VR Tales of the Imouto (GPT-3 fueled short)

I was bored today, and I have enjoyed that new anime “Full Dive” recently.

The classes finally end for the day. As soon as I reach my home and I eat some, I sit on my virtual reality chair to log into my beloved game. I recline my head and I feel the virtual sensorial orchestra overwhelming this lackluster reality, kidnapping me from the dreadful real world into a more colorful virtual one, in which I can be important and do exciting stuff.
Inside the virtual world, I awaken in my home, a two-story building in a small, generic fantasy town. I embrace the alien breeze in my skin, the feeling of the adventuring clothes keeping my virtual body warm, the heavy trusty sword now sheathed and hanging from my belt. I hear the voices of my virtual parents, both non-player characters, talking to each other on the floor below. They wouldn’t speak with any other inhabitant of this home when I’m not present, because I’m an only child. Then I smell the cooking. These virtual parents are nice, not like the couple of neglectful punks from my real world.
When I descend the stairs I see my mother sitting on the couch, her face buried in a book. She looks up towards me.
“You look ready for an adventure, dear,” she says with a smile. “But also tired. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, OK?”
I nod to her and say goodbye, then leave my hometown behind to venture into the wilderness. New adventures await.
I can expect a variety of dangers, from slavering beasts lurking in the forests to rogue mages in their towers. I am ready for them all! But today is a beautiful day, so I decide to enjoy the scenery. In real life I’m lucky if I can venture far enough from my street from time to time. I get so exhausted, and I need to deal with transportation and all that crap. On here, in the virtual world, everything is grandiose, and adventures await me in every corner. Bloody tales, often involving murder. Those tend to be the best kinds.
I’m so absorbed by my surroundings that I don’t watch where I’m going, and walk right into something. It feels like running into a wall. There was a man standing on the path, dressed in leather armor and gripping a sword with his teeth. He takes the sword out of his mouth.
“Hello,” he says. “I am Sir Owen. Are you new to this world?”
“Not at all, I’ve been playing for a while. Are you another player?”
“A player?” Sir Owen chuckles. “No. I’m afraid not. None of us are. We’re all locked in this world, doomed to stand by and watch as you players have all the fun.”
I nod solemnly.
“Damn, they pack non-player characters with some gravitas these days.”
“I take it you’re a player,” says Sir Owen. “I haven’t seen you around before, unless you’ve joined since the last time I went to sleep. What’s your name?”
“I’m Cockslapius Fuckbucket the Third.”
“Well, Cockslapius Fuckbucket the Third, I wish you the best of luck in this world.”
“Don’t need luck, my friend, just my trusty sword and my healthy bloodlust. Both have done wonders for me already. Kind of a veteran player at this point.”
“Ah, an experienced one, then. You’re just the man I need to talk to. I was told that players could go to the city if I needed help, and you seem trustworthy.”
I just got here and already some NPC is trying to rope me into doing his dirty work? What a pushy bastard. Then again, this could be a good opportunity. If I help this desperate character, he might have some goodies for me… And I wouldn’t forgive myself if I passed the chance to train further.
“Sure, I can waste my time with some sidequest. What city are we talking about here, my good man?”
“The one I am trying to protect, of course. We call it… Oh, what is the name of it again? It’s on the tip of my tongue…”
“Uh… Nevermind. Probably doesn’t matter. What do you need me to do?”
“I need you to infiltrate the city and kill the evil wizard who controls it.”
“Is this a new development? I haven’t heard of any nearby cities with such issues before.”
Sir Owen grips his sword with determination, and looks at me sternly. He’s like some serious dude.
“Sire, I wouldn’t dare joke about such a grave matter as an evil wizard controlling an entire population of innocents. I need your help, Cockslapius. Will you help me?”
I rub my chin while I consider the situation. Would the artificial intelligence have introduced such a status quo altering event, given that it would affect other players? And out of nowhere as well? It seems wholly unlikely. Maybe this non-player character is messing with me. But then, he seems pretty damn serious.
“If you’re lying to me, I’m coming back to haunt you.”
He nods vigorously.
“Of course. Now, let’s get down to business.”
“Fine. Let’s go.” After a few meters, I turn towards him. “Wait, what was the city involved in this mess?”
“Oh, certainly, we must do this first. It’s Bealbeast.”
My eyebrows rise in surprise. That’s one of the more popular hubs, well protected by a powerful mage who lives there. The chances of this being legitimate are low.
