My Own Desert Places, Pt. 18 (GPT-3 fueled short)

I hold open the door of my stolen home, which is technically a haunted house, and Alazne steps into the foyer. She absentmindedly wipes the soles of her shoes on the doormat while eyeing her surroundings, including everything she can see from there of the living room, as if Kateryna’s ghost intended to ambush my girlfriend.
I put a hand on her shoulder and rub it. I feel her relaxing, but she can’t erase the worry in her eyes. She must be thinking that this plan to meet a ghost was a foolish idea.
“I assure you, Kateryna is as kind as they come,” I say with a reassuring tone, then turn my head towards the door to the hallway. “Hey, Kat, you likely already know Alazne arrived, but feel free to come!”
It feels chilly, but today’s weather is masking Kat’s presence. I hope that she won’t say high by displaying her poltergeist powers. One thing is accepting that you are standing in a haunted house, and another is for the primitive brain to integrate that you are witnessing a display that should be impossible.
“Alright, let me show you around what I hope will become your house,” I tell Alazne, and I kiss the top of her light brown hair.
My girlfriend nods. Her right hand seeks my left one, and she holds on to it tightly. Her face is paler than usual, which highlights her freckles, but she doesn’t seem too freaked out otherwise.
“I-is the presence of someone new not going to scare off Kateryna?” Alazne asks with a slight frown.
“Not if that person is alive,” I reply with confidence. “If anything, you’ll make her more comfortable.”
“Well… okay…”
I move my arm around Alazne’s waist and pull her closer to me. I show off my spacious living room, which is around three times as large as Alazne’s corresponding room back in her Belaskoenea apartment. The living room is divided between an area with a large dining table, where I set up the ouija board and the call bell for my daily séances with Kateryna, and another area with two expensive, three seater sofas with firmly stuffed cushions in front of a coffee table. Two bookshelves offer novels that came in a collection and that Asier likely didn’t read, and he filled most of the shelves with statuettes mainly of naked women, maybe honoring the Greek tradition, but probably because he loved naked women, which was part of why he cheated constantly.
There’s a flat screen mounted on the wall. It offers an exceptionally sharp image, although I only switch it on to entertain Kateryna, because televisions are tools of the government to brainwash the population. Two large windows give a nice view of the fenced backyard. I get reminded again that I may have to introduce myself to my neighbor and ask him if he can trim his plane tree, because it’s blocking some of the sunlight in the yard. We should take advantage of all the hours of full sunlight around these parts.
Alazne walks around the dining room table and towards one of the sofas as if she were admiring a display in a museum. She approaches one of the bookshelves and looks at the statuettes.
“Who’s this?” she asks, picking up the depiction of a muscled, armless man with a happy facial expression even though he’s lifting a giant rock.
What the fuck would I know? Shit, I’m the one who is supposed to have bought those statuettes!
“That’s the Thinker. He represents introspection.”
“Ah yes, he’s very cute. I like his dimples.”
Alazne looks at a few of the naked women, but thankfully she doesn’t force me to justify myself. She places the male statuette back on the shelf and returns to me while smiling warmly, which calms me down. I gesture towards the nearest sofa.
“Imagine all the times we are going to spend lying there under a blanket while watching shows on the enormous flat screen.”
Alazne briefly eyes the ouija board prominently displayed on the dining room table, but I have explained the situation.
“I can imagine us spending many happy afternoons with each other here,” she says as she squeezes my hand. “But don’t you think we should continue the tour? I want to see the bedroom.”
I swallow, and as if Alazne had reached for my girl cock, it grows a few centimeters. I turn towards the hall. From there we walk into the hallway that connects with the garage, the kitchen, a guest bedroom, a bathroom with a large bathtub, an office, and finally the master bedroom. After I point out the presence of the stairs to the second floor, Alazne says ‘wow’, but then pirouettes into the master bedroom. The bed sheets are freshly clean and they smell nice. I can’t take credit for that, because they were already washed when I found them in the dresser.
“Nice sheets,” Alazne says quietly in a slightly higher pitch, then she sits on the bed. “What kind are they?”
“I don’t know, they just had a tag that said Sp… Sp… something. Just brand new.”
“Sweet. And soft too.”
She looks behind her at the desk that holds my brand new gaming monitor, and then her gaze lingers on the exercise bench, the barbell set up with enough weights to pump up my pectoral muscles, and the variety of dumbbells lying nearby.
