My Own Desert Places, Pt. 23 (GPT-3 fueled short)

I powered through my dizziness as well as a churning in my gut to wait for Alazne’s writing class to end. I stand in front of the church as the heterogeneous group of wannabe writers exits the nearby library, and I spot Alazne nodding shily to a forty something years old woman before they part ways. As soon as Alazne locates me, she heads towards me with an enchanting smile. A wave of warmth washes out some of the sickly feeling with which I have been stuck since I stopped writing my memoir for the day.
Alazne gives me a hug, but when she pulls away to kiss me on the lips, merely looking at my face from up close stops her. Her smile drops.
“My love, what’s wrong? You look as if you are about to vomit.”
I force my mouth to display the best reassuring smile my dizziness allows me.
“I got into it too much while writing down my memories. It’s alright, it’ll pass. I just wish we were home already, though…”
Alazne’s expression gets serious.
“Can you call a taxi? I don’t think it would be good for us to walk home now. I can tell you are putting on a tough front. Let’s sit somewhere…”
Alazne takes me by the arm and guides me to a low wall next to the church, a wall that starts out at shin height but that some meters down the street raises to head height due to the slope of the street. We sit down. I take out the phone to call a taxi, but as I search the number, I want to dispel my girl’s worry.
“I’m just a bit dizzy, nothing to worry about. How did your first writing class go?”
Alazne rubs the back of my neck. It feels good, but as if she were my mother. This threatens to screw up the dynamic of our relationship. Very few women are interested in dating their own sons.
“I will tell you all about my first day in writing class, but only as soon as your face stops looking so pale. For now let’s make sure that a taxi will come get us.”
I get in contact with the taxi company, and the dispatcher assures me that one of their cars will arrive soon.
Alazne keeps caressing my neck and my shoulders under my shirt. It feels real good, but I don’t want her to look at me with that pity.
“Are you sure this isn’t related to your head wound?” she asks anxiously. “Your general practitioner is going to check you out in a few days, right?”
“Well, at least I hope she checks on me, yes. Sweetie, this has nothing to do with the car accident, I assure you. It’s just that recalling some events of my distant past really fucked me up. Some of those dark moments aren’t compatible with the peaceful life I intend to live in the present.”
Alazne seems unconvinced. During the ride back home, she keeps caressing the back of my neck and whispering in my ear that we’ll reach our home soon and that I’ll get better in no time. I’m sure that my sex appeal keeps lowering the more Alazne pampers me, but I can’t care much right now as I try to absorb all her soothingness.
Once I finally close our house’s front door behind me, I take a deep breath of relief. It’s as if we had docked our boat after spending hours seasick. We walk into the living room to leave our laptop bags on the dining table, and Alazne and I spot in front of one of the sofas that two candles are hovering while orbiting an invisible point.
“Ah, Kateryna,” I say. “Everything okay?”
The candles fall slowly towards the coffee table, and they land upright. The planchette resting on the center of the nearby ouija board twitches, and then spells out HELLO BOTH. After a couple of seconds, the planchette adds TRAINING.
“It’s so good that you can keep yourself entertained, Kat,” I say.
HEY IM NOT A TODDLER, the planchette spells out.
I chuckle.
“Oh, I know. I was thinking that we could celebrate that Alazne joined the course. How about joining us later in this living room for some drinks, just you, me and Alazne?”
I DONT DRINK, the planchette spells out. BAD FOR THE LIVER.
Alazne approaches me and puts her hands on my chest. She looks up at me with her big, hazel eyes, full of trust.
“You are somewhat serious, right?” Alazne asks me coyly. “Tonight’s fresh start calls for some drinking?”
“It calls for some celebration, surely.”
Alazne stands on her tiptoes, closes her eyes and kisses me on the lips with such love that I want to carry her to bed like a princess. She narrows her eyes and raises one side of her mouth.
“You are looking much better, Asier. Let’s go take a shower.”
A ball of tingles bursts in my crotch. I contain a shiver. I have been waiting since I woke up this morning to hold Alazne in my arms as I fill her with this stolen cock of mine. It seems that an hour and a half of nausea was worth it.
“Yeah, let’s,” I agree in a hungry voice as if I were starving. I look over my shoulder towards the planchette. “Hey, Kat, how about I play some music for you while we keep busy?”