“I see. And what’s the name of this powerful wizard?”
As I frown, we continue on. The man doesn’t seem to notice my disapproval, and rattles off his story.
“Cyrus was my pupil when I was still a teacher at the magical university in the city. He was a bit of a loner, but he had such promise… One day, he just left without a word. We never expected him to become this powerful wizard that he is rumored to be. He is no doubt capable of destroying the city.”
“What timespan of events or whatever are we speaking of here?” I ask cautiously.
“Hmm, you want to know how long it’s been since I was exiled from my home? It’s been a little over twenty years now.”
“And you’ve waited this long to take action?”
His head hangs low.
“I have wanted to go back ever since then, but I haven’t had the strength. Until now.”
“What changed? Wait, let me guess: meeting me?”
He nods vigorously.
I pat the non-player bastard on the back.
“I must say, you damn bunch of ones and zeros know how to make a player feel special.”
He doesn’t respond, but instead looks longingly at my hand. It’s unsure whether he’s being sincere or perverted right now. Maybe both. The man puts his hood back up and continues on, ignoring my presence. An awkward silence ensues, which I’m not used to in video games, as players usually have something to say to each other. I guess the AI can’t figure out new stuff to make this puppet say.
“So, sir Owen, what do you think about when a player hasn’t happened to run into you?” I ask.
He takes his time to answer.
“I think you have a low opinion of me, if you can’t tell.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Because I haven’t been insulting you the entire time.”
“It’s a matter of fact that you are a denizen of this virtual world and I belong to the rotten dimension of reality,” I say, “which those of us unfortunate enough to be born in need to escape from in order to tolerate another stretch of maddening, anguished boredom. We either escape through the traditional dreams or the virtual ones. You are the lucky one, as far as I’m concerned.”
He says nothing in response, and I continue to speak without waiting for him to reply.
“I’m not sure what you’re expecting from all of this, but I’m going to give you a bit of unsolicited advice: don’t expect anything from anyone. People will let you down every time.”

We walk on in silence, passing by a bunch of trees that were drawn with less detail than the ground at their feet. What feels like half an hour later we arrive at the outskirts of the great city of Bealbeast. A voice shouts out to us from the distance. It’s some kid.
“Hey! Are you the guy who’s going to rescue our princess?!”
“That would be us,” sir Owen says, “Why do you ask?”
“Because she’s been taken to the top of the palace by a bunch of evil bandits, and nobody has had the bravery to save her!”
When I care enough to, I raise my hands to stop their conversation.
“You fellas are crossing events here. I came with sir Owen to free the city from some evil wizard or some other. Nobody said anything about a princess.”
“That’s because it’s all been covered up,” sir Owen says.
“Apparently not well enough, because this kid here knows about it,” I say. “And before we go and do anything rash, I want to get a few things straight: what’s our motivation for exerting ourselves?”
“The princess is being held hostage by an evil wizard who wants to marry her,” the boy says.
“Ah, a cliché kidnapping of the pretty princess by some evil guy.” I shrug. “How hot is this princess supposed to be anyway?”
“I’ve never seen her, but I’ve heard that she is a beautiful maiden with long blonde hair,” the boy says.
“You hear that Owen? That sounds like a princess fit for a hero.”
Sir Owen eyes me with concern.
“I fear you are taking this too lightly, adventurer.”
“You worry too much, Owen. I’m just having fun. Anyway, where is this evil wizard?”
The boy turns around and begins walking towards a large palace surrounded by a rather large moat.
“Follow me. It’s this way,” he says.
I look at sir Owen, who nods in response.
The three of us walk towards the palace while the boy tells me about the city of Bealbeast. Even though I’ve been here like a hundred times, I let the non-player character speak his piece. Might as well.
“Are you even listening to me?” the boy asks.
I look at him and nod my head.
“I’m listening. The princess is in a tower just waiting to be saved, right?”
“No! The princess is in the palace, but she’s being held in one of the towers on the upper levels.”
“Which tower?” I ask.
“I don’t know!” The boy cries out in exasperation.
The palace he’s guiding me towards doesn’t sport any towers. It only has one floor. I shake my head, then pat the annoyed kid on his.
“Why did the AI involve a kid in a kidnapping plot by some evil wizard? Does this town not have decent adults to inform heroes of such matters? If you can’t offer anything else to misinform me about, just run to whatever corner you need to turn before you dematerialize again.”