“Curious that you chose to exercise in your bedroom when you have empty rooms,” Alazne says in a lulling voice. “I mean, this room is large, but still…”
“That’s a good point. I guess I was used to it. I might end up moving it somewhere else.”
When Alazne looks forward again, she stares into her own hazel eyes reflected in the full-length mirror that covers the wall next to that side of the bed. Asier installed it surely to watch himself fucking Ainhoa and Kateryna, particularly our Ukrainian goddess I’m guessing, as well as the other women he sneaked in here to cheat on his wonderful fiancées. I have mostly used the mirror to habituate myself to the faces this man-body makes when I’m orgasming, and to an extent I wish I hadn’t, because men look like idiots while they are shooting their spunk.
When I look back down to Alazne’s glistening eyes and her grateful expression, a sharp pain squeezes my heart. Every step of the way I have to remain on guard, because I never know when I’ll be prompted to spout wild lies. I can’t risk losing her, not the love of my life. I have been alone and miserable for so long, and I never want to be alone ever again.
Alazne sighs and takes off her sport shoes. She’s wearing her knee-high pink socks with cartoon cat faces, which in my mind they have turned into code for ‘tonight I want to submit fully to you’. My breath thickens, and my cock starts bending against the crotch of my jeans. I should have worn looser clothing today.
I clear my throat.
“You haven’t seen the second floor, although it’s mainly more of the same. Two of the rooms are bare, ready for whatever comes. The balcony is nice, I have been sitting on the chairs there to read or just to relax. Beautiful view of the countryside.”
“I didn’t know you like to read,” Alazne says while she stares up at me hungrily, and shifts her knees apart.
“I used to read quite a bit when I wasn’t…”
When I wasn’t wearing a man’s body, for starters. And when I wasn’t chasing girls. I used to either spend my time alone with my hobbies, or focusing on my main hobby, which was to fuck as many girls as I found attractive. I particularly enjoyed those who presented a challenge, for example those who didn’t see themselves scissoring with another girl. Many of those conquests ended up loving the taste of pussy juices.
I step closer to Alazne. The bulge in my pants can’t be concealed anymore, but my girlfriend must have grown used to it.
I reach down to cup her cheeks, and Alazne wraps her arms around my thighs. She’s breathing harder, her lips are getting wetter.
“I know my house is not a villa on a hill, but…” I say calmly.
“I don’t want to talk about the house now,” Alazne says in a raspy voice. “Give it to me.”
She grabs my shirt and pulls me into her. She falls back onto the sheets, and I end up supporting myself on my hands, planted in the mattress to the sides of Alazne’s shoulders. Fuck, I love how aggressive she has gotten. Although sometimes, like today, I’d prefer her to plead. I lower my face to devour her mouth. Alazne lets out a contented moan, and wiggles her ass while pushing herself up with her heels so she’ll lie further back on the bed.
She quickly unbuckles my belt and unzips my jeans. I pull them down enough with my hand so my cock has some breathing room, while Alazne takes off her trousers. I fall upon her body and grind my hips against her. I can feel her wetness through my boxers and her panties.
“Oh, God! Fuck!” she lets out in between kisses as I move down to her neck, sucking on the skin there.
I sit back up to slide off my jeans and then lower my boxers. I pull down Alazne’s red with black lace panties. As I fall back down onto her, she wraps her legs around my waist and her arms around my shoulders. She has turned her head towards the full size mirror, and she’s smiling like drugged at her reflection while drool trickles onto the sheet. Her eyes are glazed over, her cheeks an adorable fiery red. I embrace her thighs with my forearms so that my hands cradle her ass. Our eyes meet in the mirror, and she bites her lip as I penetrate into her. The thought of putting on a condom briefly flashes through my mind as the butter-smooth walls of her vagina squeeze my girl cock, but by this point of our relationship we have both become irresponsible enough in our horniness, and my pull out game has improved so much, that I figure that I’ll manage to cum on her pubes so it ends up looking like a cute snow-covered forest. And if I fuck it up and fill her womb with my seed, we’ll have a baby and that’s that. College isn’t particularly expensive in these parts.
Alazne holds on to my arms so tightly that her bitten fingernails bite through my shirt, and her knuckles go white. She must have loved this house I stole. I continue to watch us fuck in the full body mirror until my vision blurs and Alazne’s carefree moans fill the room. Her eyes roll back, and after a guttural sigh, she may have passed out, because she goes limp. I pull my cock out and come all over her bellybutton.