Alazne is prancing into the hallway with an uncharacteristic joy. Ah, this will turn out to be a beautiful day.
I pull my laptop out of its bag, then I switch it on so I can distract our resident ghost with some music, in case a conspicuous chill envelops us in the middle of fucking, and my and Alazne’s arm hair raises.
“Joanna Newsom it is, then,” I say.
I’m already getting hard out of anticipation. As the generously long album ‘Have One on Me’, perfect for my current purposes, starts softly, I say goodbye to my dead friend and I almost run to the bathroom. Alazne is already standing inside, her bare feet sunken into the polyester rug. She’s only wearing her burgundy lace underwear, with an intrincate floral pattern. I can almost see her round nipples through the fabric. As Alazne admitted, although she didn’t need to, before we met each other she hadn’t been into buying sexy underwear, because she barely wanted to look at herself in the mirror, but now it gives her a rush to show her pale, freckled curves to someone who wants to devour her whole. She looks exquisite, and that shy, submissive glance of hers only makes me harder.
My heart feels like it’s going to explode. I don’t blink once as I undress myself down to my boxers. They couldn’t contain my erection, and it’s poking up at a forty five degree angle to my belly.
When Alazne takes my hand, her delicate fingers twitch. A blush is spreading across her cheeks.
“Come here,” she whispers.
We both take a small step forward. I grab her around her bare waist, and as Alazne stands on her tiptoes she wraps her arms around my shoulders so that our groins meet. She pushes them together, making sure that the shaft of my cock is pressing into the folds of her pussy through the fabric of her panties. Her eyes go white for a moment as she bites her lower lip. Then she kisses me with a hunger to which I’ll never get used while gripping my hair with her fists.
I can barely contain myself. A groan rumbles in my throat, and my hands glide up from her soft ass cheeks to the waistline of her panties.
“Wait,” she whispers, gently pulling her face away from me. “Let’s get under a warm shower. But first, take off my underwear.”
Excitedly, I lower to my knee as I hook my fingers on her waistband. There’s a wet spot on her burgundy panties where the fabric covers her vulva. I take a deep breath, filling my lungs with her scent, before hooking my thumbs on both sides of the elastic and sliding them down her smooth thighs, over her knees, past her calves. Alazne kicks her panties off. I remain kneeling, intoxicated, my mouth salivating, as I stare at the soft, light brown pubes and her wet cleft. The lips are parted, and the hood of her clitoris is peeking out from between her swollen labia.
Before I know it I’m bringing my wet tongue closer to her little button, but Alazne’s legs tremble, and she places her palm on my forehead to stop me.
“No, not yet,” she says, breathing hard. “Take off my bra, and then let’s get into the shower.”
I rise to my feet as Alazne’s hands run over the muscles of my arms, shoulders, and chest, feeling the contours of my body through my skin as if she was blind. I unhook her bra and slide it off one of her arms, while with her other she fondles my cock through my boxers. I’m only containing myself because my girlfriend wants me to. Otherwise I would drag her to our bed and give it to her hard until she passed out. Having been blue-balled this morning really fucked with me, and now I have no idea if I will be able to last more than a couple of minutes.
After I take off my boxers, Alazne turns around and presents her ass to me, which is shaped like an upside-down heart, as she turns the shower on. She’s messing with the handle to set the right temperature for the water which is already splashing her hair. Before I know it I’m squeezing my cock against one of her ass cheeks as I, bent over, hug Alazne from behind and cup her breasts.
Alazne lets out a moan and backs her ass against my crotch for a moment, but as if she remembered that she was planning something else, she straightens her back and steps into the shower.
“Come, my love. It’s already warm.”
“So am I. Scorching, I’d say. I’ve been wanting to come inside you since I woke up this morning,” I manage to say in wa beastly voice.
I get in the bathroom to stand behind my girlfriend’s back. My feet are submerged in water a few degrees hotter than I would have chosen, not that I care much about it now. Alazne’s shoulders slope down her back in a divine curve that blends with the globes of her ass. She takes a bottle of violet-scented liquid soap and pours a bit onto her hand, then she turns around and hands me the bottle. Alazne’s beautiful hazel eyes are glistening as warm water runs down her face.
“You clean me, I clean you. A fair trade, yes?” she says with a smile, then she licks some saliva that was about to trickle from the corner of her mouth. “Lather my skin up real good.”