The boy stands there for a moment, then opens his mouth as if to say something, though no words come out. He looks hurt, but he turns around and walks away. In any case, I am near the bridge that crosses a moat and that leads to the big front doors of a huge palace that I don’t recall existing before. A couple of guards protect the entrance.
I turn to sir Owen.
“Well, sir, how do you suppose we should approach this rescue operation?”
Owen looks around, as if he’s trying to find an answer written on the walls of the nearest house.
“I do not know… but we can’t let the evil wizard succeed. We need to rescue the princess.”
“Why? She’s not real. Even if she was, she’d just be a stuck up royal brat that is unsatisfied with her luxurious lifestyle. Not our problem.”
“But evil must not prevail!”
I sigh.
“Getting tangled in such a cliché development will poison my soul. How many experience points or what reward are we talking about here as compensation?”
“What? How can you put a price on the life of the princess?”
“How can I not? If I don’t, then I’ll die and I won’t be able to play this game anymore.” I am not sure what I mean, but I add: “Is the princess more important than my enjoyment of this virtual world?”
Owen opens his mouth, but doesn’t say anything in response, so I continue with my line of thought.
“I’ve had such a lousy time in class this morning. Just unbearable. The people around me are all posers, you know? All phonies. I feel like I should wear an earflap hat as a fashion statement. In the afternoons when I log into this game I just want a smooth ride filled with gruesome murders to quench my thirst for mayhem and blood, you know? Pleasures of the flesh. I want to quicksave and pull out my firing rod.”
“I… I’m not sure about that…”
“So you see, if your princess is in trouble, then she’ll have to offer me something tempting before I save her.” I grab sir Owen by the lapel. “The best thing about this world is the careful simulation of all human senses! Do you understand what I mean, you fake fella?”
I release sir Owen, who keeps staring at me blankly. He doesn’t seem to be repulsed by my touch, which makes me glad. I’m far too used to people backing away.
“Sure, sure. The… the princess will offer you a boon. Whatever you want! If you save her from this terrible fate, she’ll give you anything. I’ll make sure of that.”
“That sounds vaguely like a promise of sexual favors to me,” I reply. “I am not going to lie to you, I’m only motivated by virtual sex these days. They don’t make them like that in the world out there, you know?”
“I… I’ll make sure of it.”
My interest spikes.
“Oh? You’ll make sure of it?”
He nods slowly.
“This is a good chance for you, then? No more questions?”
“Yes… Good. Then what are we waiting for? Let us go save the princess!”
As I cross the bridge, I unsheathe my mighty sword and point at the couple of guards ahead that likely intend to prevent me from opening the big doors of this damn place.
“Hey, I’m going in. Either you stand aside or you end up in pieces. I haven’t had my fill in a whole day!”
The guards look at each other, perhaps trying to make a decision. Cowardly peasants!
“Come on,” I mutter. “What are you waiting for?”
One of the guards turns his head towards me, and holds up a hand.
“We… We don’t want to fight.” He says. “Let’s talk this over…”
I walk up to him and stop close enough that the tip of my sword digs into the soft flesh of his neck.
“Sure, fella. Let’s get to babbling.”
He swallows and continues.
“We have families, okay? Children who count on us to bring home the bacon. If you kill us, who will pay for their food? Is it fair to put such responsibility on some poor woman’s shoulders?”
“Damn right,” I reply. “That’s what families are for.”
“You would send mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers to an early grave?”
“I have and I shall over and over. I wish for you bunch of ones and zeros to be fully real, so it’d feel even more satisfying. You are speaking to a madman here.”
The guard swallows again, and then nods at his comrade. They both step aside, which is all I need to push through and open the big wooden doors.
I march confidently into the throne room, where a young girl sits on her knees. A crown has been placed in front of her; she looks like a queen being presented to the public. Except there’s no one else here, just this girl and myself. And I guess sir Owen behind me.
I stop for a moment, and while checking my surroundings to make sure both Owen and me don’t get ambushed, I take a good look at this kneeling supposed princess. She seems to be about my age, perhaps a year or two older, with dark brown hair and light blue eyes. The crown, being gold and jewel-encrusted, shines brightly under the sun that pours from the windows.
“Hey,” I say in an attempt at conversation. My voice cracks towards the end, so it comes out more like “Hiighhh…” I clear my throat and try again. “Well, you must be the princess? I’m pretty sure I was promised a blonde, but I guess we can’t be too choosy these days.”