Suddenly exhausted, I roll onto the mattress to lie next to my woman. I embrace her body from the side, and some of the cum that remained inside my dick gets smeared on her thigh.
Shortly after, Alazne’s eyes flutter open and she looks back at me in the mirror. She licks her lips.
“I really liked that.”
“Me too,” I answer, still catching my breath. “You didn’t come, though.”
“I didn’t, huh? Everything went white, and for a moment it felt as if I just came out of an operation, completely free of anxiety. So great…”
I kiss her cheek, and she reaches with her opposite arm to rub my shoulder affectionately.
“We christened this bed quick,” I say.
Alazne stares at the ceiling while a smile remains pasted on her lips. She lets out a long sigh.
“It’s all so amazing, Asier. The thought of living here… It’s like most of the problems in my life would vanish.”
“Yes, I guess that beyond the shit that goes on in our brains, most everything else is about money.”
When I regain my strength, I fetch a towel from the closet and hand it to Alazne. She wipes off her belly. A bit of cum ends up on the tip of her thumb, but she licks it.
“I guess it’s pretty normal to feel this way about a house,” she says, then turns her head towards me. “When I was about five, my family bought a new house, and I’d run back and forth from the living room to the kitchen, feeling like I’d finally found all the happiness in the world.”
As I stand next to the bed, I’m shocked that Alazne has shared a detail, let alone a fond one, from back when her parents were alive. I keep quiet and merely hold her gaze with what I hope is an understanding expression.
That memory involving her parents must have escaped her mouth because fucking has relaxed her that much, but her face darkens as she’s likely forced to face again that she lost her parents way before she could have dealt with that pain. I want to embrace her and say some corny shit like ‘you didn’t lose your parents, you are keeping them alive right here’ as I tap her head, but I wouldn’t want to see how my girlfriend reacted to that.
Alazne rubs her eyes as her head sinks in the pillow, and then she manages to smile.
“What I wanted to say is that this house of yours is much bigger still. It’s so strange for me to enter a brand new place and feel this comfortable and safe.”
“I’m glad that it’s working out for you.” I bite my lip. “What maybe I should have said before I shoved my cock inside you is that the resident ghost, our Kateryna, likely witnessed our frantic lovemaking. Just so… you know.”
A sudden unease distorts her expression, but after she blinks, she smirks defiantly.
“So I’m not going crazy, because I’m pretty sure I saw her. She was right there in the living room, sitting on the rocking chair.”
“Nope, Kateryna doesn’t have the power to manifest herself, and neither do I have a rocking chair.”
“Is this going to be one of those cases in which a house is super haunted, but when a guest comes over, the ghosts hide like anxious cats?”
“Well, Kateryna, she’s a proud woman. She doesn’t want to intrude on our lives, particularly when we are so eager to tear our clothes off. But did you expect to enter the house only for a bunch of knives to launch themselves at you?”
Alazne shrugs.
“It’s not that I don’t believe in ghosts, it’s just that I have never seen one. But I had thought–“
My girlfriend shuts up at the same time a cold bubble of air makes the hair on my arms stand up. Alazne’s face has gone white, and as she rests the weight of her upper body on her elbows, she’s staring wide-eyed at something in the corner of the room where I set up my exercise bench. I spot it immediately: a dumbbell is hovering while quivering, as if the invisible hand that’s holding it is getting tired of the weight.
“Hey, Kat,” I say casually. “Maybe some exercise will do you good.”
The dumbbell drops noisily on the carpet. I’m tempted to reprimand Kateryna, because that may have dented the floor. I sigh.
“Alright, it’s about time I introduce the two of you properly.”

Alazne and I, and judging by the increased chill around the table, Kateryna as well, gathered in front of the kitchen table. To set the right mood for a séance, I closed the curtains to darken the room, and I lit two candles that bathed the ouija board in a yellowish, trembling light. Completely pointless, but it looks cool. I pulled a chair so I could sit next to my beloved, while she occupies the commanding seat in front of the board. The planchette remains still in the center, but it won’t be for long.
Back when Kateryna dropped the dumbbell, for a second I expected Alazne to spring to her feet and sprint out of my house while screaming and tearing out her hair, but she was excited. Not sexually, but still. I could tell that the presence of a real ghost fascinated her, and from then on Alazne looked wired and eager. I was nervous, though, for a different reason: Kateryna knew who I truly was, and I had no clue what was going to come out through the planchette’s movements.
