A Spider’s Song (Poetry)

There’s a giant spider in my bedroom
It’s crawling on the ceiling,
Spinning a web of death
Over my bed

The spider gets stronger,
Each day it grows bigger
It’s crawling towards
The inside of my head

What’s your name?
Do you have a job?
Do you have a family?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Are you happy?

I hate everything about it:
The office, the bills,
The invoices, the customers
Every day is the same

Why did you kill me?
To steal my cell phone?
I was minding my business,
Heading to work

I’m an ant that’s been crushed,
A flower that never felt the sun,
A worm that can’t get out of its hole,
A baby bird that fell out of its tree

My soul was on its way to heaven
Until it got eaten by a giant spider
My soul was on its way to hell
Until it got caught in the spider’s web

I’m stuck in a spider’s belly
I feel a hundred spiders
Scurrying inside my ribcage
And in the corners of my heart

I had been waiting for my revenge
To be born in me,
So I could show them all
That I’m not their slave

I am a giant spider
Crawling through the world,
Swinging my webs of death
Over my enemies

I’ll kill everyone that hates me,
Anyone that wants my money,
That tries to steal from me,
That treats me like trash,
Who bullies me,
Who’s cruel to me,
That insults me,
That cheats,
Who thinks of me as weak,
Who thinks I’m ugly,
That thinks I’m dumb,
That laughs at me,
Who looks down on me,
Who makes fun of my clothes,
That makes fun of me,
That lies to me,
Who ignores me,
Who talks behind my back,
That doesn’t understand me,
That doesn’t love me

My hands are full of venom,
So I’ll poison everyone,
Everyone who’s evil,
Or anyone that lives

I will hunt them down
And I’ll tear them apart
I will exterminate them
So I can have revenge,
So I can enjoy the deed,
For what they’ve done to me

I will show them all
That I won’t accept anyone,
That I don’t want anyone,
That I don’t need anyone,
That I can live without them,
That I don’t depend on them,
That I can survive without them,
That I’m not their slave

‘A Spider’s Song’ by Jon Ureña


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