We’re Fucked, Pt. 86: AI-generated images

In my dreams I’m floundering about in a morass of slime.

The following images are related to chapter 86 of my ongoing novel We’re Fucked.

I have posted many other entries with generated images. Check them out.

“A piggish snort interrupts the guffawing.”
“I’m neither an ‘it’ nor an ‘abomination.’ I’m a sentient being, an intelligent lifeform, just like you.”
“I also picture myself hurling a mountain-sized iceberg at this monstrosity to pulverize it.” Not much hurling going on, but I like the images.
“This is what I have become: a grown woman talking to a gargantuan glob of black sludge stuck to a wall.”
“At which of those bulging eyeballs should I glower as they bob back and forth in that viscous, wobbly mass?”
“If eyes are windows into the soul, I’m facing one sordid, abject fiend who has earned every curse that may be heaped upon him.”
“A putrefying miasma I wouldn’t be able to wash off even if I jumped in a pool of acid.”
“The fact that you can breathe is a small mercy in this world of filth you call home.”
“You must have spawned from filth yourself.”
“I swear, if there were a contest for the most hideous creature on Earth, you would be one of the frontrunners.”
“Your appearance is an affront to human dignity.”
“Rumble crackles as if some heavenly douchebags were setting off firecrackers.”
“And who would invite in an intergalactic vagrant who knows nothing of etiquette?”
“My heart is hammering so hard I’m afraid it will tear free from my chest and fall to the carpet with a splat.”
“A sewer-dwelling species from some unheard-of dimension.”
“Don’t you dare speak to me of my digestive system.”
“A chorus of gargling frogs.”
“You excel at bullying others as well as yourself.”
“I tremble with the impulse to hurl a chair or a bookcase at the interdimensional, septic abomination who continues to spew his invective even as I struggle to contain my wrath.”
“This world of misery is filled with nauseating vermin who delight in humiliating me.”

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