I put my hand on Alazne’s shoulder, and she stiffens.
“C’mon, you can talk to Kateryna. She will likely not use her poltergeist powers to bite you.”
“A-alright… H-hi, lady ghost. I’m Alazne. I’m sure you already know that I’m Asier’s girlfriend, and from now on I think I will spend plenty of time in this house. I-I hope you won’t mind. Nice to meet you!”
The planchette twitches. I feel a chill going down my spine. The air is tense as fuck. As if its movements were automated, the planchette is quick to spell out HA HA HA.
Alazne’s eyes widen with shock.
“W-what?” she asks in a high-pitched voice.
I shift my weight in the chair. Now I suddenly fear that my roommate is going to embarrass me.
“What the hell do you mean with ‘ha ha ha’, Kat?” I ask.
Alazne gasps, but more towards how much the planchette is moving by itself than to the potentially horrifying meaning of the message. I can tell she doesn’t buy it. But now I’m the one who is scared, because Kateryna referred to me as a she! Damn it, Kateryna! Don’t screw up immediately!
“T-that was a joke, I see…!” Alazne says. “I can tell you are intelligent, and that you are actually here…”
NO IM ACTUALLY SATAN, the planchette spells out.
I frown. I want to get up and throw the planchette on the floor.
“Yes, very funny, Kateryna.”
“Yeah, you and everyone else.”
I sigh in an exaggerated way.
“See, Alazne, Kat tends to joke around when she’s nervous. And she’s meeting you, someone she has heard me talk about for hours. So naturally she wants to make a good impression. Isn’t that right, Kat…?”
The planchette glides over to the printed YES near one corner of the board. It seems she won’t continue with her path of terror.
“So… do you want to try asking questions?” I ask Alazne, who remains jittery.
“Y-yeah, of course.”
“Alright, but let me get you something to drink while you talk to Kateryna,” I say as I stand up. “I think I have Coca-Cola and orange Kas if you want some carbonated garbage, but I’ve been partial to grape juice recently. There’s also bottled water.”
“Uh, I’ll have what you’re having.”
I wasn’t having anything, but I shrug and go to the fridge to take the carton of grape juice. I grab two glasses.
“So… d-did you witness us… having sex?” Alazne asks shily.
When I walk back to the table and set our glasses on it, the planchette was returning to the center.
“What did she say?” I ask.
Alazne takes a big gulp of her juice, and then licks her delicious, now extra sweet, lips as she calms down.
“The gho–… Kateryna said that she did and that she enjoyed it.”
AS I SAID I MISS SEX, the planchette spells out.
“Well, I’m glad we could entertain you,” I say, and take a drink. “We will put on a show for you most days from now on, I’m sure.”
“I feel like a bit of an ass for the lot of questions I want to ask,” Alazne says, “but I really want to know what’s up with you, Kateryna.”
“It’s alright. I’m sure she appreciates you caring enough to ask her directly.”
I nearly choke on my grape juice, and I hunch as I pound softly on my chest. The pain in my battered ribs from the accident is mostly a memory now, particularly due to the daily dose of painkillers. Still, I don’t want to worsen whatever remains to heal in there. I should probably take better care of this body, but I kind of hate it, too.
Alazne chuckles.
“So Asier masturbates quite a bit, huh?” she asks to the invisible presence.
I’m beet red.
“Somehow this all sounds worse when you say it, Kat,” I say in a low voice.
Alazne laughs and reaches out for my hand to hold it. She shakes it playfully.
“Aww, I do appreciate it!” she says, beaming.
I clear my throat, then point down at Alazne’s shirt.
“By the way, Kat, what do you think about her choice of attire?”
Alazne looks down at her tee shirt as if she had forgotten she was wearing it.
The planchette spells out WISH I COULD BECOME MONKE.
Both Alazne and I laugh for a few seconds.
“I bet!” I say.
THIS BOAT IS MOVING TOO SLOW, the planchette spells out.
“Alright, I’m going to ask you some serious questions now,” Alazne says, already used to talking to a ghost. “How did you end up in this house?”
I freeze. I feel close to a catastrophe. What would happen if Alazne found out that Kateryna was another one of this body’s ex-fiancées, and that most likely died in this house? I can’t imagine how my girlfriend would react.
LIVED HERE BEFORE ASIER CAME, the planchette spells out.