I stare at her with lustful eyes as I rub the soapy foam on her belly, then move on to her tits, which I knead gently while her hard nipples bend against my palms. Then I go back down to her belly again, and dig into her belly button with my soapy finger as if it were my tongue.
“You have the sexiest body in the world, Alazne,” I say. “I want to devour it whole, not leave a single bone.”
I don’t wait for her to react, I just lean in and kiss her on the lips. She grants me access to her mouth and I penetrate it with my tongue while the shower water streams down around our joined lips. Slowly, she pushes me away with her slippery palms.
“You are breathing too hard, and I can tell that you are inhaling shower water. I wouldn’t want you to drown,” she says playfully, even though desire is twisting her mouth.
“That’s very considerate of you. Drowning is horrible. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”
I hug her as I bend my legs slightly so she can rest her chin on my trapezius muscle, and I lather her ass cheeks with soap. She clenches them as soon as my hands get close to her asshole, as if fearing instinctively I might try to sneak a finger into it.
“What’s wrong?” I ask teasingly as I rub the foam off her ass. “Don’t you want me to play with your virgin hole?”
She lets out a whimper of excitement.
“Never. I am a good girl with an intact ass.”
Oh no, that shiver tells me all I need to know. I shouldn’t have teased her about it. If we end up in bed after this, I wouldn’t be surprised if she lies face down and slides a couple of pillows under her belly.
I bend down lower to wash the back of her tighs and her calves. I straighten my back and turn her around. She’s breathing hard through her mouth, and her eyes are glazed as she follows my movements.
I want to clarify the whole asshole issue.
“Your pussy is already warm, wet and welcoming, Alazne. And self-lubricating.”
“Would stop talking dirty to me…?” she says in a sultry voice as she washes my neck and my chest, fondling them along the way.
“No way. Let go of the guilt that weighs you down and embrace the beast inside you. I am not talking dirty; I am staring deep into your soul and seeing you true nature.”
I pour more violet-scented soap on my hand and I draw spirals on her belly with the liquid, slowly moving them down to her bush. She spreads her legs and pushes herself backwards in such a way that for a moment I fear she will slip and fall. I reach with my free hand to hold the back of her waist.
“Yes, yes,” Alazne whispers excitedly. “Down there.”
The sudsy white foam is already in contact with her juices. Fuck it. I won’t hear any more excuses. I crouch down and I close my lips around her swollen clit.
“Ah, ah, ah! Fuck. Yes!” she screams as she grabs my ears.
I thrust my tongue inside her pussy with no preamble. Alazne tries to move away from me with little effort, but I hold her in place with both hands. I knead her trembling ass cheeks as I lick her clit in circles. She squeezes her thighs together trapping my jaw between them, then she cries out like an animal. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few seconds Kateryna’s characteristic chill gives me goosebumps as our little voyeur joins the fun.
Alazne hums in a low tone as I continue pleasuring her. Her groans become louder, and she’s so wet that despite all the water of the shower dripping from us, I can tell apart her distinct juices running down my chin. Her vagina pulsates against my tongue. I lather soap all over her thighs, her knees and calves as Alazne trembles in ecstasy.
Kateryna must have sneaked in, because I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, as well as someone staring intently from the middle of the bathroom at my efforts. Having our ghost roommate watching Alazne and I fuck only makes it more exciting.
“I’m going to come all over your face,” Alazne says in a hoarse voice as she trembles into an orgasm. “Y-you are going to love it…”
I dig my fingers in the soft flesh of her ass cheeks while I lick her throbbing clit frantically. With a high-pitched yelp, Alazne tightens her grip on my head as her legs shake as if she’s about to fall. I keep flitting my tongue around her button. Alazne finally slides her palms to my forehead, and pushes me away slightly. When I stand up, my girlfriend’s wet hair is dishevelled and she’s wheezing as if she may pass out. Her legs keep trembling. I hug her mainly to hold her up, and I’m about to ask her if that was too much, but she grabs my chest hair, leans forward and licks my lips with her hot tongue. She then takes mine into her mouth and sucks on it gently.
“I love you,” she mumbles with my tongue between her lips, as her eyes shine.
This girl… I’ve fallen for her so damn hard that it hurts.
After a few seconds we stop making out.
“How do you like the taste of your own juices?” I ask her.
