My Own Desert Places, Pt. 13 (GPT-3 fueled short)

For a few seconds I only hear the storm outside, its rain drops hitting the window. Then Alazne rests her guitar against the wardrobe, sits down on the edge of the bed and leans towards me, sinking a hand into the mattress next to my torso. She’s smiling.
“Did you like it?”
I caress her cheek and then move a swaying lock of her light brown hair behind her ear.
“Let me tell you.”
I sit up, and with a grappling maneuver I roll Alazne so she lies face up on the bed. Then I slide an arm behind her to cup the back of her head, and I kiss her mouth deeply. She responds in kind. I feel her heart beating harder through her chest.
She wraps both arms around my neck and we kiss for ages. I caress the warm skin of her back under her top, and slide my fingers of that hand down until I get to fondle her left ass cheek under the loose fabric of her shorts.
She gently pushes me off and rolls me over so she’s on top. Her hands go down to my belt, and she unbuckles it. She unzips my pants and then starts pulling them down, revealing my blue and white boxers that are struggling to contain my erection. Alazne lets out a whimper of anticipation. I lift my hips to help her draw my pants down my legs and off, but after she strokes my penis through the thin fabric of my boxers for a moment, I grab her waist and maneuver so we both end up kneeling in front of the other on the mattress.
“That’s no way for me to introduce you both,” I say with pure animal hunger. “First off, let’s take off that top of yours…”
I lean in and caress her back up to the nook between her shoulders and neck, then I trace an almost straight line down to the hem of her black top. There, I hook my fingers on it and slowly start drawing it up. She lifts her arms so I can take the top off her.
Her light pink bra matches the color of her underwear and resembles the tone of her skin. Her nipples are hard, and they look so delicious that I lean closer and lick one of them through the fabric. Alazne lets out a surprised squeal. She grabs my hair and, while pulling down that half of her bra with her index finger, makes me suck her nipple. She holds my head in place while I flick her small, warm nub of flesh with my tongue and give it a gentle nibble, then she pulls me up to kiss her again. My mind is going blank, but I pull myself away to stand up next to the bed. A string of saliva remains connected to our lips for a couple of seconds.
As I straighten my back, I notice movement on the surface of the wardrobe. From inside a small, round frame hanged on the mahogany stares at me a man in his late thirties, whose face is slightly sweaty, who hasn’t shaven for a few days and who ogles me lecherously. My heart stops, and my body wants to go into a fighting stance. What the hell is that man doing in Alazne’s bedroom?! Then I realize that I’m looking into Asier’s startled eyes in a mirror.
I guess that in my mind I was picturing our lovemaking session differently. I wasn’t a female ghost wearing a tall, well-built, already greying dead man’s body as if I were commanding a titan. I was a muscle-bound Amazon, an alpha femme whose pelvis somehow supported a cock that wasn’t so much a sexual organ as a weapon of mass destruction, its helmet head constantly leaking whitish nectar, and eager to tear through any innocent’s pussy to shoot off her brain from inside with a nuclear burst of cum. But I guess me having a man’s body works too. After all, Alazne always searched for older, big men who would handle her forcefully to save her from having to doubt and decide for herself. Even though I yearned for Alazne to venture into those intriguing advertisements of voluptuous, confident women with huge cocks, she never did.
When I look back down towards Alazne, whom I had committed the sacrilege of forgetting entirely, my cock throbs: she’s kneeling right in front of me, her glassy eyes fixed on the bulge twenty centimeters in front of her, her hands caressing her thighs as if she could hardly wait to masturbate.
I hook the sides of my boxers and slowly unveil her gift. My girl cock springs to life, so close to Alazne’s flushed face that if I came right now I would blind her. I put my fists on the sides of my waist and speak proudly.
“Gaze upon my futa co–… I mean, this manly monster. All hard and thick.”
“Mmmm…” Alazne moans and opens her mouth wide with lust. My cock grows half a centimeter just by looking at her face.
Both her pupils and nostrils dilate as my girlfriend leans forward slowly and reaches with her hands to hold on to my waist, failing to realize that I had put my own hands there. I let her grab on to me. Alazne sticks her tongue out slowly towards my purplish cock head. A drop of saliva rolls down the tip of her tongue and elongates as it hangs, but excess saliva is also trickling from one side of her mouth.
I had only intended to show my girl cock to Alazne, to figure out if she shared my enthusiasm for this new superpower of mine. And I fear that I’m going to explode the moment her saliva wets it.
“Uhh… You don’t need to…” I groan as her warm breath tickles my cock.