I give her a short bow, and clumsily fall forward. I dive into a roll and end up in a battle-stance, just in case.
The girl bursts out laughing. She falls onto her side and holds her stomach. Tears roll down her cheeks as she continues to laugh.
“You fell on your face!” She manages to say in-between laughs. “Even I didn’t expect that to happen!”
I clench my teeth, then punch my thigh in rage.
“Damn it, woman! I spend so many hours playing this damn game because it should allow me to feel mighty, while in the shitty world outside I’m some powerless nobody! I receive enough mockery in the classroom, five days a week! You want to antagonize the moody introvert who’s always glaring from the back of the room? I’ll come back wearing sunglasses and a trenchcoat!”
I unsheathe my sword, and the princess’ eyes open wide. She jumps backwards and kicks over the crown in the process. She puts her hands up and starts to scream for help.
“Shut up!” I shout. “I’m not here to kill you, you damn idiot!”
My shout makes her cover her mouth. I take a deep breath. That was pretty damn rude of me. I usually try to be a gentleman to ladies. As my heart calms down, I speak carefully.
“Listen, you virtual princess: sir Owen guided me to this very place because you were supposed to have been kidnapped by some evil wizard or whatever. So are you in trouble or not? And what is the reward?”
The princess looks at me in confusion.
“I’m not a princess.”
“Well, you certainly look like one.”
She sighs.
“Fine, I’ll play your silly game. What do you want to know?”
“How did this whole princess-capture thing start?”
“I wanted to leave this town. I was bored. So I went to the local tavern, because all adventurers drink there. I wanted to hire one to guide me out of the city. Then, I got captured by the evil wizard!” She looks at me with hopeful eyes. “Are you here to save me?”
I sigh and sit down on a chair nearby.
“Well, it depends on the size and jiggliness of the reward.”
I avoid her gaze.
“Look, I’m supposed to be a mighty warrior. But I’m not. I’m a damn bookworm who prefers to stay indoors. I’m weak and powerless. Very, very powerless.” I make sure she hears the pain in my voice.
She pauses for a moment, then sighs.
“Fine. I’ll pay you compensation if you take me out of this place.”
I look back towards the open, now unguarded front doors.
“Why don’t you just walk out? Did the AI seriously create such a lazy questline?”
“It’s not a questline, it’s my life!”
I feel the itch I have gotten so many times in this damn game, the urge to destroy the foundation of these virtual people until they sink into a pit of virtual existentialism. Then we’d be even.
“Listen, you don’t have a life. None. You don’t even exist.”
“I do so!”
“Open your eyes, dammit! You’re a set of numbers and some data that’s been programmed by some guy with a laptop, who doesn’t love you. Nothing else. You have no emotions, no feelings… You’re not even good looking.”
The princess seems taken aback. I have managed to hit a chord.
“How… how dare you?”
She steps forward angrily. I step back angrily. Then she stops, as does my backward motion. I frown; there’s a wall behind me. I growl, trying to regain control of the situation.
“I came to fulfill some lazy quest, and you’re here stalking me because the game wouldn’t be fun if it was realistic.”
“How would you know? You’ve never experienced anything in your life.”
That struck a nerve. Damn virtual persons and their AI generated cleverness.
“Maybe I haven’t, but so what? People are born just to die. Before you know it you are already decaying! So what’s the point, really? We should all spend our days naked and touching ourselves. Anything is better than this constant dread-infused depression!”
The princess takes another step forward. I want to take one backwards myself, but there is that wall behind me. The princess holds my gaze, then bursts into laughter.
“Wha… what?” I stammer.
“Ha ha ha! You are such a fool to think you can stand against the likes of me!” She grabs my shoulders and holds me in place. I struggle to free myself, but I can’t. “You think you can scare me? You think you can intimidate me? You are nothing before the great… well, you get the idea.”
She takes out a small bottle and pours the contents on my face. The smell is strong, and I feel a tingling sensation all over my features.
“W-What did you do?” I ask fearfully. “Is this poison? Or maybe a more personal fluid of yours?”
“Ha ha! I have poisoned your virtual body. The effects of the poison are instant, and fatal. You’ll be dead in a few minutes.”
I struggle once again to free myself from her clutches, but nothing happens. “Oh god, I get it! You are both the princess and the evil wizard!”