“I love it. I want more,” she says, her voice turning into a growl.
“Every time I eat you out from now own, I will hold a cup under your pussy so I can collect every ounce of your juices that I don’t get to drink. After you come, you will gulp it down.”
Alazne chuckles at what she knows to be a joke, or hopes that’s the case at least, but I recognize in her eyes a hint of something dark, feral. I want to bring it closer and closer to the surface over the passing days, months, years.
I hadn’t noticed that Alazne was pouring soap on her hand until she grabs my erect cock and starts lathering its length. My eyes close as a jolt of electricity runs through my spine. With how Alazne is working the underside of my glans, I may come in seconds. Her palms are soft like the finest silk as they glide up and down my sensitive skin. She’s pressing the tip of her tongue to her upper lip, concentrated as she is on jerking me off.
I cup her face with my hand intending to ask her to stop, because I suspect my knees are going to buckle and I will end up embarrassing myself, but Alazne keeps polishing my cock while staring defiantly into my eyes.
“Alazne,” I groan as I feel that familiar warmth spread through the lower half of my body.
My girl keeps stroking me even as I come. The first ropes of semen land on her abdomen, but one hits her cleavage. I moan as the last drops are squeezed out of my tip.
I must have lost consciousness for a moment, although some instinctive processes in my brain kept holding my body straight, because the next thing I experience is the sound of my girlfriend popping open a bottle of shampoo. She then pours some of the liquid on my hair.
“We need to keep that hair shiny and strong,” she says in a sleepy voice.
I’m out of it. I can’t tell the words coming out of my mouth as Alazne sensually rubs the shampoo onto my hair. It’s a good thing she is here to take care of me.

We stand in front of the mirror as I finish drying Alazne’s hair with a towel. I keep my gaze glued to her naked body in the reflection.
“You almost emptied that bottle of conditioner in my hair,” she says, but there’s a twinkle in her eye.
“I want to give you a little extra of everything. It feels good to pamper you.”
I address our ghost roommate, because her bubble of cold air maneuvered around us when we got out of the shower.
“I hope you enjoyed the show, Kateryna. That was the first time we made each other come while standing up in the shower. I’m not sure if my legs will take that often.”
Kat can’t answer, as we didn’t put a ouija board in the bathroom, but I feel her gaze sliding along the countour of my naked body. I guess she’s getting an eyeful of Alazne’s as well. I know damn well that as a ghost, even some of the otherwise ugly bodies can look like treasures just out of reach.
I’m bending over to grab my boxers, which I had thrown carelessly, but Alazne puts her palm under my lower jaw as if wanting me to straighten my back again. She’s staring at me with her eyes narrowed, almost drowsy, while she raises one side of her mouth in a smirk.
“Are you going to cover yourself? Weren’t you going to give your girl a treat, d-daddy…?”
Even though I came really hard, her lewdness makes me wake up again. I slide my hand from her shoulder to her waist, and I guide her, both naked, to the master bedroom.
t”I intended to give you a new treat after you were so brave this afternoon. Lie on the bed, face down.”
Kateryna’s presence continues to make me horny, as she’s always around when we have sex. I’m one lucky bitch.
Alazne presents her ass deliberately while she climbs onto the bed. Once half of her face rests on the matress, she closes her eyes and smiles softly.
“Do whatever you want with me,” she says.
The mound of her ass is tempting me to take control and fuck her from behind like an animal. I bet Alazne would go wild as well. But I had planned something more soothing after the anxiety she forced herself to tolerate since she decided to attend the writing course. I get on the bed and I straddle her lower back. Alazne shivers, then lets out a noise of anticipation.
“D-do you want to fuck me in the ass…?”
“No! I mean, not… today. I have been watching a certain kind of ASMR-like YouTube videos recently, and I wanted to test them on your nubile flesh.”
Alazne’s face lights up, and she smiles pleasantly as her body goes limp.
“Do your worst, daddy…”
I swallow. I realize that I’m straddling her in the wrong place, so I scoot back on my knees until my still hard dick hangs close enough to Alazne’s asshole to make me look like an asshole. But as I put my weight on my knees, I place my palms on my girlfriend’s lower back and I slide them slowly up the slope to her shoulders, feeling the contour of her muscles and bones along the way. Alazne hums with satisfaction.
