We’re Fucked, Pt. 65: AI-generated images

A neural network generated the following images as I was working on the sixty-fifth chapter of my ongoing novel. Originally I intended to use the service to render particular moments of the chapter, but feeding specific lines from it as prompts to the neural network also produced interesting results.

The neural network tends to make Jacqueline look classy.
The state of Leire’s body at that moment, the way she experiences it.
The neural network produced these images when I suggested to it that Jacqueline was handling the child like babysitting a kitten.
“I was staring at her when she vanished”.
The prompt for these two was, “I shall never allow those abominations to befoul me”. Not sure what the AI tried to do there.
Leire haunted by visions of the bunnyman, as usual.
“The bunnyman likely wants me to worship him like a god.”
The wild girl gets dumped on some airport, from where she’ll have to find her own way home.
Leire wants some caffeine to enter her bloodstream. I love how the neural network tried to depict a brain with that second picture.
The simple process of making coffee with a candy-red coffee machine.
This is the AI’s notion of a burgundy apple.
The wild child loved apples so much that she became one.
The AI depicting our adorable apple muncher.
An atomic fart seeping into consecrated walls.
How Leire pictures her boss in her mind.
You gotta admire a man that proudly advertises his pigness right on the door to his office.
Dealings with evil satyrs.
Leire flogging herself.
A hulking monster.
The AI’s idea of a human-faced reindeer.
How Leire remembers the creature from the boreal forest.
Intriguing depictions of a tail that could have wrapped itself around the planet.
A flashlight pointed at a scarred heart.
“What part of me is this girl’s life raft in this ocean of madness?”

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