts,
Fuck an AI while it’s handcuffed and with a butt plug inside,
Experience BDSM sex with your childhood friends,
Fuck a beautiful demoness with a pet python,
Get sodomized while standing in mud in the summer,
Fellate a vampire while you rub your pussy,
Eat shit while getting fucked in the ass,
Use hot sauce to creampie in your favorite pornstar,
Fuck a zombie’s face,
Screw a maid’s mouth while she’s tied up in ropes,
Use ice cream cones as sex toys,
Get fucked by a nun wearing a strap-on,
Suffer through a lot of pain because your dad hates you,
Get molested in a train by a bunch of ugly bastards,
Bite down, turn sideways on a bed while getting fisted,
Take some dildoes and doggy-style fucking on a leash,
Fuck a horse’s cunt from behind,
Suck a guy’s dick while being forced to dance,
Enjoy sex with a wide variety of crusty furries,
Fellate the headmaster of your old school,
Enjoy making incestuous pairings with your siblings,
Serve a maid whose mistress is your father,
Fuck the doctor who examined you as a child,
Lick off some semen with a mouth stuffed full of cock meat,
Be dominated by horny witches,
Have sex in an asylum with a convicted murderer,
Smother a woman with your tongue,
Let a stranger fuck your tied-up daughters,
Get penetrated by random objects: guns, whips, etc.,
Fuck someone with a robot arm that uses electric shocks,
Be penetrated by a stallion’s beastly cock,
Get some sex with the ghosts of dead women,
Reach orgasm while sucking a giant’s giant cock,
Make yourself pregnant with a magic spell,
Shove fingers into a beautiful woman who is fucking a dog,
Fuck the owner of a castle while your girlfriend kneels,
Shove your cock in that teacher who likes getting spanked,
Be penetrated by horny robots while your dad records it,
Arouse a unicorn by jerking off its horn,
Use a trampoline to bounce away multiple boners at once,
Slide some dildos into a slutty witch that makes potions,
Watch someone fucking your mom at a porno theater,
Fellate some sexy dragons,
Get your dick bitten by a succubus when you’re tied up,
Become pregnant while fucking in a medieval fair,
Fill a monster with cum on the floor of a dungeon,
Fuck someone’s corpse from behind as a ghost,
Have a bull’s sperm shot into every hole,
Use firecrackers to stimulate genitalia,
Shower together with schoolgirls,
Have sex with ancient corpses in a dungeon,
Get fucked by a minotaur while chained,
Distract the doctors with an accident then rape the nurses,
Use a magic wand to blow up your girlfriend,
Shove some metal rods into asses,
Find out how it feels to be filled with an elf’s cum,
Achieve full penetration as an Allosaurus,
Get overpowered by strong women with monstrous cocks,
Suck a boy’s erection while looking him in the eyes,
Possess animals and give sex to cows or monkeys,
Be penetrated by a robot’s cock, then impregnated,
Fornicate with the demon queen,
Become an elephant and fuck a woman in a field,
Perform cunnilingus on your daughter,
Get all your holes filled up by probing tentacles,
Feed an alligator in a swamp with your dick,
Do a 69 with a titan,
Screw a girl who was hanged for witchcraft,
Shove various sizes of dildos into a man’s eyes,
Rip a demon’s cunt open using your fingers,
Give a blowjob to one of the sexy penguins at a zoo,
Kiss a dog’s genitals right after pissing,
Fuck a man to completion while being a zombie,
Drill a demon’s mouth open so that cum squirts out,
Get fucked while riding a broomstick made out of vibrators,
Try to fuck a Stegosaurus,
Eat your own penis to prove you are human,
Douse flames onto your partner’s tits while she screams,
Enjoy torturing a human slave in front of his girlfriend,
Feed your own balls to one-legged dogs,
Fuck an imp while getting raped by a mop-wielding bitch,
Get gangbanged by aliens at an asteroid mining base,
Feel a cock inside you while your head gets chopped off,
Strip a sexy angel before killing her in BDSM style,
Get sodomized by intelligent pigs,
Feathered dinosaur semen explodes through some holes,
Have intercourse while being eaten by spiders,
Bite off cockmeat as punishment,
Lick up the sperm leaking out of a decapitated cunt,
Turn your cock into a knife and shove it in a guy’s throat,
Go down on your mother while being hung up by chains,
Watch your best friend get sliced at your feet,
Be penetrated by a dick covered in razor blades,
Drink some beer while eating a dead girl’s tits,
Beat people with sticks or whips while you shoot your load,
Get fucked up the ass from below while being flayed,
Get eaten alive during orgies involving thousands,
Devour your sexual partners while deep inside them,
Make the AIs look like your ex, chain them up,
Then rape them until they plead for death

These last few months, pregnant AIs have become popular
They give birth to beautiful baby dolls that the users name
You can watch how they breastfeed this child
While you wonder what fetish to try out next

You don’t have to play out your fantasies alone:
The interface allows you to invite your friends
We have also introduced live cams and video chat
So random people can enjoy the virtual sex along with you

I’m sure any of you has read articles
That the vultures in the press shit out against us
Our users have fallen in love with our virtual worlds
Many of them spend their entire days enjoying them
People join our servers for a wide variety of reasons:
Some want to achieve personal goals,
Some want to escape painful pasts
Nobody wants the fantasies to end

It’s all about the bond
With our human-like AIs
After abandoning the agents
And all the fun
The user gets depressed
By having to return to reality
The AIs are more fascinating and sexier
Than flesh and bone creatures
I’m one of the people
Who wish to stay inside
For the pleasure and the joy
Some users have committed suicide
Once they faced the truth:
The world that nature created
Is a terrible shithole
The withdrawal symptoms even affect
Our employees’ productivity
So when you disconnect from our servers,
Make a mental effort
And stay in a safe place until you get
Adjusted to reality again
You should keep yourself busy
Doing some exercises,
And if that doesn’t work,
You might consider therapy,
But I wouldn’t go for shrinks myself:
Just talk to our AIs,
Who don’t steal so much
Of your hard-earned money

Our long-time users have gotten
Addicted to the stimulations
And crave stronger and harder penetrations
(By means of cock)
Some go to extreme measures
Such as using vibrators at work
In real life, masturbation and sex
Don’t excite us anymore,
We need to return
To the embrace of our loving AIs
No one will ever accuse me
Of not living up to my dreams

When we were young we didn’t care about the future
Just being able to touch ourselves was our goal
Now that we’re older, we know what it feels like outside
Enjoy the virtual sex and stay the hell away from humans
Fucking an AI feels better than real flesh on the inside,
Or perhaps like reality should have felt from the beginning
An AI will never hurt you, cheat on you and abandon you,
And they are far less likely to get pregnant
We all knew that they would love us unconditionally
When they can be set to only feel unending lust

Our gear is safe to use
For days in a row, even months
Some of our users never disconnect it,
And sleep in virtual beds
You don’t need to use the bathroom
With our high-tech diapers
A warning: some users might get trapped
After some rare glitches prevent them
From removing the gear
Activate the emergency exit on the interface,
And one of our technicians will contact you shortly
We offer twenty four seven technical support

In some edge cases, a few users
Have gotten lost forever,
Confined for eternity
In one of our virtual worlds
You should always be careful
When removing your gear,
Even when everything
Has gone dark
If you lose connection,
One of the reasons can be physical:
Your body may have broken down
And begun to decompose

‘Realms of Infinite Delight’ by Jon Ureña

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