“It feels so good when you do that…”
I realize that from the living room, sounding like a half-imagined song from the fifties, comes Joanna Newsom’s voice as she sings a song I don’t recognize. From time to time the Californian songwriter’s voice sounds like air getting squeezed out of a balloon, but that’s part of the charm, I suppose.
I take the opportunity to massage Alazne’s muscles with a light pressure, pressing on her trapezius and giving small circular motions around her scapula. Alazne sighs with pleasure, and I imagine I can see the stress slipping out of her body as she exhales. I kiss the back of her neck, then slowly continue caressing her bare skin with my warm hands. I keep repeating the swimming-like motions over her undeveloped muscles and the joints. It also allows me to fondle her body at my leisure, which I always want to do with no particular excuse.
“Th-there… Yes, keep doing it just there,” she says.
I comply, and following her comments I find out it helps if I gently scratch the skin with the edge of my nails in some parts. She loves the tingling sensations across her back, but nothing compares to when I start drawing small circles around her tense shoulder muscles. When I hit the bull’s eye and she lets out a long, quavering moan, an electric current runs down my spine. I’m suddenly aware that my cock has been steadily hardening.
Alazne turns around, even kneeing me in the thigh, to lie on her back and face me. Saliva is trickling across her cheek. My eyes move by themselves to ogle her hard, round nipples. It’s just too bad that I can’t ask her to let me suck on them for an hour. I want to be her baby.
“I want you inside me,” Alazne says, then lifts her legs up and spreads them apart enough so that the head of my penis hovers just over her pussy, which is already leaking onto the sheets.
“But I have barely started massaging you…” I say, unsure.
The corners of her mouth twitch upwards, and she makes a grab for my ass.
“Now massage my insides,” she says as she lowers me slowly into herself.

I open the front door for the pizza delivery man, who turns out to be not a man and instead a small South American woman in her forties. She leans slightly to look into my living room, because Alazne is playing The Velvet Underground’s ‘I Found A Reason’ on the guitar as well as singing, caring so little that strangers may hear her as only someone who has orgasmed three times in the last hour could be. After the delivery woman hands me the warm box, I give her twenty euros and tell her to keep the change. My mouth is flooding with saliva even before I open the box and the steamy scent of a freshly baked bacon pizza hits me in the face with the strength of a heavyweight.
“Thank you for bringing us our food!” I say cheerfully to the delivery woman. “You have done a good deed today. Would you like some pizza?”
“I mean, I am hungry…”
“Dig in then.”
She nods eagerly and takes a slice from the box. As the random woman eats it contently, I do regret it for a moment, because more pizza for others is less pizza for me, but I can’t help but feel generous when life is treating me this well.
“I’ll leave you alone now,” the delivery woman says. “Thank you so much for the tip, sir!”
Oh yeah, I did allow her to keep the change too.
“You’re welcome. And good luck with everything,” I say as I close the door behind her.
I walk into the living room while I hold the steaming pizza. Alazne stops playing, a sure sign of how hungry she is. She leaves the guitar aside. Once I plop onto the sofa next to my beloved, she snatches a slice and holds it slightly over her holy mouth so the strands of melted cheese land on her tongue. I start thinking about sex again. It’s nothing but sinful urges within me, either for Alazne’s body or for pizza.
We barely pay attention to how random objects, including a small clock, a pen, a packet of guitar strings and the TV remote, jump around as our ghost keeps throwing them in the air and catching them. She already was a master poltergeister when I met her, back when she nearly obliterated my testicles with a projectile, but now she’s improved. I feel sorry for the testicles of whoever she targets next. Given that Kateryna seems sadly unlikely to move on to the beyond, it’s only a matter of when: she will end up killing someone, for sure. It makes me proud, like a mother with a talented daughter who is also exceptionally hot.
“I’m so proud of you,” I say to Kateryna.
A clock that was falling in a parabolic arc stops in the air, then it descends quickly until it rests on the table. The planchette spells out AWW.
“You were very quiet right until now, my love. Is everything alright?” Alazne asks with a mouth full of food.
“I’m just sleepy, I guess. But you never got to tell how your first writing class went!”
“It went great. The teacher, a famous horror and science-fiction writer called Guillermo del Toro, thought my story was good.”
“Woah, you know Guillermo del Toro now! What a completely believable development!”
She giggles.