My vision gets blurry for a moment, as tears of relief and gratitude come to my eyes. I blink them away, hopefully before Alazne saw them.
“Kateryna…!” I blurt out.
Alazne twists her mouth as if brooding, while she fidgets with her glass of grape juice.
“Ah… K-Kateryna, did you die in this house?”
I feel a cold sweat.
I DID YES, the planchette spells out.
My heart beats rapidly.
“W-was it… an accident?”
“K-killed…?” Alazne repeats in a hollow voice. “As in someone killed you, or as in you killed yourself?”
The planchette remains still for a few seconds, and then slides quickly with the proficiency of a veteran typist.
“Jesus Christ,” I mutter as I wipe some sweat off my forehead.
IT WAS VERY UNSATISFYING, the planchette adds.
Alazne looks at me, worried. I have no words of comfort to offer her; I’m too busy dealing with my own nervousness. A range of emotions is clawing at me, but most of all I feel a lot of guilt. I’m so glad that Kateryna lied about her relationship with Asier. If a woman died in my house while I lived in here, it likely means that I was somehow responsible. I’m surprised that the police haven’t visited me since I possessed this body.
Alazne seems troubled. Her eyes dart around as if she’s trying to figure out something important.
“Kateryna, are you alright in the afterlife? I mean, do you feel well?”
“I-is there no sun in the afterlife?”
Oh no, Kateryna is losing it. I get the mental image of a particularly drunk, and hot, woman who is making a scene in a party, except that I can’t physically drag Kateryna out until she sobers up. And taking away her planchette, her only means of communicating properly, feels too cruel.
“Kateryna implies that everything is faded, washed out, in the afterlife,” I say gravely. “Close to odorless, tasteless… She has spoken about this before.”
Alazne stares with a determined look at the planchette.
“Does anything give you joy?”
The planchette spells out NOTHING. After a brief pause, the planchette moves again: DISTRACTIONS.
“What sort of distractions?”
The planchette is motionless. I can tell that both Alazne and I are holding our breath while the flames of the candles waver, and the atmosphere feels darker and darker. This is like a legitimate séance. I’m getting why those ghost hunting shows on YouTube are so popular.
“L-let me change the angle…” Alazne says as she shifts her weight. “Asier told me that it seems to be true that spirits remain in the afterlife, at least in the lower level you are in, because they regret something about their previous lives. In that case maybe we could help you, to free you from that nightmare.”
CANT MOVE ON ITS NOT POSSIBLE FOR ME, the planchette spells out without hesitation.
“That would be far too cruel, to throw you into that grey world without any way to escape it.”
“Alazne, maybe the afterlife just is. I mean that you can’t expect fairness of a volcano if you jump into it.”
Alazne squints one eye at me as if she didn’t quite catch the analogy.
TO SOLVE REGRET WOULD NEED TO BE ALIVE, the planchette spells out.
“C-can a living person do whatever you need performed for you?” Alazne asks, eager to please.
When the planchette returns to the center, it trembles for a moment until it remains inert, as if the fingers that had been touching it were lifted.
I lean forward towards the ouija board, and rest an elbow on the table.
“Kateryna, you never clarified those words for me. The first day we spoke to each other you told me that, ‘no child’. Do you mean that you wanted to have a baby before you died, and now you obviously can’t get pregnant?”
The planchette slips suddenly towards the edge of the table as if Kateryna had applied her power incorrectly, but after the planchette returns to the center, it spells out WANT TO LIVE AGAIN IRENE I AM PAINED DONT WANT TO SPEAK MORE.
A wave of nausea comes over me, and I have to restrain myself from slapping the ouija board away. I stand up forcefully, making a scratching noise against the floor with my chair.
“Ghosts have feelings too, and I think we have prodded Kateryna too much for this session.”
Alazne looks up at me confused.
“Irene, she said. It seemed incongruous in the middle of those sentences. Was it someone she knew from when she was alive…?”
“Let’s… Let’s just take a break,” I say with a hint of desperation.
Alazne nods. She gets up. She’s troubled by the experience, but as if she listened to someone’s terrible experience instead of because she has undeniable proof that ghosts exist. My girlfriend keeps quiet for a few seconds, but then she holds her hands in front of her waist and bows slightly towards an invisible presence.
“T-thank you so much for speaking with me, Kateryna. I hope we get to talk again soon. If you think of some way I could make your existence easier, don’t hesitate to let me know.”