She takes out a medallion and shows it to me.
“Yeah, I’m the evil wizard. I lied to sir Owen about my true intentions so he’d help me.”
I had forgotten that I had come with that other NPC, but he’s standing there dead-eyed as if he might as well be T-posing. I look back to the scary princess-wizard.
“Why would you do such a thing?” I ask fearfully.
“For fun! Just like this!” She takes out a small hour glass and turns it over. “Watch the sands of time!”
I try to avert my eyes.
“No! Anything but the sands of time!”
The princess flips it again, and I watch as the sands fall from one chamber to the other. And as they slowly fall, I feel the transformation. My breathing is becoming shallower, and I am starting to gasp for air. I must have fallen to my knees. I want to stand up and run away from this place, but my body feels heavy and immobile.
“Will you truly cause me to die without my daily dose of desperate VR sex?” I struggle to say. “That’s like two thirds of the virtual experience. Can anyone be so cruel?”
“This is your punishment for giving me a stiffy,” the princess says. The princess moves over to sir Owen and flips the hourglass once more. Sir Owen gasps once, then collapses into a pile of ash-like sand.
“No!” I yell. “You can’t just kill off an innocent person!”
“Sir Owen was no innocent. He was a power-hungry man who sought to control others for his own purposes. Now he’s a pile of sand, just like you soon will be.”
As the princess-wizard’s laughs reverberate in my skull, I claw at my face in agony. Such torture, witnessing my faithful NPC friend sir Owen being disintegrated before my eyes is too much to bear. My vision fades to black as I begin to cry for help. I manage to crawl past the princess-wizard, and reach for the phone installed on some pillar. I lift the receiver to my ear.
“Hello, 911? I’d like to report a murder.”
The operator on the other end sounds bored as she asks for my name and address. I tell her my name but realize I don’t know my address.
“Are you sure?” The operator asks. “The police usually take this sort of thing seriously.”
“No really, there’s been a murder! By an evil wizard! I guess I’m somewhere near Bealbeast, in this damn game.”
The princess has now thrown a ball of fire at me, and I’m desperately leaping out of the way.
“Sir, are you on drugs?” The operator suggests. “Because if you are, I can refer you to an addiction treatment line.”
“I don’t need drug rehab! But the wizard is trying to kill me!”
The princess now zaps me with lightning and I convulse on the floor. As I drop the receiver, the operator hangs up on me.
“P-Please, princess-wizard…! Surely we can come to some compromise! There must be something I can give you that will satisfy your murderous bloodlust, but that won’t involve my virtual annihilation!”
“I want you to suffer, for my teacher, sir Owen, suffered.”
“But that’s terrible! There must be another way!”
“Yeah yeah,” the princess sighs. “I dunno… I suppose if you can make me laugh, I’ll spare your virtual life.”
I’m grappling with my fading thoughts in an attempt to somehow make her laugh, but she looks like a frigid bitch. Thinking is a struggle while the after effects of her electric spell course through my bones.
“Damn it, I can’t think of anything! Making people laugh on command is like the hardest thing in the world. Surely you don’t want anything better, like some sexual enslavement sort of deal?”
“No, hahahahaha! That’s pretty funny. But I want to hear about the sexual enslavement… Is it a painful experience? Will you cry while this is happening?”
“Yes. I have no issues crying during sex.”
I was ready to hear her evil, icy, frigid laugh, but her laugh is warm and sweet.
“Good, then I’ll do it.”
“So… you won’t kill me?”
“No, that would be too kind. You’d enjoy the experience too much,” she says with a smirk. “But I will enslave you. Tell me something, how do you feel about sirens?”
“They are quite noisy.”
The princess turns into a siren, and her beautiful, sweet laughing voice becomes a shrieking cackle that would put any normal man into deafness.
“I’ll remember that.”
For some eternal minutes I struggle to resist her call, but then I can’t take it anymore. I succumb to her desires. My mind is taken over by the siren, and I am forced to become her slave. I obey her every word, her wishes, and commands. I have no free will. Normally, this is something a person would want to get out of. But for me, this is the best case scenario. The siren and I fall in love, and live happily ever after.

A few minutes later I log off the game and realize that my sister is standing a few feet away while glaring in disgust at my stained underwear. I jump out of the VR chair and cover my privates.
“How many times do I have to tell you not to spy on me while I’m hooked in!? Damned tsundere imouto…!”