“You tell me first how writing your experiences went. I’m sure you wrote more than me!”
As it happens whenever my past ends up becoming part of a conversation with Alazne, I have to fight so it doesn’t ruin my mood. I’m happy as long as I can ignore that I am deceiving the love of my life into believing that I’m a man, instead of a woman who has been dead for twenty years. That’s the nature of the dangerous game I’m playing here. Fortunately I can keep munching pizza until I feel ready to answer.
“Well… I can tell you that it has turned into a confession.” What the hell am I saying?! I’m way too relaxed from fucking. “I mean, I tell everything I remember, and there’s some… sad stuff in there, I guess.”
“Sad stuff like what? Your relationships with ex-girlfriends?”
Now I must choose. I’ll confess if the probability of a happy ending is above twenty five percent.
“There’s some of that, yes. What I… remember from my days as a high school student, and my family…”
“Something about Irene as well?”
I’m startled. Alazne is well aware that the last time she brought up how it bothered her that I withheld information about this Irene person, I did open up about having lost most of my memories in that car accident, but I still failed to mention anything about Irene. She might have ended up feeling that me confessing my memory loss, which to be accurate is a deception, was a way to distract her from opening up about Irene. However, Alazne seems curious now, not concerned.
“Yeah, that Irene…” I start with difficulty. “Is someone from the past who I wish had never existed. It’s a whole bunch of bad memories and regrets and guilt I have to carry with me for as long as my consciousness lasts.”
Alazne leaves her half-eaten slice on the box, and cleans her fingers with her mouth. I guess she expects me to clarify the Irene enigma now.
“That’s… much more than you ever told me about this person. I know you aren’t cheating on me with her, but obviously I can hardly be more interested in someone that both you and Kateryna keep quiet about…”
I chuckle bitterly, then rest my forearms on my knees.
“It’s impossible to cheat with someone whose body has been rotting for around twenty years, unless I were a necrophiliac, and I’m not sure if they ever found her. Last I knew of her, the fishes were biting her drowned corpse.”
Alazne brings her hand to her mouth.
Something hits the floor loudly, startling us both. It’s Alazne’s glass of Coca-Cola. Given that a small clock rests face down where the glass used to be, Kateryna must have banged into it by mistake.
The planchette is quick to spell out OOPS.
I sigh.
“It’s alright, Kat.”
Alazne had drank most of her Coca-Cola, but a puddle of it remains on the hardwood floor. I was bending over to grab the glass when it lifts out of reach, and it lands carefully on the table. The planchette spells out SORRY SPILLS ARE BEYOND MY GHOSTLY POWERS.
“I doubt it will eat through the floor like some acid blood. I’ll wipe it up later.”
“Kateryna, did you know that Irene was dead?” Alazne asks directly.
Damn it, I shouldn’t have opened up about Irene in front of our ghost. I hold my breath, anxious about what Kateryna might answer.
Alazne scoots closer to me, then puts a hand on my shoulder. I turn my head to face her understanding expression, so full of love.
“I see… This is a matter of guilt, isn’t it? From very long ago,” she says quietly.
I can’t help but laugh. It’s a hollow laugh.
“You could say that. I…”
My throat closes. I rub my cheeks as I try to think what to say, or if I even want to talk about it.
“She killed herself, didn’t she,” Alazne says.
“Yeah. Yeah, she did,” I say more ruefully than I intended. “A girl who had never been in love, that nobody cared about, who couldn’t see a future in this world. She did it to herself.”
“W-were you her boyfriend?” Alazne asks, sounding as if she feels bad for asking.
“No, just someone who was always close to her and who would have preferred a better ending for her sad life.”
“I’m sorry.” After a few seconds of silence that I spend looking down at the spill of Coca-Cola, Alazne talks again. “I reminded you of Irene, didn’t I? Back when you met me.”
I’m startled. I straighten my back and I stare at Alazne dumbfounded. I want to deny it, but… what if Alazne’s lonely guitar playing did remind me of the one person I truly came to know and whom I wasn’t able to save?
“You hadn’t thought about it…” Alazne says while smiling softly.
“See, that’s something that maybe a therapist might be able to help with, not that I would bother. I don’t know if Irene’s death did influence me falling in love with you. The fact is that I love you, and that’s as much as I care about that.”
She puts her arm across my shoulders and leans in for a kiss. The moments our lips touch, I forget all about ghosts and suicide.
