A Caring Touch (Poetry)

My idea of heaven
Is to lounge in a dim room
While beautiful women
Do ASMR for me.

I dream of these ladies
Pampering me like a child.
With quiet voices
And likely soft hands,
From sweet whispers
To soothing sighs
And sensual moans,
All while I enjoy
Their tender touches
(Translated by my mind).

They stroke the length of my back,
They massage my shoulders,
They caress my scalp gently,
They place soft kisses on my neck,
They run their fingers over my face,
They lick my ear holes thoroughly.
As they bathe me in quiet warmth,
Every hair of mine stands straight up
All the way down to my hairy toes.

They whisper into my ears
About their carefree lives,
Or about how much they love me,
And how devoted they are to me.

Their mollifying voices
Ask me what I need:
A kiss on each eye?
A nibble on your earlobe?
A sweet lick up your cheeks?
A tongue up the nose?
A soft touch on your nipples?
A firm squeeze of your ass?
A little caress on your balls?

I want them to continue stroking me,
For hours and days and weeks.
I feel so good. I feel so safe.
Like the sound of rain on a roof,
It lulls me to rest,
It makes me want to cry.

Their silky hair tickles me
As it brushes against my skin.
The scent of their perfumes
Intoxicates me.
Their breaths warm my ears
As their wet tongues dig in
While their loving fingers
Fondle my dick.

Nursing me back to health,
Taking care of every scratch and cut.
Like a precious treasure
To be cherished in their arms,
The way a mother
Would take care of her son
If she was able to love,
I close my eyes and I dissolve.
Nothing matters anymore.

Lifting her skirt in a park
While a guy walks his dog.
Half-assed blowjobs on the toilet
When I really need to take a shit.
Working myself into an erection
When I just want to be left alone.
Passionless, stale missionary
While she thinks about her ex.
I would have traded all of it
For a woman touching me
Like she cares.

As she engulfs me in her embrace,
She runs her fingers through my hair
And whispers softly in my ear.
“Are you happy, little boy?”

I have finally died,
And I get to rest
With her soothing breasts
Wrapped around my face.

‘A Caring Touch’ by Jon Ureña

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