When Alazne and I decided to figure out how we were going to fill our bellies tonight, she was very impressed not only with the size of the kitchen and the amount of groceries I had stocked, but also with the island this kitchen came furnished with. By island I mean a free-standing counter space in the center of the room, which in my eyes is as good a symbol as any to distinguish the peasants from the rich people like me. I have an island in my kitchen, and everyone else can eat their muck out of a mug.
I grabbed two packages of instant ramen and showed them to Alazne, who was sitting on a stool while leaning on the free-standing counter.
“I figure that someone so obsessed with anime, manga and the likes will appreciate some ramen,” I say.
“I do, if only because it reminds me of all those joyful times. So…” Alazne fidgets with the apples in a bowl. “Do you just have to put it in the microwave?”
I open one of the packets of ramen and extract the noodle cube, which looks like it was compacted in some industrial machine.
“We need to boil water,” I say as I reach for a hanging pot. “We also need to gather all the associated food and condiments. So a couple of eggs, bacon, salt, black pepper… Butter as well. Do you want to help?”
Alazne gets up from her stool.
“Sure. I must say that this looks more like a chef’s kitchen.”
“The owner is nowhere close to a chef, though.”
She walks over to the fridge while shooting me an apologetic look. She opens the fridge and gets the packet of bacon.
“Y-you will be so disappointed by how little I know how to do.”
I start heating the water on the stove.
“You are the one who is perennially disappointed in yourself, Alazne. I have nothing but love for you. And the more you learn how to do, the more confident you will become.”
Alazne sighs as she places the bacon on the counter.
“I-I can try cooking this. Hopefully the house also came with fire extinguishers. Where are the pans, though…?”
I nod towards a hanging cupboard over the main counter. I was walking to the spice rack to get the black pepper when I notice that Alazne is on her tiptoes to reach the pile of pans inside the cupboard.
“Now I really feel small…!” she complains.
“Yeah, I should reorganize the kitchen having you in mind. This body of mine is taller than average, after all.”
I slide out the bottle of black pepper from its rack, and I turn to help Alazne when I see that the pan on top of the pile is lifting, and then floats carefully out of the cupboard until it lands with the gentleness of a feather in the hands of my baffled Alazne.
“T-thank you, Kateryna,” Alazne says, then smiles.

Both of us have mostly digested the surprisingly delicious bacon and egg ramen, which by the way I had only prepared once before and with the purpose of impressing Alazne when she came over. It’s nine and a half at night, dark outside as well as drizzling. The crickets are chirping in the nearby countryside. I convinced Alazne to join me in the main bathroom and take a bath with me.
I’m all about the mood today, so I have brought over a few candles from the living room and have set them on a shelving unit at the end of the bathtub. The tub is already full with around 40 degrees Celsius hot water, waiting for us. As the flames flicker, I switch off the electric lights and I walk up to my Alazne, who is standing there blushing and offering me an eager smile. I grab the hem of her shirt, and she raises her arms to help me take it off. She’s wearing an ultra thin, red and black lace bra that she bought recently, if I can say that she bought it when I paid for it. I bite my lower lip as I admire the curves of her C cups. The candlelight makes her pale, freckled skin seem smoother and her light brown hair shinier. I lose myself staring at Alazne’s body for a moment, but then she grabs my shirt and pulls me into a kiss. As we taste a hint of ramen in each other’s saliva, I undress hastily, my eyes never leaving hers. When we pull away, I take off my boxers and leave them on the porcelain tiles, and Alazne does the same with her lace panties. I’m already at half mast.
“I’m going to love this so much,” I say hungrily.
Alazne giggles excitedly as she submerges into the warm water. She lets out a long, moan-like sigh as she rests the back of her head.
I crouch to get the bottle of silicon-based lube out of the cupboard. I place it on the edge of the bathtub, where I will be able to reach it as I soak in the warm bath. Alazne has closed her eyes, but even if she hadn’t, I doubt she would have noticed what I brought. Much better, because I’ll get to surprise her.
The bathtub is spacious, so we have enough room to move about. I ask Alazne to scoot so I can get into the water behind her, and when my legs rub against hers in the bath, my girlfriend wiggles her ass back until it presses against my crotch, then she leans against my chest. She sighs contently as I wrap my arms around her torso, resting her breasts on my right forearm. I feel so snuggly that I want to cry. We stay in silence for a couple of minutes, just taking in the warmth of each other’s body heat.
“From now on, every night should end with us soaking in a hot bath,” I say.