But Alazne continues to lean in until her tongue touches the tip of my dick. Her lips purse as if she’s going to kiss, and then they wrap around the glans. Her mouth is like an oven, almost scalding hot.
I close my eyes and grimace in ecstasy as Alazne bobs her head. My legs are shivering. Shit, I’m going to come in seconds. How the hell do guys block themselves from orgasming?! I have trained myself to recognize and contract the different muscles that this miracle of nature contains, but it was a serious mistake for cocks to evolve without developing a shut-off valve. Still, if millions of years of evolution haven’t provided one, that means that nature intended men to shoot their loads as soon as possible. I hope Alazne doesn’t take it against me.
I try to keep my eyes open, even though everything looks bleached as if I had stared into the sun. The sounds return: Alazne is slurping while from her throat escape placid moans. I blink the whiteness away until I see Alazne’s light brown hair bobbing up and down. I lower my hands to run my fingers lovingly through her soft hair. As it pertains to me lasting more, looking down at Alazne’s expression was a mistake.
“A-ah…” escapes from my dry mouth, which feels anesthetized. “You are such a good girl, Alazne.”
I feel Alazne’s body shivering from her tailbone to her cervicals. When it reaches her mouth, her teeth grip my dick for a very long moment. Then Alazne takes a deep breath, her eyes roll back and she slides her right hand under the waistband of her shorts. Once her fingers make contact with her holy button, Alazne rubs it rhythmically in harmony with how she’s guzzling my cock. Saliva keeps dripping from her chin.
I try to move back, but Alazne holds me in place by grabbing my ass. She must know what’s going to happen to her mouth, or I hope she does, because I doubt I’m going to be able to stop it. Has even a minute passed?
“A-Alazne, you are giving me the time of my life, but…” I manage to say with a threadbare voice.
“Nnph!” Alazne moans in the back of her throat, exhaling a ruffled ‘ah’.
“You’re going to make me come… if you keep this up. But I want to fill your pussy first.”
Alazne pops half of my dick out of her mouth, tilting her head so she can speak. Her pupils are unfocused and dilated as if she was drugged.
“Y-you want to put it in?”
“Oh God, yes.”
Alazne draws her head back, and my cock slides out of her oven-hot mouth. It glistens as if greased. Exposing it to the ambient temperature of this stormy evening feels beyond wrong, and I almost plead for Alazne to take me in again.
I get lightheaded for a moment. When I regain my balance and look back up, Alazne is lying on her back with her head propped up on the pillow. She has taken off her shorts and moist panties at lightning speed and has thrown them beside her onto the unmade sheets. She has spread her legs, covered up to her knees by her pink socks with a cat motif, and with her fingers she’s holding apart her drenched pussy lips to present the punch pink insides. Her vagina keeps leaking juices that are spreading a circle of wetness on the sheet. Her light brown pubes have grown towards her abdomen like a fuzzy lighting burn.
I have never seen such desire in someone’s eyes, as if Alazne’s life depended on getting filled with my cock. She offers me a drowsy smile while her skin from her upper lip to her chin shimmers under the electric lamp.
“I’m your precious little girl,” Alazne says lewdly. “I need you deep inside me, daddy.”
I was so lucky that I was unbuttoning my shirt instead of touching my dick, because the spasm that shakes the lower half of my body evidences that I would have shot big globs of cloudy cum all over the sheets. With Alazne’s pussy already open for me, such a waste would have been unforgivable. And the sight of that throbbing little button and those lubricated lips are making me want to launch myself at them face first like a ravenous wolf. I have so much hunger built up from the myriad of instances as a ghost that I lied in bed next to my Alazne, or even kneeled on the floor under the bed so I could keep my incorporeal face real close to Alazne’s lubricated fingers as she rubbed her clit and fingered herself, only for me to die over and over again out of frustration because my ghostly tongue could never reach her. Now I just want to eat that pussy out until I wear it down to her pelvic bone.
I’m about to communicate to Alazne my change of plans, but I notice that she’s staring hungrily herself at my girl cock, which must have been leaking precum for a while. I can eat her out later, I guess. That’s right, we are not pressed on time. Alazne is my girlfriend, we are going to fuck over and over in the coming days and weeks and months and years until our genitals shrivel up and fall off.
I climb onto the bed, kneeling so the underside of Alazne’s thighs touches the top of mine. She lets out a yelp of delight. I can barely look in the direction of her pussy without feeling like I’m about to explode. I need to fill Alazne up like a human-shaped cream puff. If it depended on me, my girl would never be able to stand up without leaking cum.
