A Caring Touch (Poetry)

My idea of heaven
Is sitting in a dim room
While beautiful women
Do ASMR for me

I dream of all these ladies
Pampering me like a child
They caress my scalp gently,
They run their fingers over my face,
They lick my temples and ears,
They place gentle kisses on my neck,
They stroke the length of my back
They bathe me in warmth and silence
Every hair of mine stands straight up
All the way down to my toes

Their soothing voices
Ask me what I need:
A kiss in each eye?
A sweet lick up your cheeks?
A tongue up the nose?
A little caress on your balls?

I feel their warm breath in my ears
As their wet tongues dig in
While their loving fingers
Fondle my cock

Nursing me back to health,
Taking care of every scratch and cut
I close my eyes and I dissolve
Nothing matters anymore

I would have traded all the sex
For a woman touching me
Like she cared

She strokes my hair,
She engulfs me in her embrace,
As she whispers in my ear,
“Are you happy, little boy?”
I have finally died,
And I get to sleep
With her soothing tits
Wrapped around my face

‘A Caring Touch’ by Jon Ureña


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