A Spider’s Song (Poetry)

Each day the spider gets bigger.
I feel the tips of its hairy legs
As it spins its web of death
Inside my head.

Why are you here?
What’s your name?
How old are you?
What do you think about?
Where do you live?
Do you have a job?
Do you have a family?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Have you had children?
Are you happy?

I wake up before sunrise
So I can travel to my office
And handle lots of invoices
And deal with idiotic clients.
Every day is the fucking same.
I want to scream out loud,
But no one would hear me.

“Don’t worry,” the voice says.
“You’ll get used to it.”
It eats away at my thoughts
As it crawls inside my brain.

I’m walking on autopilot
When three thugs stop me.
I don’t react how they’d prefer.
One of them grabs me by the throat,
And his fingers dig into my windpipe.
“Give us your wallet and cellphone.”

I don’t move, I don’t speak,
I don’t blink, I don’t breathe.
They grab my arms and legs
And drag me into an alleyway.
They say I had my chance;
They’ll take my shit themselves.

One punches me in the face,
Another kicks me in the stomach.
The third guy takes out a knife
And slices open my jacket.

The leader grabs my wallet,
And I drop my briefcase.
As it hits the ground with a thud,
I shove my thumb into his eye.

Seconds later I’m on the ground.
The knife is stuck in my chest.
I hear footsteps running away.
Blood pours out from my wound
And spills onto the pavement.
Pain pounds in my skull.
I feel my body growing cold.

I was minding my business,
Heading to work.
In the end, I am alone.
I never wanted to be born.

I’m an ant that’s been crushed,
A flower that never felt the sun,
A baby bird that fell out of its tree,
A worm that can’t get out of its hole.

“Hi, my name is Spider.
Your soul was on its way to hell,
But it got tangled in my webs.
Now you are trapped inside me.”

I’m stuck in a giant spider’s belly.
I feel a thousand hairy spiders
As they scurry inside my ribcage
And crawl all over my heart.

I had been waiting for revenge
To be born in me,
So I could show them all
That I’m not their slave.

I’m about the size of a house.
I have a black carapace,
An oversized abdomen,
Six eyes,
Eight hairy legs,
Two pairs of venomous fangs.

My brain is made of silk,
And my blood is thick and sticky.
I’ve grown to fill this space,
And I’ll keep growing until I’m done.

I kill everyone that hates me,
Anyone that wants my money,
That tries to steal from me,
That treats me like trash,
Who bullies me,
Who’s cruel to me,
That insults me,
That cheats,
Who thinks of me as weak,
Who thinks I’m ugly,
That thinks I’m dumb,
That laughs at me,
Who looks down on me,
Who makes fun of my clothes,
That makes fun of me,
That lies to me,
Who ignores me,
Who talks behind my back,
That doesn’t understand me,
That doesn’t love me.

My fangs are full of venom,
So I’ll poison everyone,
Everyone who’s evil,
Or anyone that lives.

I’ll suck up their juices
And chew on their bones.
I will have my revenge
For what they’ve done to me.
Every one of them will learn
That I don’t need anyone,
That I can survive without them,
That I’m not their slave.

‘A Spider’s Song’ by Jon Ureña

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