I hate, absolutely hate having to use a condom, because it will prevent me from properly feeling Alazne’s insides, but unfortunately male semen is toxic and it produces horrifying mutations in defenseless females. The world is cruel, and that’s not changing anytime soon.
I lean on the mattress next to Alazne’s bare waist so with my right hand I can pull out a condom from the back pocket of my pants. I rip the condom’s wrapper with my teeth, then take the lubricated piece of latex out, which smells vaguely like a balloon. I start unrolling it over my length, although this is a challenge because of how rigid and pulsating it is.
“Nooo, no condom,” Alazne says as if out of it.
“I assure you, my love, I would adore nothing more than to push my raw cock inside you and fill you up with as much semen as I can produce in a day. But if me inviting you to live with me on our first date, then declaring our love for each other before the second one isn’t going fast enough, me impregnating you the first time we fuck probably would count as ‘too fast’.”
I would say I’m happy that Alazne sees reason, but the look on her eyes suggests that there’s nobody tending to the command module in her brain. I’m amazed that anyone remains in mine. I would love to lose myself entirely, and only regain my senses an hour or so from now, when I would realize that the white flood coming out of Alazne wasn’t due to a horrifying infection, and that I would have to bother myself figuring out how to prevent a pregnancy. But that version of me wouldn’t be the current one whose penis is rock-hard and who needs to shoot her load as soon as possible, so fuck that future version of me, theoretically.
I have already unrolled the condom to cover the entirety of my futa cock. I move up on the bed towards Alazne’s flushed, drooling face, and rest my elbows below her armpits so I can slide my hands under her shoulders. She realizes that my mouth is close to hers, and she grabs the back of my head to plunge her tongue into my oral cavity.
I feel my glans touching her warm, slippery opening; a dulled sensation, thanks to the damned condom. Still, I’m going to have trouble lasting more than a few pumps before I burst inside the sex balloon. Back when I was a ghost and I got involved in sexual situations, usually because I walked through a wall into them, I took pride in how much I could last without coming, but then again I was only watching, I was a woman ghost so coming soon didn’t matter, and also I wasn’t physically able to come. It’s such a shame. If Alazne came in a couple of seconds, I would be happy, and shortly after I would be working her up into a second orgasm, and a third, and so on.
Alazne crosses her legs over my ass and pulls me towards her. I oblige her, sliding the glans inside. There’s a feeling of pressure on my cock before the walls of her vagina dilate to accept me. Fuck, it feels so good. I gently push my hips forwards, sliding more of my monster in. Her warmth and wetness threaten to make me lose my mind. I retract my hips until only my glans remains inside her opening, before pushing forwards again.
I’m so lost in sensations that I couldn’t even tell that we are still playing with each other’s tongue. I draw my head back. Alazne is lifting her hands slowly towards my nape as if to bring me closer, but with a couple of jerky movements I grasp her wrists and push them down onto the mattress to immobilize her arms over her head. Alazne blushes harder and lets out a moan.
I draw my hips back and then drive them forwards with a smacking noise, our waists touching as I bury my futa cock all the way inside my woman.
“Fuck!” Alazne wails.
Her breasts rock up and down with the motion of my stolen body. Her eyes are almost white, having rolled back, and an unending amount of drool keeps trickling out from both sides of her mouth. With the weight of this man-body holding her down, and my strong grasp restraining her, Alazne can barely move. She could resist, but it wouldn’t change anything. She only needs to be take it in and let go.
Every backstroke keeps splashing her vaginal juices on the both of us. I lower my mouth to her ear to whisper in.
“From now on you are fully mine, Alazne.”
She shakes her head slowly. Her long hair is getting drenched in our sweat and her own saliva. I recall plenty of moments like this playing on her monitor while she rubbed her clit frantically as her body shivered. A strong man restraining the actress, taking full possession of her entire being, and his thick cock pounding her so hard and deep that the woman didn’t have to think nor feel anything but the waves of pleasure. Alazne came so hard with those.
“Even if you don’t admit it, you are mine,” I say, and prod the holes in her ear with my wet tongue.
Alazne’s body gets closer to her peak. I possessed this disgusting man-corpse so I could make her fall in love with me. She will be mine, and she can’t do anything about it. I am a ghost and she is not.
“I-I… I am yours,” Alazne whimpers.
“You will be my sweet girl forever.”
I quicken my strokes, and her thighs tremble. The most beautiful sound in the world is when a woman reaches her climax with my cock inside her; it’s the sound of me winning. I have never used a cock to fuck anyone before, but I know this is true.
