Final cover for my latest novel “My Own Desert Places”

The contest for the cover of my latest novel, “My Own Desert Places”, has finished, and only one nailed for me its odd tone, a mix of dark comedy, drama and supernatural.


Now that I don’t have to worry about the cover any longer, I will continue with my first full-length revision of the novel, which is close to the size of 2,2 novels. Revising texts you haven’t read in a while is a good way to get reminded of how stupid you are, because I average around 70 notes to change stuff by chapter. I also found three places so far in which I will need to add further details from zero. Revising the novel until I’m happy will likely take me a couple of weeks. Then I’ll have to figure out how one self-publishes stuff to Amazon and the likes these days, and whether I’ll need to market it somehow. What a bother.

My mood has only worsened since I stopped writing frantically every day, so I’ll also need to deal with that shit.

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