“But hell, Alazne,” I say, fake mad. “I opened up about Irene, but I only got to learn that your writing teacher is Guillermo del Toro.”
She giggles.
“There wasn’t much to my first class. I met a few new people, got to listen to their creative exercises, and I realized that I can survive in a room filled with strangers without collapsing on myself. I was super anxious, though.”
“I’m glad you went.”
Alazne grabs her half-eaten slice of pizza and takes a big bite. She hasn’t finished munching when she goes on about her experience.
“Yeah. I don’t know how I would have handled being alone with my thoughts for one more day. I got to learn that Guillermo del Toro is a very nice man who just wants to help us grow as writers, and he will give us all tips on making a story come alive through the reader’s mind. Now I can sleep peacefully, knowing I have a second chance at life.”
“You can state wild lies with a deadpan expression. I’ll need to be careful, it seems.”
Alazne laughs through her nose.
“So…” I start. “Any male classmates about your age have asked for your hand in marriage already?”
“Nobody interacted with me that much, although they were glad to get a new classmate. Other people can get nervous as well, it’s not so easy to approach strangers. But no, I already have a prince of my own. Why, are you jealous? You were the one who taught me all about jealousy, after all.”
“Actually, yes.”
Alazne giggles. I can’t get enough of that sound. I insist about my wishes, though.
“I often wish for other men to disappear so there was no chance anyone else would try to get in your pants. But then again… I would need to get rid of many of the women as well.”
“I’m not sure if I should be flattered or scared.”
I shrug.
“Both. Anyway… How’s the writing course going, damn it? Did you write something?”
“Yes,” she says, smiling. “I have several stories in different genres and styles. I’m going through them and polishing them up. Then, I will choose my favorite stories to turn them into full-length novels which I will then submit to a publisher.”
I chuckle, then drink some grape juice.
“Alright, can you tell me if your teacher asked you to write something in class? And, please, no wild lies.”
“Oh, that. Yes. It was… actually pretty stupid. The teacher said we could write whatever we wanted, so I wrote a story about a person who had a car accident, and it gave me some ideas for horror stories.”
“I wonder where you got that first concept from… Horror stories, huh? Like what?”
“Like, what if you were a kid hanging out with your two childhood friends inside a walled city and suddenly some huge monster peeked over the wall?”
“That does sound pretty good. They do say to write what you know, after all.”
Alazne snorts.
“Or what if you were forced to defend the city walls from an enemy onslaught and you had to use the severed heads of fallen soldiers as cannonballs?”
“Ew. I think you need to have a chat with Guillermo del Toro about these stories. Any other hits that your pretty brain came up with?”
“What if you were in the army and had to cross a bridge that would only support two people at a time, while the enemy was shooting arrows from the opposite bank of the river?”
“I see. Primarily horror, but with some action and drama. For some reason a military force is present in all three concepts. Anything else?”
“What if you were on a road trip with two friends and had to stop at a creepy hotel run by a blind lady, and while you’re eating dinner you realize that one of your friends is a ghost?”
I scratch the back of my head.
“Alright, a story about someone close to you being a ghost all along, that’s… that’s pretty good. Four out of four, Alazne. Can you hit me with a fifth concept?”
“What if you were on a road trip and had to spend a night in a motel, but the motel was run by ghosts and there was a ten minute time loop, so you had to find clues in order to escape?”
I raise my eyebrows and nod eagerly.
“I kind of love that one. A road trip and ghosts again, for some reason.”
“It’s the first thing that came to mind,” Alazne says bashfully.
I stand up wearily as I avoid stepping on the spill.
“I better clean this stuff before it eats through the hardwood floor. Hey, Kateryna, do you also have a pitch for a story, by any chance?”
The planchette spells out YEAH.
“Well?” I ask expectantly.
Kateryna moves a candle through the air so it lands on the back of the clock that was lying face down. The planchette then spells out WHAT IF A CANDLE WAS LIGHTED WHEN NOBODY WAS HOME AND THEN THE WHOLE PLACE BURNED DOWN.
I smile weakly.
“OK, um, I’ll remember that. And I’ll also sleep with one eye open.”
“Alright, I’m going to get the mop.”

Note from May of 2021:

I guess this was the ‘hanging out with Alazne and Kateryna’ episode.

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