“Ah… Hm…” escapes from Alazne’s mouth as her head rolls back and forth slightly.
“I’ll take such good care of you. You’ll get to fill your warm mouth and your pussy with this cock every day.”
Alazne’s toes curl inward, scratching the back of my thighs. The noises flowing out of her mouth no longer resemble words. I speed up even more, and my cock sinks all the way inside her. Her whole body trembles, and her pussy squeezes me tight as if it doesn’t want to let go.
“This body is so dirty… So filthy… So nasty…” I keep muttering.
“I-I am yours,” she repeats in a louder voice, and I bite her lower lip.
Alazne’s spine arches as spasms shake her body and the walls of her vagina keep milking me. She throws her head back, and her mouth opens to release an intense cry. I hadn’t noticed that she managed to free herself from my grip, because what remains of her bitten nails are now biting into my flesh. The pain is delightful.
I think I could tell she had already orgasmed, but her hands are clutching onto my shoulders as if she needs to keep herself from falling, and I continue my thrusts until I’m sure that the last spasm has faded away. I lose my concept of time. The next thing I know is that I’m filling the condom while my cock remains deep inside Alazne. My body shakes as a wave of heat flows through me.
Alazne is panting, and her eyes are closed. Her face glistens with sweat, saliva and tears.
I withdraw my cock from inside her. Her pussy lips close slowly around my glans as if reluctant to let it go. I lean on the mattress with one trembling hand while with the other I start pulling off my condom, but I’m out. I can’t deal with that right now. I end up lying sideways next to Alazne, with my hand resting on her opposite breast, still covered by her pink bra, as if cupping it. I kiss her cheek softly, letting my lips linger.
“That was amazing,” Alazne says in a low voice. “I never thought it could be like that.”
I want to say something clever, but I can’t. I feel as if all my grey matter was squeezed through my cock.
“As I moaned I didn’t think for a moment about the neighbors,” she adds. “Now they have something new to talk about.”
“I doubt they have heard such joy in a long time,” I say in a trembling voice. “They can die of envy if they want.”
Alazne raises herself on one elbow, then she brushes her light brown hair away from her sweaty forehead. She’s staring down at me with boundless love and trust, and for a split second I feel hollow.
“I love you, Asier,” she says in a low, serious voice. “I love you, I love you, I love you.”
Something cold wells up inside me, a solid entity. I raise myself to kiss Alazne’s beautiful mouth, and I push her gently onto the bed so we can keep making out without a worry in the world.
We lie on the bed, holding on to each other’s warmth and drinking each other’s saliva, forgetting about the passing seconds. The rain lashes against the window as the wind pushes it, and from time to time distant thunder rumbles. After we stop kissing, we remain curled up against each other like cats in the sun, while observing the details of each other’s eyes.
“I can’t believe you exist, Alazne,” comes out of my mouth.
“The whole time I was growing inside my mother’s belly I thought that, Asier,” Alazne whispers slowly. “For nine months I watched her drink alcohol, smoke and eat all the things she wasn’t supposed to. I thought, why would I keep growing? To what end? And even after I was born, I couldn’t understand.”
A warm tear rolls across my temple. Alazne takes a deep breath, then she moves a few strands of hair away from my face. Her fingers are warm against my skin.
“But then I got old enough and things became clearer,” she continues. “Now I’m here, lying in your arms. All is good. Have you thought about that? About why you were born?”
“I’m a ghost in the machine. A bug in the system. An anomaly. What was the point of me?”
I hold Alazne’s sad gaze.
“The point was you met me,” she whispers.
I plant a kiss on her lips, and lie down on my back next to her. She imitates me. We stare at the ceiling as the sound of the rain quenches our thirst for auditory stimulation. I’ve had enough of feeling the inside of a soggy, wrinkly condom, so I pull it off. I end up spilling semen on my lower abdomen. I tie the condom in a knot and throw it aside. No idea where it landed.
Maybe a minute later, I open my mouth to speak.
“What are you thinking about?”
“I’m thinking about my dad, and how he died scared.”
My throat tightens.
“You often think about that, don’t you?”
“Yeah, but it’s fine now. I forgave him a long time ago.” She doesn’t talk for a few seconds. After she sniffles, her voice comes as if she has turned her head towards me. “Were you scared when you crashed your car? You lost consciousness, right?”
“I lost consciousness, yes.”
“What were you thinking about right before you passed out?”
I take a deep breath.