“Maybe it would be better if we didn’t do it so often, because if this becomes a routine, it will lose its charm.”
“You’re right. We’ll do this every other night. The water bill might make me cry, though… But then again, I’m rich.”
Alazne giggles, and reaches with her soaked hand to stroke my cheek. We kiss on the lips.
“I used to have baths when I was little,” Alazne says in a low, sad voice. “Mom would bathe me before bedtime. She would wash my hair and scrub my skin red, and then she would hold me so tightly that I couldn’t move. I think I felt safe.”
I hold her tighter in response.
“She… wasn’t right in the head,” Alazne continues, almost whispering. “Even back then I knew there wasn’t much to be done, because that’s how she was. But when I turned five and we moved, everything got worse. She would grab my arms and legs and toss me around, or sometimes she would put her hands over my mouth so I couldn’t breathe.”
I hadn’t expected our bath to turn this way, and I’m disturbed by her memories. I rub Alazne’s arms to assure her that I’m here for her.
“I hated… her so much…” Alazne adds in a hollow voice. “I had nothing but resentment. I was forced to endure this meaningless life because my dumb parents wanted to have a kid, but they didn’t have the mental tools to raise one properly.”
“It’s alright, they’re not here anymore. They can’t hurt you.”
I hope those empty words I stole from several sources help her a little bit, because I can’t think of anything better to say.
“No, they’re not here anymore… but you are,” Alazne says.
She turns her head towards me and kisses me on the jaw. I must look distraught, because Alazne is quick to apologize.
“I-I didn’t want to sour this beautiful moment…! It just came out. I’m sorry.”
I fold my arms across her breasts. I feel her nipples hardening against my forearms.
“Don’t apologize for opening up, sweetie,” I say in what I hope is a soothing voice. “You told me about your mother because you feel safe, and you indeed are. Everything you want to tell me, I want to hear.”
Alazne nods. She relaxes again, putting her weight on me.
“Sometimes I just felt… unreal. Like this life couldn’t possibly be my own. I couldn’t affect anything, no matter how hard I tried.”
I want to chuckle bitterly. I have twenty years of experience with that. At least back when I inhabited my original body, no matter how terrible I thought my life had become at the end, I didn’t feel like a living ghost. Alazne has been forcefully practicing for an eternity in the afterlife.
“Back when I was twelve, I went outside in the middle of a storm at night, hoping that maybe Mother Nature herself would take me away,” Alazne says. “That was my first attempt. A half-assed one, but still.”
“That… was before your parents’ accident, right?” I ask softly.
Alazne stays silent for a few seconds. Her chest raises and falls against my arms.
“Yes. The night they died was the first time I really tried to kill myself. I had been thinking about it for years, you know.”
“What did you do?”
“I took all the pills I could find in the medicine cabinet and my mother’s handbag. I remember standing at the foot of my bed, staring at them while I counted.”
“How many were there?”
As Alazne says this, she tenses her body. Maybe she’s remembering the moment she took them.
“I then walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and started vomiting.”
“You threw up, huh?”
“Yes. So it didn’t work. Thing is, until that night I had wished for my parents to disappear. I thought I would finally get to be happy if I lived alone. But for that I would have needed a new brain. I guess that serves me right.”
“How did you adjust to your parents’ death?”
“The next night I went to a nearby bridge and jumped off it. I broke both my legs, one in three places and the other in two. After that, they sent me to a mental institution. They wanted to give me medication. I didn’t let them.”
“I had… no clue about any of this,” I say in a shaky voice.
Alazne chuckles softly.
“Yeah, that was a lie, the jumping off a bridge thing and getting sent to a mental institution. Sorry… I thought it was getting too serious.”
“Don’t worry about it,” I say, even though I’m still feeling a little strange.
“I didn’t try to kill myself again until shortly before the fated day when we met each other,” Alazne says in a brighter voice. “Not because I didn’t want to, it’s just that I felt I could simply go with the flow. Life was shit for me, and there was nothing I could do. My lot in life and all that. And I had so many shows to follow, mangas to read… So I found some joy along the way, whatever could get me to forget myself. But I truly wished to die. You only got to meet me because I’m a coward. If I had any guts, years ago I would have been consequent with my desires.”
Alazne takes my hand and entwines her fingers with mine.
“You know, you are the only person with whom I have ever felt comfortable,” she says warmly. “The only one who’s given me hope. Since you first kissed me in front of that car depot, I’ve only wished to be yours for the rest of my life.”