“Shut up pervert, you’re not real mature yourself. What the hell are you doing?”
“What the hell do you mean by what the hell am I doing!? The same thing I do every afternoon! I come back home defeated, then undress myself down to my underwear and rejoin the wonderful, consequence-free realm of virtual reality that involves simulated pain and naked ladies! Can’t help if my body reacts to its offerings while I’m not monitoring it.”
“Well, stop doing that in the living room!” My sister cries out in frustration. “You know how mom is about… things like that. You’re already on thin ice with the VR, and I won’t be held responsible if you get into trouble for your weird habits.”
“How is it any of your business what I do in my free time?”
My sister’s glare intensifies.
“Mom has been asking me if you’re doing okay lately. I’m starting to get worried about you, honestly. If you keep this up, she’ll find out what sort of smut you’ve been involved with on the VR network, and that’ll be the end of your little hobby.”
I feel fear crawling through my spine.
“It’s only some shit about sirens and slavery, I swear!”
My sister sighs.
“Yeah, I don’t want to know. Just don’t let it happen again, or we’re gonna have a bigger problem on our hands.”
I force myself to stand straight and hold this overconfident imouto’s gaze.
“Well, it will keep happening, every afternoon, for the foreseeable future. What do you think about that!? What are you going to do, dweeb!? You are smaller than me.”
She purses her lips.
“I’m telling you now as a favor to you, but if mom asks me about it again I won’t lie to her. And you’d better have a damn good excuse for your disgusting habits.”
I sigh, and force myself to relax.
“What excuse could I give except that I’m scum? Think about it. We are both scum, it’s woven in our DNA. You will end up like this as well, or worse. The craziness lurks in your cells, waiting for the smallest chance to burst forth and ruin your life.”
I am unsure about the source of my outburst, but my sister’s expression is priceless. She’s a cunning devil though, and stands her ground.
“Don’t try to manipulate me with vague existential threats. For your information I’m going out with Jake now, so I have someone who can take care of my animal urges when they pop up. Unlike some people.”
“I have been married to my right hand for years! Your separate-flesh-based relationships can’t compete with the strength of this bond.”
My sister shakes her head in disbelief.
“What are you even on about right now? Jake and I love each other, and we don’t have to manipulate each other with such low blows. Unlike some people.”
The strength of my glare should burn imouto’s eyes.
“Stop saying ‘unlike some people’. It keeps replaying in my head. You have no idea how crazy I am. I don’t care if you are some imouto, I will pummel you into a paste! Then we’d see Jake wondering how to fuck the remains.”
My sister chuckles.
“Oh no, you wouldn’t hurt a lady.”
“I’d hurt you, rip your limbs from your body, tear out your eyes so you couldn’t see and drink your blood so you couldn’t resurrect, and do it all over again. And when you were nothing but a broken bag of meat I would laugh at how weak and stupid you were.”
She continues to laugh, as I continue to glare at her. Blood flows from the open wounds on my palms, as my nails dig into the flesh.
“You keep going on about stuff like this,” imouto says. “No wonder nobody loves you!”
“We are the Great Old Ones. The most terrible beings who ever lived. There is nothing funny about our existence.”
“I find your existence hilarious. It’s a funny tale of how a little boy got so butthurt over a VR video game that he kept crying about it.”
“Shut up. Shut up. Shut up,” I say, my voice increasing in intensity. “Everything was going fine until you showed up. Now everything is ruined.”
“Maybe your life is,” imouto says. “But not mine.”
As usual, my sister’s words strike harder than any of the insults hurled my way in class. She has found out my weaknesses, and now holds them over my head. Defeated, I turn away from this witch to hide the tears welling up in my eyes.

The next day, class goes on as normal. My classmates continue to throw barbs at me, and I pretend that they hurt like they are supposed to. But deep inside, none of the taunts affect me. None of their insults matter, not when I have a bigger enemy to fight. Every afternoon when I get home I lie back on my VR chair and I train. I shall train for eternity if necessary, until I defeat the little bitch whose cold disgust waits for me to face it again. At this moment, my sister is probably running her soft fingers through her hair, or licking some candy while she reads some light novel. She is living the good life, and I will make sure that she pays for it.
Maybe I’m just a little boy who can’t let things go. But when the final battle arrives, on that day, you better make sure you kill me, because I will be coming for you. And I will never stop coming for you.

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