“I didn’t have time to think. It happened too quickly. I didn’t see it coming.”
“But did you feel an inkling of anything? Like, how your mind was preparing itself for death?”
My eyes are affixed to a long crack in the ceiling.
“No, nothing. One moment I was following the road, the next one I woke up in the hospital pumped full of drugs.”
“That’s good. If you felt any inkling of fear, then it means you’re not as strong as me.”
I turn my head to see Alazne’s face. She has stopped crying, and turns to face me as well. I smile at her. She smiles back. I grab her by the sides and pull her into an embrace.

Around eight in the evening, Alazne’s stomach had already growled a couple of times, but we couldn’t justify to ourselves breaking away from our warm bed and each other’s touch. I was going to have my dinner anyway, though, and after I licked the insides of her bellybutton for a while, I kissed my way down to her pubes. I loved that smell of stale sweat and dry pussy juices. It was honest.
Alazne, as she giggled excitedly, propped her shoulders up with pillows and rested the back of her thighs on my shoulders. I stared at her beautiful, glistening slit in anticipation. Without realizing, I ended up drooling onto the sheets. I lowered my face towards her warm entrance and I gently flicked my tongue against her labia. Alazne let out a long, slow sigh.
I don’t know nor care how much I’ve been licking along her labia or holding her throbbing clit between my lips as I rub it with my wet tongue. Alazne keeps petting my hair in a trance. From time to time she shivers and moans softly.
When her thighs continue trembling against my ears I know she’s close to finishing, so I push my index and middle fingers inside her. Her pussy responds with contractions that grip on my fingers tightly. My mouth waters as the scent of her arousal fills the bedroom. The taste of her honey and muskiness is so appetizing, I feel like I could lick her out for hours on end.
After Alazne lets out her final, long sigh, she puts her hand gently on my forehead to let me know she’s done for now. My jaw aches from the long session of grinding, but I couldn’t be happier. I kiss her thigh a few times before resting my face on it as if it were a pillow, and neither of us speaks.
It’s raining harder, although the thunder stopped a while ago, but I welcome the nasty weather, as it reminds me that Alazne and I can keep each other warm inside. It would be nice if it never stopped raining, and we never had to do anything else but lie around on her bed.

Alazne opens her fridge as if she didn’t know what she was going to find inside. Even back when I lived here as a ghost, her fridge tended to remain half empty, and some of the stuff I would have liked to eat, although back then I wished I could eat anything at all, had gone past its expiration date.
“This is embarrassing…” Alazne says.
“What would you have eaten for dinner normally?”
“Well… I can do with a glass of milk, some bread and butter, or a few pieces of fruit. Many nights I don’t eat anything at all.”
This should be the moment when I pick up a few ingredients and I end up whiping out a meal that would amaze Alazne with how great of a cook and how responsible I am, but that can’t happen. I was a ghost until recently, and I have survived on ready-made food. To be honest, I’m not even sure if I ever boiled water in my life, let alone cook anything. I was dead for too long.
Alazne rubs my shoulder while looking up at me with those big, hazel eyes, which couldn’t look now more apologetic.
“I asked you to come to my place, and you took such good care of me, but I don’t even have anything to feed you. I’m the worst.”
“Sweetie, you took fantastic care of me, I assure you.” I let out a gasp. “Also, I just remembered that I have the power of money! I’ll look up some pizza or Chinese place. Or whatever kind of place you want!”

Around twenty minutes later we finally push away the chair in front of Alazne’s computer and we sit on the edge of her bed. Each of us is holding a warm cup of noodles from the Chinese restaurant. I reach towards the computer mouse to open this week’s episode’s folder from uTorrent, and then I play the video file on VLC. When I lean back, Alazne touches the side of my head with hers, and then digs into her noodles.
“Let’s see what they fuck us up with this week,” I say as I stir my noodles. “The last one wasn’t so much a cliffhanger as just sadness.”
“Well…” Alazne begins with a playful tone. “Maybe they’ll start explaining how the hell they spent the last few years in the island.”
The episode starts by pulling the audience back into an extended flashback. I know what’s going to happen not only in this episode but in all the remaining, and so does Alazne. She bought the volumes translated to Spanish, but when I was a ghost I also read over her shoulder the fan translations to English, that tend to come up shortly after each chapter gets released in Japan. Still, Alazne and I keep putting on a show of our own. I guess that human beings come built with a fundamental ability that is the main reason why we didn’t crumble away into oblivion long, long ago as a species: we can appreciate individual moments as they come, even though we know how everything ends.

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