My heartbeat quickens.
“Do you wish to spend the rest of your life with me?” she asks me.
“Yeah. This life of mine is all yours. And if we get to meet in the afterlife, whatever passes for my existence there will be yours too.”
“Good,” Alazne says, then sniffles. “Let’s live together, please.”
“You liked the house so much, huh?” I ask, still troubled.
“The house and how your big body feels against my bare skin, particularly your penis, even though it hasn’t been hard since I ruined the mood by bringing up sad memories.”
“I’m sure I will get hard again in no time. But I’m so glad you warmed up quickly to living with me. I want to wake up every morning looking at your angelic face.”
“Warm up? I don’t even want to return home!”
“Alright, then I’ll start figuring out how to bring your stuff over here. Won’t you miss living in Irún, though?”
Alazne snorts.
“Hell no! Fuck that dreary shithole.”
We laugh together. After we calm down, I move away the wet locks of hair that were blocking access to Alazne’s appetizing neck, and I kiss it from her clavicle to her ear. She reaches over her shoulder to run her fingers through my hair, and gazes into my eyes. She had opened her mouth to speak, but I was aching to bring the topic of Kateryna up.
“So it doesn’t worry you that a ghost is genuinely living in my house, that she will be our roommate?”
“Well, I believe she won’t hurt us, so no. And she actually succeeded at killing herself.”
“Yeah,” I mutter while my throat tightens. I don’t like that Alazne sounded proud of that fact.
“Kateryna will continue haunting the house forever or whatever it is ghosts do. I feel… a kinship with her.”
“I’m happy to hear you say that. I’m sure you both will become friends. You know, she’s likely listening to every word we are saying right now. She may be standing a couple of meters away from us right now and we wouldn’t notice, distracted as we are.”
“That’s fine, she already watched us fuck, after all. It’s kind of exciting. I’ve always been into weird stuff. And Kateryna needs distractions like those, she said so. It’s like she lives in a manifestation of depression, that whole afterlife she’s stuck in. I want to help her. At least make sure she has as easy a time as possible.”
My mind goes blank for a bit. I recall all those times as a ghost I tried to befriend other lost souls, only for them to tell me to fuck off or even try to call the ghost police. My time on that hopeless plane would have changed so much if Alazne would have understood I lived in, or I guess haunted, her apartment in Belaskoenea. I have no clue how I would have made her notice me when I only have the power to possess people, but my daydream doesn’t care. I doubt I would have dared possessing Asier’s dying body if Alazne, or any ghost for that matter, had been nice to me after Iñaki disappeared.
I switch back to reality because Alazne is slowly grinding her ass against my growing cock.
“There it is…” she says seductively.
I reply by kissing and biting her neck as I fondle her right breast and play with her hard nipple. With my left hand I reach for the lube.
“You just reminded me… that I had planned to take care of you during our bath.”
“Is that so? Then who am I to say no?”
Her mouth curls up in a smile as she looks longingly into my eyes, then she closes hers. She bends my rock-hard girl cock with her ass, which makes me shiver. I squirt a glob of lube on my left hand. I pass it to my right fingers, and I submerge them in the warm water so I can rub Alazne’s labia. She yelps in delight while squirming suddenly, which causes hot water to splash on the bathtub’s side and fall to the floor in a short-lived waterfall. Alazne then thrusts her hips gently in rhythm with my fingers. I focus on caressing her clit while I suck on her earlobe.
“Ahh… Fuck me…” Alazne says, her voice trembling.
She rests the back of her head against my shoulder and exhales through her mouth as I concentrate on slowly bringing her to a climax. I hook my fingers inside her, which allows me to feel her pussy pulsating around them, and slowly slide my fingers out, dragging along her soft, tender skin. I return to her clit. I would prefer that my tongue was tracing little circles around it, but I’m sure I’ll be eating her out in bed if not tonight, before tomorrow is done.
As Alazne orgasms, she breathes deeply while holding my arm, her nails digging into my skin. The hot water mixed with our sweat has created a thin mist that floats around us as we embrace each other.
“I am going… to have… such a good time here…” Alazne says in a faltering voice, out of breath.
“Oh, Alazne. Now that I’ll have you right where I want you, I will hunt you down relentlessly,” I say while caressing her belly.
Alazne closes her eyes and leans her whole body against me.
“Yes, please. Tear me apart.”

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