I Need To Fart (GPT fueled poetry)

My gut eats me alive
It has been taunting me
The last twenty four hours
I have gained a few pounds
It’s probably just an asthma attack

When I lie down, it churns my guts
In my head it’s morning
When I’m awake, it’s noon
What a cruel, cruel bitch it is
This is getting very old

Do not lock the door
While you are at home
Prey for its claws
That don’t sleep

The halls of my bowels
Smell like shit
There’s ants all over my belly
They are taking up residence

Hang on to your shit
Before it goes into the street

It’s a message to the world
Don’t think you can have it all
To eat or drink
You can never leave it alone
I got the airwaves
They’re playing the roles

‘I Need To Fart’ by Jon Ureña


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